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Galati Yacht Sales Testimonials

Paul C.

We want to thank Rex Witkamp for working tirelessly to help find the perfect boat for are needs. After searching the entire East coast, we finally found and closed on our Grand Banks and Rex and the entire Galati team made the transaction seamless.

Al W.

Galati Yacht Sales did an outstanding job on my recent purchase of a Grady White Canyon 306. Parker Blalock is an honest , hard worker salesman always protecting the interests of both the seller and buyer. He went over and above anything I needed to complete the process and Julie Ann Galati also was extremely helpful and efficient. I will always do business with Galati in any future purchases as they are a first class organization. Thank You for making this a pleasurable experience for my wife and I.

George G.

I have to say I had the best experience ever due to Parker Blalock having constant communication and following up on this deal to the end, and directing me to a total professional person, Dana Galvao. Galati Yacht Sales has a amazing staff, making it easy for me to buy a vessel this far away with total stress free. Thank you, I would highly recommend both to anyone.

Joshua S.

Galati yachts might be one of the few five star boat dealers that I have ever come across. Professionalism, promptness, helpfulness, and no misleading/taking advantage. They brokered my recent boat purchase and have helped with warranty and after sales support.

Gene D.

OMG! Galati Yacht Sales in St. Pete are the ultimate professionals. Working with Jeff Rummel and Dana Galvao has been nothing less than fantastic. Both Jeff & Dana have answered all of our questions and performed so well for us, that we can’t thank them enough. Buying a boat from Galati is our most expensive purchase of anything ever and Jeff & Dana have made Linda and myself feel comfortable the whole way through. I highly recommend this firm and suggest that you ask for both Jeff and Dana if you are looking to buy a boat.

Gabriel A.

I purchased a 2023 Prestige 520, Jay Dee and his team are the best. The entire experience has been great. The TampaGalati Team and their finance department are all very professional and efficient which is very much appreciated. It’s all very transparent. I met them at the Miami boat show, at their Galveston TX location and at Anna Maria Marina. The Anna maria team are very helpful and their training and maintenance is top notch.

Paul F.

Joe, thanks for all your hard work! You went above and beyond normal professional duties, especially when switching me off a more expensive boat to the galati trade at the last minute. In addition, you were a lot of fun to work with. Thanks again for all your help.

John L.

Paul Smith has been a great boat broker for us. He had looked out for the owners before and after the sale.

Paul M.

I used Paul Smith of Galati as my broker when purchasing my current boat. He took the time to walk me through many boats at the St. Petersburg boat show, pointing out the pros and cons of each model for my situation. He negotiated for me, followed up on the survey punch list, and captained the boat from Naples to St. Petersburg with me. He’s also been great with after sales advice and support. Highly recommended.

Jeffrey L.

Great service from Team Galati! Paul Smith was an awesome broker when I purchased my Cruisers Yacht and when I sold it as well!

John F.

Elas Wallace – incredible experience with this broker! I just want to recognize this broker and how amazing of an experience it was to both sell a current vessel, and upgrade into a larger vessel. It was seamless and professional. The certainty of what he does coupled with his extensive boating experience is what makes him a prodigy in this business. In a world where everything seems to come with problems, Elas was 5 steps ahead of everyone saving me money and getting the deal completed with on point communication. That, in itself, is gold. Thank you kindly Elas Wallace and Galati Yacht Sales.

John W.

Anthony Gathercole is a genuine professional within the Galati family. He took the time to explain things to myself and my father during my first ever Miami yacht show. I would not hesitate to recommend Anthony to friends family and anyone looking for a first class experience!

Robyn and Stan McQuiston

We had the pleasure of having Colby Carr assist us with the recent purchase of our 560 Prestige. Colby was amazing and remained professional from the start. We first met Colby at the Palm Beach Boat Show where he spent hours showing us multiple boats and helped us find the make/model that was a perfect fit for our family. At the time there were no 560 Prestiges on the market and he even helped find a seller of the exact boat we were looking for. There were a few items that needed to be corrected which were discovered on the survey and he calmly helped us to navigate the negotiation of the repairs. We were able to quickly close within the timeframe we wanted and were able to enjoy the boat the entire Summer in the Florida Keys. Colby even arranged and joined the captain for the delivery! Even following the closing he has continued to be a great resource for little items that have come up and always responds in a timely manner (a couple times even while he was on vacation). We will be using Colby to represent us when it comes time to upgrade to our next boat and would recommend him to anyone who is looking for a broker they can trust and rely on.

James K.

We had the pleasure of working with David Hunt to purchase our first yacht. He was very knowledgeable and accommodating, setting up appointments in both Texas and Florida (twice) and answering all of our questions (day, night, and weekends). He was instrumental in guiding us through the survey process. We would highly recommend him to anyone interested in the purchase of a yacht. As a whole, our Galati buying experience was a first-class service. Thank you!

Stan M.

It gives me great pleasure to pass on my sincere gratitude for the knowledge and tireless assistance provided by Colby Carr. My wife and I are seasoned boaters with clearly defined wants and needs in a boat.

In the current hot market, having clear desires which are largely inflexible, along with a limited budget causes the boat search to be a frustrating experience. Colby worked patiently with us, showing us every vessel which met our requirements. The process took months including rejecting two vessels based upon poor survey results.

Nonetheless, Colby found us our ideal boat and we love it.

James K.

I wanted to reach out and thank Pete Kostuk and the entire Galati team in making our purchasing experience special. Pete’s knowledge and passion for yachts is uncompromised and he works exceptionally hard to earn everyone’s trust. Every step in the process including the purchase of our new vessel and the sale of our older boat has been handled in a professional manner. The delivery of our new 43 Tiara was carefully coordinated and Pete went out of his way to drive us to Sanibel to pick up the vessel, provided a licensed captain to brief me on the operation, electronics, and maintenance of the boat in addition to cruising it to her homeport in Naples.
We appreciate the five-star treatment by Galati!

Kevin S.

I don’t know who needs to hear this but CHRIS WHITE has been absolutely amazing through this entire process. If you would have told me that I could buy this boat over the phone, a lot of emails, and 1 trip to Alabama I would of said you are crazy… but it worked. Chris is one of the most honest and upfront salesmen that I have ever worked with. He did not try to hide anything and would produce anything that I would ask for. He picked me up from the airport, and delivered me right back, and didn’t want anything In return. He definitely had the best interest of the buyer and also the seller. When I get ready to purchase another my first call will be to him. As for you and your processes…Once again TOP NOTCH. I would bother you through continued emails, and phone calls, and an answer was always given. This is a prime example of how a business should be ran, and I can only hope that my employees treat everyone with the same compassion as you all did. Thanks again.

Ken B.

We closed on a Sea Ray 1st week of December. Ross Toussaint was the broker we worked with out of League City TX. Super professional guy. Also extremely knowledgeable. It was a tricky deal with a lot of twists along the way. Ross stuck with it and kept it together even though I was close to walking away on a couple of occasions. Galati is lucky to have him on your team. He is definitely Top Shelf!


