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Built in Plymouth England, Princess Yachts prides itself on being exceptional, whether it’s the exceptional design, function, or ride. The company has a rich heritage beginning in 1965 on the edge of the English Channel and today Princess shipyards cover an area of more than 1.1 million square feet and employ more than 2,300 craftsmen, each possessing a mastery of their skill.

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All Princess Yachts by Model

Model Name Length Beam Draft Staterooms Heads
Y95 95' 6" 22' 3" 6' 5.5" 5 6
X95 95' 6" 22' 3" 6' 7" 5 6
Y85 86' 20' 8" 5' 9.5" 4 5
S80 82' 4" 19' 11" 6' 4 4
Y80 82' 5" 19' 11" 5' 11" 4 4
X80 82' 7" 19' 11" 5' 10" 5 6
S72 73' 2" 18' 1" 5' 8" 4 3
Y72 73' 2" 17' 11" 5' 8" 4 3
F65 65' 8" 16' 9" 5' 4" 4 3
V65 65' 11" 16' 9" 4' 9" 4 3
S65 65' 8" 16' 9" 5' 5" 4 3
V60 62' 1" 16' 5' 3 2
S62 62' 1" 16' 4' 9" 3 2
F58 59' 8" 16' 1" 5' 1" 3 2
F55 56' 7" 16' 4' 10" 3 2
V55 56' 9" 15' 4" 4' 7" 2 4
F50 51' 4" 14' 1" 4' 7" 3 2
V50 49' 11" 13' 6" 3' 9" 2 2
F45 44' 9" 13' 11" 3' 7" 2 4
V40 41' 6" 12' 5" 1' 10" 2 1
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Galati Yachts’ Princess Specialists go through countless hours of new product training at the factory. This ongoing training benefits our buyers because you can rest assured that your sales professionals understand the product, performance, build process, and can help you determine the best features and options for your new Princess Yacht. We've been a top dealer since 1996, serving locations from Tampa, Sarasota, Naples, Destin,  Anna Maria, Alabama, Houston, and Galveston.

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New Princess Frequently Asked Questions

The History of Princess Yachts began with a man named David King and two friends that started what was known then as Marine Projects in Plymouth, England, in 1965.

In 1995, Princess Yachts (FKA Marine Projects) formed an alliance with luxury yacht builder Viking Yachts. The alliance was formed as an introduction of Princess inventory to the American market. Today, Princess Yachts America, formerly Viking Sport Cruisers, remains a major distributor of Princess Boats in the U.S.

In 2008, Princess became part of the exquisite LVMH family of luxury brands, which includes over 60 of the world’s leading luxury companies best known for uncompromising quality. The only declared major shareholder in LVMH is Arnault Family Group, the holding company of Bernard Arnault.

Princess Yachts shipyard is located in Plymouth, Devon, England, and covers an area more than 1.1 million square feet and operates in 119 countries, employing over 3000 people worldwide. Princess Yachts prides itself on being exceptional, whether its design, function, or ride.

In 1980, Bernard Olesinksi designed his first Princess boat, the 30DS, which marked the beginning of a design relationship that continues to this day.

Princess also partnered with BAR Technologies to create the R35; a fully-carbon fibered yacht featuring Princess’ Active Foil System.

Princess boats for sale range from 35-95 feet in length categorized by different ranges of classes; the Y Class Motor Yachts, F Class flybridge, V Class sports yachts, and S Class Sportbridge yachts.

The largest Princess boat in-build today is the X95 and Y95. The Princess X95 brings luxury, space, and an innovative sleek design to the fleet, being the first of the X line. Both her flybridge and main deck cover almost the full length of the yacht, delivering expansive spaces with flexibility that enables you to define each journey around your guests’ preferences.

Similar in aesthetic styling to the new X95, the Y95 holds the classic elegance defined by the Y Class, presenting a class-leading experience. Developed together by Princess and design partners Olesinski and Pininfarina, the Y95 features open spaces and configurable layouts to fit your needs.

The smallest Princess boat ever built is the R35. However, it is no longer in production. The R35 featured stunning designs and quality, matched with race-bred technology. The smallest Princess Yacht in-build is the Princess V40.

Princess Yachts vary in length from 35-95 feet in length. This means Princess yachts prices will differ immensely from their smallest model to their largest yacht. The base price of one the smallest Princess yachts — the F45 — starts at just over $2.1 million without any additional options, upgraded engine packages, or updated features. One of the largest Princess Yachts, the X95 has a base price starting at just over $14.3 million without any options and updated features.

Princess boat prices for the base model do not include additional options, upgraded engine packages, or updated features. Talk to a specialist today for more Princess yacht price details.(833) 701-0810

Yes, back in 1995, Marine Projects (now known as Princess Yachts) formed an alliance with Viking Yachts to introduce Princess inventory to the American market (known as Viking Sport Cruisers.) Today, Princess Yachts America, (FKA Viking Sport Cruisers), remains a major distributor of Princess boats in the U.S.

Princess models that are built for Princess Yachts America are delivered and serviced in the United States, Canada, Central America, the Caribbean, and Venezuela through an extensive dealer network. Galati Yacht Sales is the exclusive Princess Yacht Dealer for the Gulf Coast region.

Princess Yachts has long been recognized for historic levels of owner satisfaction and best-in-class resale values. Princess Yachts is the oldest of Britain’s big three motor yacht builders, with a history that stretches back 55 years.

No, the French luxury group LVMH is the parent company of Princess Yachts, with their shipyard headquartered in Plymouth, UK. However, in 1995, Princess Yachts formed an alliance with luxury yacht builder Viking Yachts of New Gretna, New Jersey, to market Princess yachts in the U.S. Today. Princess Yachts America (formerly Viking Sport Cruisers) remains a major distributor of Princess Yachts.

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