I recently completed a search for and purchase of my used 2018 Prestige 560 Flybridge. From our first chance meeting at the Ft Lauderdale Boat Show to our current text and email follow-up conversations Miss Judy Torrey impressed me as exactly what I could have asked for in a broker to a first-time boat owner.
Though having not owned a boat before she deftly assisted me in all facets of the qualification, search, feedback, contact, offer and contract procedure, survey, repair/costing, closing, and post-closing experiences. Her experience as a yacht captain were essential. She could recognize my shortcomings, but my potential, having sailed small ships in the Navy and being a current widebody airline pilot. She was hardnosed when warranted with sellers’ brokers or suppliers and even me at times, but knew immediately when to back off and let circumstances play out. She knew instinctually when to fight the current and when to let go and let it help the process.
There was no detail too small to escape her attention. She tracked down and made sure all warranties were transferable and transferred in the end. She gave me the resources to find dockage, service work, safe passage of the new boat to the W Coast, and important contacts such as a training captain.
I had no idea of the complexity and enormity of the transaction I was to undertake, and I don’t know if I could have done it without Judy Torrey. I do know that anyone else would have left holes in the wake of the deal. Judy left none and I am now a very confident and excited owner of a beautiful vessel. Thank you very much for hiring her. She is a 110%’er

Dennis H.

I very seldom reach out to a company that I have done business with but am so inclined to do so this time. We recently purchased a boat from Galati and our sales rep was Jim Nelson.

Having been in the heavy construction equipment business starting my career as a sales rep myself I have become a critic of sales reps over the years.
I have to let you know that we were fortunate to have contacted Jim when we started looking at boats.

The Tiara we ended up purchasing is the largest boat we ever bought and there certainly is a lot more to purchasing a boat of this size than I had experience with.

Jim has been there for us throughout the purchase and certainly had to deal with my lack of knowledge.
I had many questions and he was extremely responsive.
Furthermore, his style, honesty, and knowledge was excellent.

What really prompted me to write today was the fact that he called me to see how I was making out and if I had any questions.
He is there after the sale; remarkable!

It is fairly easy to sell something to a willing buyer, but to be impressive deserves being recognized.

Zack A

For a number of years, we have been proud sailboat owners. However, after some changes in circumstance, we decided to make the leap over to a powerboat. After researching the different brands in the 50 ft range, we were impressed by the features and overall value offered by the Prestige line. We are located in California and started our search trying to find a newer model, lightly used Prestige 500 or 520 close to our market without success.

After scouring the internet all over the country and speaking to a number of various dealers/brokers throughout the country, we discovered a beautiful 2018 Prestige 520 offered by John McDonald with Galati Yacht Sales out of Destin, FL. In the age of the Covid-19 pandemic, we were unable to travel cross country to view the boat in person at any stage of this process. Normally, this would make us shy away from a potential deal as there is quite a bit of trust that had to be placed within John and Galati. From the very first contact, John was nothing short of excellent. He immediately took us on a virtual tour of the 520 and we were instantly impressed. After a few short hours of discussion, we were in contract.

The pre-contract process was the easy part, it was all that was done by John and the rest of the Galati team post contract is what earned them our admiration and feeling to be part of the Galati family. From what we quickly discovered, Galati is large. With multiple branches and capabilities, I was concerned that it would feel overly corporate and not responsive. I could not have been any more incorrect. Galati is a true family run business with considerable care for each of their customers. They’re not looking for the quick sale, it is clear that Galati is looking to create a lifelong relationship by working hard to earn trust and mutual respect. It is so reassuring to see business conducted with this level of care these days. Their success is absolutely deserved!

Despite multiple hurricanes thrown our way, Galati made the the post-contract / pre-sale completion process as easy as could be. Keep in mind, with the pandemic, we were still unable to travel to Florida to see the boat in person. John handled all of the details with meticulous care on our behalf. This is where trust really comes into play. John sure earned it with us! Being that were could not see it, he pointed everything out to us so just as if were were there. I can’t tell you how much we appreciated this as if trust couldn’t be established, we simply would not have been able to continue with the purchase. The survey went on without issue, the boat was exactly how John had presented it to us, it was in excellent shape. Being that this was a dealer owned used boat, it was very reassuring to see what care Galati placed in all of their boats. There were some extremely minor issues we were made aware of that Galati graciously repaired without hesitation. Simply stated, we would have gone through this buying process all over again with the help of John and Galati.

Once the sale was complete and the boat was ours, the complicated part began. This is where Galati truly shined. Being a licensed captain, John so kindly offered to take the boat from Destin to Ft Lauderdale where it would be loaded on a ship to transport to the West Coast. However, to no fault of John or Galati, we chose United Yacht Transport, which was just terrible to work with. The transport company kept delaying the transit time which went on for well over a month. With us still stuck in CA during the pandemic and being away from our new boat, unwilling to leave us behind, Galati stuck with us and went well beyond their call of duty to continue helping us along. The deal was done, the money was transferred, but Galati stayed with us the entire way. As hurricane after hurricane kept approaching and we were still waiting for the ship transport, John and the rest of the wonderful folks over at Galati continuously looked out for our beautiful new boat keeping it safe with each obstacle. They then decided it would be best to transport it to their Anna Maria location (by Tampa). John did this run himself with the help of a mate.

At this point, we were so frustrated with the transport company, storms kept coming, we still had not yet seen the new boat in person because of Covid, Galati still refused to leave our side. In fact, without us even asking, the Galati family offered, without charge, to continue berthing and watching out for the boat until it was ready to be transported. Each step of the way, Galati went beyond what anyone else would have done. We appreciate it this beyond words! We felt so comfortable and secure with Galati, never having even met them face to face. The care they showed reached well over to us in CA. Even with the delays in transport, once again no fault of Galati, we were confident knowing the boat was in excellent and capable hands.

Once the transport ship finally arrived, John arranged and coordinated the boat to be loaded onto the ship, which then went without incident.

A few weeks later, we unloaded our Prestige 520 in Ensenada, MX. We were delighted, but had no doubt, that this beautiful boat was EXACTLY how Galati had presented it to us. There were no surprises nor issues. Even though we had not seen it in person until this point, we felt like we already knew it so well with the help of John and the others at Galati.

Now that we have the Prestige safely in our home port, the attention and care from Galati continues. John always graciously makes himself available to us with any question we may have. Additionally, Sean Cardow has been such a valuable resource as he quickly responds to any service issues that arise. And, most recently, we were introduced to Brian Bodner, aka human Prestige encyclopedia, who I have been regularly picking his brain with questions and opinions that he so quickly and reliably provides.

We may be thousands of miles apart, never stepped foot at a Galati location, or even met anyone from Galati in person, but we are so proud to be part of the Galati family. And most importantly, we love our Prestige 520!

Brad Smith

I was very impressed with the excellent service received when searching for a boat. Within 24 hrs, they located a boat that was perfect for my family. Great service and experience all around! Give them a try, very trusting and professional.

Matt Remion

“I just wanted to take a minute to let you know that David was a real pleasure to work with throughout my buying process. I know that he was representing the seller but I really felt that he was always working in and for my best interest as well. Anyway I just wanted to let you know that dealing with him and purchasing a boat 14 hours away, that I couldn’t have been more pleased. Thanks again for having great sales people in place to work with!”

David & Donna Machado

This is our third boat brokerage purchase through Galati Yacht Sales. Although our experiences with Galati have all been first class, Jim took the experience to a whole new level. He remained engaged but did not apply pressure. He accommodated every one of our requests and made some great suggestions along the way. Even though he represented both sides of the transaction, he remained fair and objective to both parties. The closing was not an easy one, as some unexpected issues popped up along the way. But, Jim jumped through many hoops to ensure that we all made it to the closing table…and all of this through the COVID-19 pandemic! We couldn’t be happier with our boat and we are very appreciative of Jim and the Galati Team. Cheers!

Greg Keller

John, Thank you for making my Galati Yacht Sales experience one I will never forget.  I’ve been dreaming of owning a yacht since I was 10 years of age, and yesterday it became reality.  Your professionalism, attention to detail, and flexibility with schedules made the entire process silky smooth.  I look forward to a long relationship with Galati Yacht Sales thanks to you.  Thanks again for the swag bag only rivaled by the Espy Awards!


Bob & Laurie Camastro

Jim, it has been more than six years since we first did business with you and the Galati family. And after three transactions, I feel compelled to write this note. Our experience has been nothing short of fantastic! You have been a professional in every aspect of our dealings. Additionally, we found Terry Meeks to be very knowledgeable, organized, and pleasant while handling our service needs over the years. The word which best describes our relationship with you and Galati is TRUST! We look forward to our continuing relationship.


John Pipes

John Pugh did an outstanding job selling our 45’ Viking Sportfish. Here’s why:
1. He knows boats! We were confident John would inform prospective buyers of all the attractive features of our Viking and the reliability of Viking boats.
2. His posting on the Galati Website was comprehensive. Pictures and facts were accurately posted.
3. He was smart about pricing and working with us on negotiating offers.
4. Applied the 3Cs – Cost, Clutter, Cleanliness. Just as one does before showing a house.
5. Overall John was Professional, Courteous, and Respectful. Very easy to work with!
We are glad to recommend him.

Will Cantrell

I’m writing this letter to express our appreciation for Tim and his tireless efforts in helping us through a few transactions over the past couple of years. Tim has been dealing with our family for a few years now and I think he represents extraordinarily well what the Galati experience is meant to be. Form the moment we first met Tim through today he’s always remained unbelievably kind, patient and understanding. His responsiveness and willingness to communicate and help regardless of the time of day, or day of the week is simply unmatched, he truly gets what customer service is all about.

Tim’s sense of fairness, honesty and integrity are probably what impresses me the most; as long as he’s in the game, available and willing I’ll never do another boat deal without him representing me. He’s never pretended to know everything about every vessel or option or malfunction and even when he knew I wasn’t going to necessarily like an answer he’s been truthful and forthcoming, so I was able to make reasonable decisions based on factual information. He is very forward thinking and makes us feel like we are his number one priority and our best interest is his best interest and that is rare these days.

Tim is the kind of guy that helps makes a company great and the customer experience even greater. He exemplifies what the Galati mantra is ‘a name you can trust’. Tim dutifully honors the vision and legacy of Michael Senior and I doubt there could be any higher praise than that.

Rick Burdick

Dear Galati’s Management Team,
I am writing to thank you for your hospitality during our recent stay and offer a few observations. My wife and I docked our boat at your marina in early March and our planned stay was significantly extended due to the Covid-19 pandemic. We wanted to thank you for accommodating us during these very unusual circumstances. I also wanted express how impressed I was with your employees and how well your facility is managed. Due to the unique situation I was able to casually observe the daily operations of the boat yard, employees and contractors. I also have no previous exposure to Galati’s as a customer or personal relationship. The attention to detail, the engagement of the employees and the quality of the care that the vessels received in the Anna Marina facility was remarkable. Over the last 30 years I have managed large teams of employees, so I have an appreciation for what it takes to build the kind culture that I observed at Galati’s. The best way to explain this is that I observed workers applying the same high level of care and quality to their work when there were no customers or managers present. This culture only comes from long term and consistent direction from your management team, obviously over multiple generations. I would enthusiastically recommend Galati’s to anyone that is interested in purchasing or maintaining a yacht. I know that you had to cancel your 50th anniversary event due to Covid-19 but I think that the organization that I observed is an appropriate celebration of your first 50 years. Best wishes for the next 50 years and thanks again.

Tim and Cheryl Batsche

“We wanted to tell you that our experience with Galati Yachts was exceptional thanks to the professionalism, boating knowledge, and hard work of Byron Cox. He made selling our yacht a smooth, hassle-free experience. Byron was very friendly and outgoing and even helped us get our 1994 Sea Ray 370 Express Cruiser ready to sell. He found a buyer and had our boat sold in a month. We were very impressed. Byron kept us informed during every step of the selling process and the closing went very quickly. We were so pleased with Byron that we are using him to help us find our next boat. We feel like we have made a friend for life.
Thanks again for a fantastic Galati experience.”

Johnny Hogan

“I wanted to reach out to you and share my buying experience and service from your employee, my broker and now friend, Anthony Gathercole at Galati on a Yacht that I closed on today. Living in a totally inland state my knowledge of the Yacht industry was limited when I began. Anthony answered every question I had, every text I sent, every time I called his phone. When he said he was going to reach out to someone on my behalf it was never just words from him. He contacted insurance agents, people he knew selling a dinghy, and many other people/places on my behalf! Being a business owner in the service industry for the past 30 years I’m am very reserved on giving high marks in this area; however, I give Anthony a 10 out of 10! I am so pleased that when I am ready to buy my next yacht he would be the only person I would contact to conduct business with. He represents your company and it’s values so very well. I just wanted to share my experience with you from one Boss to another.”

A Happy Customer

I recently purchased a vessel from the Galveston Galati dealership. My broker was Kyle Butler.

Mr. Butler was professional, knowledgeable, and very helpful throughout the entire process. Leading up to the survey, Kyle assisted in finding a hall-out facility, provided contact information on several marine surveyors for me to decide upon, provided a financing point of contact at Galati to assist in the sale, and worked with the seller’s broker to negotiate the contract. Kyle was always available. During the mechanical survey, Kyle noticed a leak in the raw water pump that I had missed and made sure that the mechanic inspected the pump on my behalf. He could have let that go; instead, he noticed a problem and ensured that it was addressed.

Kyle got me in contact with Galati Finance Manager, Dana Galvao. Ms. Galvao really streamlined the finance process. She reviewed several different lenders to provide options on the best loan terms. Dana arranged for TP&WD and USCG documentation, making registering and properly documenting new ownership a simple and smooth process. Ms. Galvao answered my questions and was available, as needed. Closing was straightforward.

Together, Mr. Butler and Ms. Galvao made the entire purchasing process simple and enjoyable. The services Galati Yacht Sales provides really make vessel purchasing a turnkey process. Thank you, Galati, for a wonderful experience.

Jim In Naples

Dan Howland was great. His follow up is phenomenal. Also he is very knowledgeable with all the product across-the-board. I highly recommend him for all your boating needs.

Mr. & Mrs. M

We just wanted to reach out and express our sincere thanks for such a professional and fantastic experience as we went through the process of purchasing our 2017 44 Tiara Coupe last week. Michael Tabor has worked with us for several months while we narrowed down choices of what boat we wanted to purchase. He was available at any time we wanted to talk and through all of the final decisions. We are incredibly excited to have purchased through Galati having Michael as our broker and look forward to our experiences with service and excursions in the future. Additionally, Dana was super helpful through the closing process.

Wayne & Kelly Walkotten

We want to thank the Galati team for a great first-time yacht buying experience. Dianne Stigall was patiently persistent over the last year as we looked for the right boat for us. She helped us every step of the way. Dan Busby at Anna Maria service managed the process from survey to delivery and kept every promise he made, was professional, and extremely helpful. We are very happy to be part of the family.


Fletch, and Missy,
My brother and I want to thank you both for all your help. Your customer service, professionalism, follow through and class defines you as 5-star individuals and your company should be very thankful to have you!! I appreciate all the hard work and we are very pleased how things came together and closed. I will look nowhere else but to you Fletch when the time comes to upgrade to the next boat!!! Have a great evening and a fantastic New Year! Thank you again!

Dave E

I wanted to let you know how much I appreciated the support of the entire Galati team during the delivery of my Cruisers Yacht Cantius 60 Fly.

The orientation and delivery in St. Pete was very well done.  Kyle (captain at St. Pete) and Dianne Stigall from your office were very helpful and the boat was in beautiful condition.

As you have no doubt heard, we had a couple of issues on the trip down from St. Pete, but Kyle and others were able to get things organized to get support personnel on site on Thursday to fix the issues.  The result was a flawless trip to Key West (and several admiring comments from others in our group) on Friday.

When I was contemplating purchasing the boat from your firm, you said that service after the sale was a priority for your company.  My experience this past week confirms that without exception!

I would like to let you know that Dianne, Kyle, Janis were instrumental in getting others involved, and did a great job with follow up.

Mark and Linda Lammon

We just wanted to send you a note to let you know how much we have enjoyed working with David. Throughout the process of purchasing the boat that we have now, it’s current listing due to personal health issues, and the search for another boat, David has been extremely helpful (and patient). He has taken the time to learn about what we are looking for in a boat and how we plan to use it. With this information, he has consistently presented us with options that meet our expectations.
Bottom line…by using his knowledge and experience of/with boats and the market he has helped to build in us the level of trust and confidence necessary to ensure that for all of our related needs we will return to work with him every time.

Jerry Taylor

Joe, just wanted to tell you how impressed I am with John. He was the selling broker when I bought a 50 ft Cruisers Yacht from you. I was represented by Curtis Stokes. After a year we decided to sell the boat and eventually get a catamaran. I contacted John because of my previous experience with him. He did a great job and sold it last week after about 6 weeks. He was very professional, kept me informed and covered all the bases extremely well. When I am ready to buy again, I will call John. I think you are fortunate to have him and wanted to let you know.
Thank you

Steven Warner

I wanted to send along a note to compliment Cory Webster for an awesome boat sale experience! He was very responsive throughout the process, kept me informed of where our boat was listed, and the progress of various offers. At all times, we felt that Cory was working hard to get our boat sold quickly and at a fair price. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend him to other boat sellers! In fact, I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend him to boat buyers as well – as I BOUGHT this boat just SOLD from him a dozen or so years ago!

Scott Smith

Just wanted to drop you a note and thank you for making this transaction go so smoothly. Your entire staff has gone above and beyond all expectations. John Pugh has been overly helpful and has spent extra time getting me set up and accustom to a completely different boat than I am used to. He has spent hours of his own time making sure I am educated and has provided me contacts and introductions to people who I need in order to maintain the Viking appropriately. I could not have asked for better service. I am excited and very thankful I partnered up with you guys.

Charles F. Hall

I would like to thank Galati Yacht Sales for having a yacht broker like David Hunt. While at Galati he has sold two boats for me and I have purchased one through him. Even though these sales were not large, he handled them as though they were very important. His professionalism and care was superb.

David’s knowledge of boats is surprising and I was amazed by how carefully he listened to what I wanted and found exactly what I requested. From now on, any boat I buy or sell will go through David and Galati Yacht Sales.

Gates Walcott


Have been meaning to send this but have been enjoying boat too much. I have purchased many boats and John Pugh from the first call when we spoke to handing me the keys to the boat made this the best and easiest deal I have ever done! Everyone else in Galati office did a good job on making it a pleasant and nice experience.

Hats off to y’all

Denver E. McCormick | Destin, FL

I’d like to take this opportunity to share my appreciation for the excellent service and professionalism I continue to receive from my boat dealer, Randy Royall. As a life-long sport fisherman, I have bought and sold numerous boats using dozens of dealers across the country. To date, I have purchased three boats and sold two boats having Randy as my representative. He continues to surpass all my expectations, and I feel confident that he will continue to be my boat dealer for future transactions.

Randy’s attention to detail, in-depth knowledge of make, models, and accessories, honesty, transparency, and relentless work ethic continue to instill confidence in my transactions. Unlike other dealers, Randy’s customer service doesn’t diminish once the ink dries on the contract. He continues to follow-up to ensure that I am satisfied with my purchase and that my boats are performing consistent with the manufacturer’s advertised specs. In fact, Randy’s dedication to continued customer service has laid a genuine foundation for a lasting friendship.

Above all, I want to express that Randy’s character is unmatched in the industry. He is honest, hard-working, always answers my calls, and handles my contracts with the upmost professionalism.

If you have the opportunity to work with him, you will not regret it. He will change your perception of buying and selling boats to a positive experience going forward.

Tim Parkhurst – Parts Manager, Tampa FL

You have been such a pleasure to work with. Knowledgeable, professional and so responsive to me throughout this entire process. I’m so glad I found your company! What a breath of fresh air to actually have someone who is proactively helping me. It doesn’t happen in this industry very often. Keep up the great work!
Debbie Grace
Amazing Grace Yacht Charter

Mel Cosgrove

Management team… I found a boat on the internet and called Stan Hoynowski who was the broker listed in the advertisement. I told Stan that I had my own buyer’s broker and that I was interested in the boat he had listed. From that point on my experience working with Stan deserves this letter of commendation. My buyer’s broker was a broker I had previously used and very happy with the service. However after working with Stan I can assure you that any future boat transactions will be with Stan and Galati Yacht Sales. Please let Stan know how much my wife and I appreciate his integrity and professionalism.

Jeff Wine

I just wanted to pass along to you and the Galati Management Team my sincere thanks for the great job Pep did in putting together the deal to get my Cantius sold. This could not have been accomplished without Peps tenacity. Pep has that special sales skill where you know he cares about you more than just making a same. He is an asset to your business for sure.
Rickard also gets a big assist as he always kept me informed along the process of he status and worked hard to find a buyer as well.

Galati is second to none in my book and I will always refer friends and should I ever decide to get back into “big ” boating you will be who I call!!

Diana & Martin Rosansky

It all started almost 10 years ago when we decided that the perfect boat for our cruising lifestyle should be a raised pilothouse design, in the 50-55′ range. We spend our time in the winter cruising the gulf coast of Florida (we have a home in Sarasota), and the summers in the northeastern part of the US and Canada…with the base being our mid-coast Maine residence. We were introduced to Kerry Alexander, one of Galati’s top salesmen, when he showed us a Grand Banks Aleutian 53RP…exactly the style boat we had been searching for. It took us about a year to make up our minds to place an order for the 53RP…Kerry’s continued support ( prior to placing an order ), and Galati’s outstanding service reputation were key in our decision making process.
Several months after agreeing to buy a 53 Aleutian, we were informed that Grand Banks was essentially replacing that model with a 55 RP. This permitted us to upgrade our purchase to the improved 55′ Aleutian with it’s many new features including a redesigned more modern interior. One of the highlights of our purchase was being able to see our boat under construction at the Grand Banks Plant in Johar Bahru, Malaysia. Of course we were joined by Kerry and were welcomed by the Grand Banks staff including their sales and production managers. The staff and workers could not have been more gracious, welcoming and knowledgeable. We were able to make suggestions and were pleased to find that many requests (the worthwhile ones!) were beautifully incorporated into our boat. Prior to our boat leaving the Grand Banks plant, Kerry paid yet another visit to the plant to insure that everything agreed to was incorporated into the build. We found that Kerry’s attention to detail is outstanding and he’s certainly the type of person that one wants on his team. To put it simply, the boat has exceeded our expectations…It’s interesting that Galati’s motto is “Consistently Exceeding the Expectations of our Customers.”
We took delivery on December 10, 2014 and have found Mike Galati to be super responsive with regard to service. Send Mike an e-mail on Saturday and don’t be surprised if you get a answer by Sunday evening. We have been boat owners for more than 30 years and find that the three most important factors in purchasing a boat are service, service, service!
In honor of our trip to see the boat being built in Malaysia, and in honor of the boat builders of Southeast Asia, we named our boat, “Dragon”. Aside from dragons having major spiritual significance in many Asian culture and various religions, they are often associated with wisdom, longevity, strength, power and good luck.

Robert Totsch

John was outstanding!

He was patient and went above and beyond the call in helping me throughout the entire process. Professional and helpful. He made this experience so positive for my wife and me that I will recommend him to everyone! He is a future superstar and has that quality that simply makes people feel comfortable about spending big bucks on a boat!I also wanted to say that Carrie was also a great asset and worked numbers for me and helped me get to my sweet spot. She was efficient, professional and extremely friendly!Most of the finance people in my line of work… Not so much. Thanks to you as well for your help and guidance early on in the process. If ever asked I’ll tell people the only place to buy a boat is through Galati !!!
See you this summer!!!

Larry Edwards

Thanks for all your help last week while we were at The Wharf. What could have been a very difficult situation was made all the easier by the attentive Galati Crew.

Jeff Augustin

I have recently been involved in the purchase of an older Viking 53′ Convertible. Two of your team members assisted me in this endeavor. Carrie Chambers assisted in the financing end of the deal and John King assisted me in the search for and actual purchase of the vessel. I know how difficult it can be to arrange financing these days – Carrie was on top of things from the start and even when the inevitable snags appeared she was able to work with me and the bank to move things forward. She was always very responsive and her professionalism was exemplary. Without her help I’m certain this could not have been done. John was involved with me from the start of my search. He made multiple trips with me to view different vessels over the past few months and I saw vessels from Connecticut to Tampa to Miami. John was an excellent advisor on what to look for and how to navigate the negotiation to close the deal. I had nothing but confidence in his knowledge of the business and knew I had someone that would help me get the best deal. Both of these team members of Galati were a complete pleasure to work with and I would recommend you and your team to any of my friends in the market for new or used boats.

Lynne and Rick Deal

We had such a positive experience recently with John King of your sales team that we feel compelled to drop you a line. Always the knowledgeable professional throughout the purchase process John was available when we needed him for advice and information and to coordinate the process. And, by the way, we took confidence from John’s comment that Galati is the only company in southwest Florida with whom he would work.

We will certainly recommend John King and Galati Yacht Sales to anyone who might ask.

Jim & Donna Peltier

Again, with your help, our insurance coverage was completed today, and tomorrow, a year after our first visit we have attained our objective.
In my continual buying, and selling of these wasteful toys I have had more experiences then one might want, some good, and some terrible. However, none more pleasurable, or professional then the service you provided us, in the sale of our last vessel, and our recent purchase.
Your patience, and knowledge was exceptional, not in “selling” us a boat, but rather by building a relationship that enabled us to find and buy the boat we wanted.
Donna, and myself enjoyed working with, and feel you are the best.
I have wasted greater sums of money, certainly more foolishly, but……never with such enjoyment.
Thank you again, YOU are the best, and I look forward to our next endeavor, knowing you survived this one.

Ed and Ann Roussea

The long awaited day has finally arrived when we can all say “It’s a done deal.” I’ll bet this is the longest boat sale of your career. It certainly was no small feat, right from the beginning last November with the boat being in Bradenton, your being in Palmetto, our being in Punta Gorda and the seller being in Tennessee. Just the logistics was enough to make one’s head buzz. And then there were the various times when it looked as if it was a “no go,” but you diplomatically and caringly persisted, even making trips here to Punta Gorda to follow up on things after you had relocated to another yacht sales brokerage, in another city.
When we first looked at the boat in Fort Myers, we thought of you as the seller’s broker. Before long we came to feel that you were indeed our broker as well. Your diligence and concern for fairness on both the part of the seller and the buyer was exceptional. You certainly seemed to go the extra mile for each of us and it is very much appreciated on our part. You always kept us informed as to what was going on. Your openness and honesty is refreshing, and your attention to detail is above average.
In the future, should the occasion arise, we would be delighted to do business with you again in the capacity of either a buyer or seller, and we definitely would recommend you to anyone we know. Thank you again for all your efforts.

Gary Mozina

I have bought and sold a number of boats that involved Dianne. She has always been very professional. All the transactions went as expected with no surprises. She was very helpful with finding sources when we needed something. I highly recommend her.

Mark Goebel

We are long time customers of Galati and just cannot say enough about the professional and world class service you provide. Dianne Stigall has helped us find and sell our boats over the years and does a great job. Ken and Janis are the best boat service people we have ever met. Thanks for all you do!

Don Hutson

Dianne Stigall is a consummate professional. She knows her products, learns about each prospect’s wants and needs, and finds the boat for them. We were particularly impressed with her integrity and attention to detail. When we are ready to buy again Dianne will be our first call!

Bob Charles

I had a great experience with Dianne. I was a true rookie and Dianne really helped me learn the ropes from the beginning. We sat down, reviewed the options I wanted, and then she found the boat I wanted. After she sold me the boat she has continued to help me with vendors to keep it running properly. It has been the ongoing relationship that has been great!

David Johnson

After spending a lot of time with us looking at many boats we described the perfect boat for us – Dianne found that boat for us on the west coast, got the boat to Destin, was extremely helpful with sea-trial, and was a huge help in closing the deal. I really felt she was looking out for us and our needs throughout the process. Never felt she was trying to sell me anything, rather she was helping me find what I wanted. Would definitely recommend her!!

David Landreth

We have known Dianne for many years, but this was our first boat transaction with her. In spite of knowing her and knowing what she does, I was just amazed at her professionalism and knowledge, not only of the boat but of the entire transaction process. She made it so easy!

Brian Kirby

When we ordered and then purchased our Viking, Dianne made a confusing process effortless and exciting. Her knowledge of Viking and her attention to the smallest detail was invaluable. She is not a high pressure sales person, in fact quite the opposite. Her calm demeanor and low key approach gave us the feeling of confidence when dealing with her every step of the process.
Going forward, we would not hesitate using Dianne for any of our boating needs.

Nan Goebel

Dianne sold us our boat and made the experience easy and stress free with her impeccable attention to detail and knowledge of her products.

George Johnson

Dianne, has worked with me and members of my family for many years with assistance in getting us into and out of great boats. She has exhibited extreme patience in showing us boats even when we were unlikely to be in the market at the particular time. She knows her boats and the lines that she is representing. She also doesn’t pressure you into a decision that you might regret later to people like me that are impulsive buyers.
She is a tremendous asset to the Galati team.

Lindsey Scheinert

We sold and purchased a boat from Dianne. She was very professional; handling all inquiries and our transaction in a timely manner. We were very satisfied and would definitely use her again when the time comes.

Jerry Gillis

I have been a boater for over 40 years and I have had 5 boating transactions with Dianne. Captain Dianne handled all 5 transactions in a most professional manner. These involved 3 purchase transactions and 2 sale transactions. Dianne is knowledgeable and is a great listener when you describe what type of boat you have interest in buying. As my wife and I have aged, we are now looking for a more user friendly boat to suit our age. Dianne is on top of our needs and we highly recommend her as a excellent boat broker. She gives a customer great confidence.

Stacy & Dolly Schmidt

I just want to say how pleased we have been to work with Dan Howland over the last 4 years first in purchasing our Tiara. Dan going out of his way to insure we knew how to operate the boat and get comfortable with it and now in selling our boat! Dan is first class all the way and we want to personally thank him.

Greg Arovas

Thanks for the help yesterday. I really appreciate the opportunity to spend some time with you learning the boat, and how smoothly the closing and delivery ran. Also please thank the rest of the Galati team. This was the most enjoyable experience I have ever had buying a boat.
I hope you enjoy the rest of the holidays with your family and we will stay in touch.

Rusty Penick

I have been meaning to send you a note for quite some time now so I thought I would make the time and do it now.

I want to let you know what a great job Cory Webster does for you and Galati. I have been working with him for about a year now and, as you know, have bought the Tiara and now the Prestige through him. It has been a real pleasure working with Cory. It is very refreshing to find someone that truly enjoys what they do and where they are doing it. I feel that Cory is an excellent representative for Galati and you. He has been extremely informative as well as very helpful not only during the acquisition process both times but his involvement and enthusiasm continues on way past the “closing of the deal”. He has always been there, with a smile on his face, for anything I may have needed or any questions I may have had, however mundane they may have been and is always ready to help out.

I would not hesitate to refer and/or recommend anyone to Cory because I know they would be well taken care of. He was an excellent find for both you and Galati, he speaks highly of both you and the company and, as I said, represents both of you very well and professionally!!

Richard Cairns

It has been a little over two months since we closed on our boat so I wanted to report back how much my family and I are enjoying the experience. Since the closing we’ve spent just about every weekend on the water with family and friends exploring the Galveston Bay area. The Jen Marie (fka Aquila) had severed her intended purpose and given us an activity we all enjoy.
I appreciate the time you spent helping us to negotiate, finance, and close the deal on the boat. As a first time boat buyer, I had many questions which you patiently answered. The information you shared allowed me to make informed decisions and feel less anxious as we navigated the process. I am especially grateful for the support you provided after the closing. From suggesting marinas, reputable service vendors, local captains, and even places to eat…to sourcing parts from the manufacturer, pointing me in the right direction on maintenance, and answering still more texts, emails, and phone calls… Your knowledge and willingness to share it, allowed us to get out on the water and start having fun quicker. When we buy the next one, I’m calling you.


Guys just wanted to drop you a quick note to tell you how happy I am to have bought a boat from Galati. got in last night from a three day Tuna trip in Orange Beach we had a short punch list so we can go back out tomorrow and the service team was here to get us going. It’s is a pleasure to be part of your system! Thanks for the great service.

Dan Meyer

My wife and I first met Brendon Saporito at the St. Petersburg boat show back in December of 2014. At the time, we were new to the area, and because we still had to get our dock in order, we told him that it would probably be some time before we were actually be ready to purchase a boat. We explained that this would be a big step up from the 27 ft. center console that we currently owned. After a brief discussion of our wants and needs, Brendon immediately began a search for a vessel to fill the bill. He was extremely patient with us, and educated us consistently during our 9+ month process of locating and buying a Tiara 38 in September of 2015. His knowledge and professionalism reassured us of our decision, and he was right there every step of the way. He even went so far as to hire a licensed captain to do a full orientation and boat delivery. I would highly recommend him to anyone interested in purchasing a new or used boat!

Justin and Amy Greth

Being an avid boater my entire life and once licensed charter captain, I have bought and sold many boats over the years. A few years ago, my wife and I began talking about taking the plunge, selling the house, and moving on a live aboard. In the summer of 2014, we decided to put our plan into action and get the house on the market. Lots of uncertainty ensued in terms of timing or even IF we would be able to get all of our ducks in a row to make it happen. Part of this was finding the right boat to be a home for us and our 3 dogs. We started to work with Brendon at Galati Yachts.
He knew that we were likely months out from actually being able to move on anything and likely any boat that he showed us would be gone by that time. We had to sell and close on the house first. Nonetheless, Brendon worked with us showing us many different boats to help us in narrowing down our search. We had some very specific requirements and finding something to fit the requirements, and the budget, was going to prove to be tricky. We managed to narrow our search down to 2 models then proceeded to look at numerous boats of those models. A few options came and went as the house was still not sold and it was looking as if we were not going to be able to make this move. Meanwhile, Brendon hung in there, showing us listings knowing we were grasping. Finally, the house went under contract and sold. Because Brendon was so proactive and cooperative in continuing to work with us on what boats might be out there each week, we were able to make an offer within a few days. Within 2 weeks, we submitted multiple offers on multiple boats until one was finally accepted. Negotiations went quickly and Brendon was able to get us a price that fit our budget. A huge thanks to Brendon for sticking with us and making the dream of our Carver 466 “Just n’ Time” become a reality!

Larry and Jeani Curphey

We’d like to express our appreciation to Galati Yachts and especially Brendon Saporito for the way our yacht purchase was handled. We enjoyed working with Brendon who was more than helpful and responsive to our requests and many questions. He provided references to us and helped to guide us in the right direction when we needed assistance. We appreciate the helpfulness too of all of the folks at Galati Yachts who made our transaction smooth and seamless. It’s nice to know there are still folks out there who are willing to be truly helpful. We will surely come back again if the opportunity arises.

Joel & Claudia Artal

I wanted to take the time to let you know about our experience with the sale of (Submariner). This seamless and smooth transition could not have been possible without the help and assistance of Brendon Saporito. Brendon paired the right buyer with the right seller and we are so happy and pleased that our boat has gone to a home and a new owner that was as excited about Submariner as we are. Throughout the course of the transaction Brendon was involved, attentive, and concerned with all aspects and details of the transaction. I believe that this is the 3rd transaction that we have had the pleasure to work with Brendon including both sides of the sale and we are certainly confident that it will not be the last. Needless to say, we have grown very fond of Brendon and we consider him much more than our boat broker, we consider him a friend. We would also like to thank the Galati team and back office for their support and making everything look easy. In our opinion Brendon Saporito and Galati Yachts are a winning combination.
Thank you both for making it happen!

Michael Dukie

I’d like to say “Thank you” again for all of your hard work brokering the sale of “Dukes Rehab”. You did an excellent job dealing with the buyers and their agent taking the time to meet with them down at our marina. I know we were in good hands. It seemed only fitting that you would handle the sale of our boat, since you were the one who originally we purchased it through and the one before that!

Terry and Susan Schechinge

If you are going to buy a boat and you want the best broker call Jim Nelson at Galati Yachts. My wife and I can’t say enough positive things about the way Jim helped us find the right boat and navigated us smoothly to closing. Jim guided us wisely through the yacht search process, telling us the pros and cons of each of the boats he showed us. His knowledge of the boating industry and each boat’s characteristics is truly impressive. Jim has a great personality and is very easy to work with. He never makes you feel like you are being a burden or lacking in knowledge no matter how stupid your question is. He was always responsive and readily available to help us with answers to questions regarding each boat. He goes way beyond what is expected with respect to recommending financing, insurance and captains and all the other myriad of details that go into buying a yacht (or boat). Frankly, he just make the whole process as smooth and easy as it could be.
If you want to enjoy the boat or yacht buying experience, call Jim Nelson.

Donovan Smith

We wanted to sell our sport fish fast at a fair price. I had met Jim Nelson several years earlier, and knew he was the right guy for the job! His integrity, hard work, and positive attitude actually made the process enjoyable! I look forward to having him assist in finding our next vessel!

Jack Culbertson

Just wanted to send you a quick email to let you know I appreciate the hard work you put into getting me into my new 2013 Tiara 36 Open. Needless to say I was upside down in my other boat and felt I would continue to be envious of every Tiara owner on the water. Jim, you put together a package that really works for me, I’m a happy customer. I also want to thank the rest of the team who helped me through the uneasy feelings that came with me while trading my Old boat for the Tiara; the Galati team put me at ease by answering all my odd questions. Mike Galati and his service team have gone beyond my expectations, as an example, He even sent a tech to my boat to show me where a switch was. I also cannot say enough positive things about Chris Galati; Chris offered an offshore fishing trip which I took advantage of.
Never has anyone earned my respect as fast as Chris did, Chris thank you for the polite fishing tips, they have improved my catch, and again thank you for a life long memory.

Bob Camastro

My name is Bob Camastro. My wife, Laurie, and I have recently taken delivery of a Tiara 3100 from Galati Yachts. This is our first boat purchase. I am writing this email to credit your entire organization. Right from the start, Jim Nelson was accommodating and professional. Even though Laurie and I were not sure exactly what we were looking for, Jim always remained patient and enthusiastic. Honestly, we started out only going to Galati to look at some boats. My business partner is an experienced boater and was to have us deal with “his guy” in Ft. Lauderdale. In the end, we just felt comfortable with Jim and your organization. Our initial feelings have since been vindicated by the service we have received from Mike Galati and his staff, including Dan Busby. As the owner of two Mercedes-Benz Dealerships, I tip my cap to everyone at Galati Yacht Sales. I have since used my experiences with your organization as an example for our businesses. Laurie and I look forward to many enjoyable years of boating. It is our expectation that the people at Galati will be right there with us!

Dan Alderson

I am writing to thank you for the excellent experience that Sandy and I received listing and selling our Grand Banks with you and the Galati team. One important note is your explanation of the importance in having a professional photographer provide pictures of the boat. No doubt, that was instrumental in the quick sale. We have since had Mike take pictures of our business and will continue to use him for future promotions. Jim, please pass on our gratitude to your support team for helping make the closing painless for us and the buyers. In all, we are very pleased and will gladly refer you and Galati to friends and family for their boating needs.

Rick Broom

“I have purchased two boats from Brendon and the Galati Group. This is an outstanding organization with great boating trips. As an owner of an organization with many sales representatives I understand the importance of customer service after the sale. Brendon is one of the best sales reps I have ever worked with. Not only was he informative during the process but his communication and follow up after the sale is excellent. I have never worked with anyone that has kept contact with me after the sale. I appreciate his level of service and appreciation. I will definitely call him when we are ready to purchase our next boat.”
-Rick Broom

Danny and Lori Green

We want to let all of you know how extremely pleased we are with the purchase of our beautiful new yacht. From the moment we walked up to it at the Galati Destin Marina we were just blown away!!! Our wonderful salesman John McDonald was with us throughout each moment of this process and went way above what we would ever have expected. His knowledge of this Prestige 560 was truly impressive and the training that he gave us was incredible. We were a little concerned about driving this size of boat but we now feel much more confident and will continue to learn from John. We are so excited to be part of the Galati Yachting Family!

Thanks so much to each of you!
Danny and Lori Green

Tara Olmstead

Jason Lozeau we are so blessed to have you in our life! The smile on my husband’s face is priceless! You truly care about what your clients want and make it happen! Thank you for being so fabulous! We so appreciate you!

Paul Greig

I feel that I should address you as Joe given all of the great things that Pete Kostuk has said about you and your fine company. I am writing this letter to commend Pete for his hustle and persistence during our “romance” period and ultimately the purchase of a Tiara 44’ Coupe. My wife, Susan, and I met Pete at the Miami Boat Show and had no intent on purchasing a Tiara at that time. Pete walked us through all of the Tiara offerings and made an impression upon us regarding his knowledge of the Tiara brand and the service focus of Galati Yachts. After the show we did a good amount of shopping alternative brands. Pete continued his follow up with us during this educational period. Once we decided that Tiara was the right vessel for us, Pete worked with us to locate a boat that met all of our requirements. You are fortunate to have Pete on your staff. Pete is absolutely passionate about the boating lifestyle. I am sure that he will continue to be a great asset to you in the future. Both Susan and I would be please to act as a reference for both Pete and Galati Yachts.

Brian Johnson

I am sitting in Naples today waiting for the Hurricane effects to clear out so that AIG will bind insurance coverage which will enable title transfer on my new 2017 Tiara 44 Coupe. It’s a good time for me to compliment you for the performance of your organization. Pete Kostuk could not have been more thoughtful, competent and professional in the sales and education process. I have purchased my two prior Tiara’s used from their owners. This is my first new Tiara. Pete volunteered to take me to St. Petersburg to see the boat and arranged for a Captain from your office there to take us out on the boat. Our conversations that day and since convinced me to make the purchase. Never pressure, just enlightenment and encouragement. The following day I took my wife up to see the boat. The staff up there were very accommodating. Everyone else that I have met with your firm has been extremely competent and professional. The only glitch was that AIG refused to bind coverage on the boat until the storm effects have passed without damaging the boat. Here again your staff offered to “close the sale in escrow” since I am leaving town Sunday for one week and quickly amended the paperwork appropriately to accommodate my wish. I know that high performance organizations need good people on the front lines and the back office, but I also realize that ethics, training and attitude come as a result of fine leadership, so I compliment and thank you both.

Bobby and Robin Lipson

I want your family to know how impressed I am about your company, the first time I met Jim Nelson, I thought he was an honest hard working representative of Galati Yachts. Jim has to be one of most impressive salesman I’ve come across, and we have 250 in our company. He is believable and classic. I have met many of your sales staff, people make companies, I can now understand why Galati Yachts sales is so successful. The culture of a company is formed from top and sets its standard. I’m not one to embellish or over state what’s expected, Jim Nelson has to my first exception. He represents integrity, honesty, class, and most of all he is believable.

Wayne and Stephanie G

Jim listed our Viking Convertible after two years and two non-Galati brokers had failed to get any offers. His understanding of the market and his persistence as he secured offers led to the sale of the boat. He worked through all obstacles to the sale until it was done. We will call Jim and Galati when we decide to purchase another boat. We are totally satisfied with his work and dedication.”

Steven McGirr

“I want to commend Galati for the absolutely outstanding service that we have received! Pete Kostuk gave us great advice and information and patiently helped us through a year long decision process. He has a very well deserved reputation for honesty and integrity in the local market and this was critical to our decision. After a few meetings with Pete we did not even bother to deal with any other salespeople! Pete is a consummate professional and we have recommended him highly to others. He is the best! Although we had been consistently told that we would be happy with Galati we have been delighted with the care and attention during the delivery and post delivery process! Dana in Tampa and Karen in Naples made the closing simple and easy. Ken and Janis Shannon have been attentive and superb and we have a great deal of confidence that they will help us keep the boat in perfect shape. Our orientation captain Chad was excellent. We are very happy with the boat and extremely happy that we chose Galati. You may be interested that the Sovran has caused a fair amount of interest at Naples Yacht Club and we have been asked to show it off at an upcoming event! Shelley and I want to thank you and all at Galati for absolutely impeccable attention and service!”

-Steven McGirr

Richard Gonzmart

“Thank you for your email. It has been a wonderful experience working with your team in St. Pete. Pep has been outstanding and communicated with me in a very timely manner. Darren and John both have made me feel like I was Galati Yachts’ most important client. You and your entire team are to be commended for an outstanding transaction of my purchase. Just yesterday at my quarterly general managers meeting, I gave the example of how your company treats its customers and how we can learn from my experience with your company.

I look forward to seeing you on the waters of Florida in the near future and to my next vessel I purchase from Team Galati.”

Eugene P. Trudden

“I wish to register with you on my complete satisfaction with your excellent organization, and particularly with Eric Sass, during my recent yacht purchase. Eric went far out of his way to do whatever he could to help and educate me. He introduced me to Mark Cheadle who graciously agreed to act as Captain to bring the yacht to New York. Eric, Mark and Marissa are consummate professionals, and I commend the Galati Yacht Sales.”

Eugene P. Trudden

Stephen and Vonda Earnhart

“Our purchase of the Carver 564 from you and your staff last month was one of the best experiences my wife, Vonda, and I have had in deal with a transaction of this size and caliber – ever. From first contact with you, through negotiations on the vessel, through the hiring of the local Captain to assist us in bringing her back to Texas, through outfitting the boat with provisions, to unlocking my rental car, through virtually every detail, large and small, you and your team performed outstandingly!” I do not impress easily – but you define professionalism. It was a pleasure to watch you in action. Thank you again for everything. We love the boat and spend as much time on her as we can.
Stephen and Vonda Earnhart

Mr. Prats

“Just wanted to let you know how happy my wife and I are by the way Tim Malambri and everyone from Galati at Destin Fl.treated us. Tim was great and did everything possible to make it happen. We are very happy with our purchase and telling everyone about Galati Yachts great experience. Once more, thank you and keep up the good work!! Ed & Ely Prats 1995 52′ Jefferson Motor Yacht.”

John D. Jassy

I worked with Andrew Maryott of Galati Yacht on the sale of my 2006 310 Chaparral Signature. He has been nothing short of amazing. I had a serious skiing accident 3 years ago and was unable to use the boat. Therefore, it had numerous issues. Andrew helped with them all, found a patient, qualified buyer, got me an excellent price for the boat and has always been a gentleman, attentive and responsive. I couldn’t give him a higher recommendation. If you plan to sell a yacht you couldn’t do better than Andrew.
John D. Jassy

Jane & Joe Savage

We wanted to let you know how very much we enjoyed the trip to Key West. It was so fun, and Kerry, Carole and family were gracious and delightful.

We are so thankful that you offer these Rendezvous. It adds tremendous value, and it is a great opportunity to get to know other boaters who share the same passion.

Looking forward to more fun times with the fabulous people at Galati and all the friendly people who were smart enough to buy their boats from them.

Jane & Joe Savage

Happy new owner Jim

Thanks, John.
It was really a great trip – we covered nearly 2200 miles , over half with just the 2 of us. Overall, the Prestige functioned beautifully. We certainly are far from expert, but we’re getting reasonably competent with most aspects of the boat. We both love the Prestige. Your mentorship was extremely valuable, and we greatly appreciate your skill and advice in preparing us for some “real world” experience.
We appreciate your willingness to help- look forward to seeing you at Orange Beach.


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