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Working with a Yacht Broker

Those without experience buying a new or used boat or selling a yacht might not realize at first all that goes into the role of a yacht broker. Most everyone understands the sales aspect, but there is much more to it than meets the eye. A yacht broker is much more than just a salesperson — this individual is part boat expert, part experienced Captain, and part advisor that can help guide you through the selling process or into a boat that best suits your needs.

What Does a Yacht Broker Do?

A modern yacht has a thousand moving parts and a multitude of systems. Adding to the complexity of the yachts themselves is the array of options, sizes, and models of used and new boats. When you consider the complete picture, the value of a good broker’s guidance becomes ever more evident.

Some may think buying a boat is as straightforward as purchasing a car, which is simply not the case. Unlike boats, millions of used car transactions take place every day, providing much more available information on the internet and in guides like the Kelley Blue Book to help a buyer determine whether a car of a specific make, model, year, mileage, and condition is priced fairly. These guides exist for boats as well, but since marine transactions are much fewer and farther between, they won’t always provide detailed information about a particular vessel. However, a professional yacht broker will have the data you need to evaluate a precise boat at their fingertips.

The right yacht broker will be there for clients not only before and during the purchase or sale of a boat but also after the sale, at which they can provide a great resource during ownership. From captain recommendations to providing a network of trusted service providers to help to navigate warranty claims, a yacht broker is a valuable asset to any boat owner.

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Reasons to work with a Galati Yacht Broker

Whether you sell or buy a new yacht or used boat through any of our yacht brokerage locations, you will encounter the same customer-centric, unmatched experience, unlike you would discover anywhere else.

Not only does our sales team have an in-depth understanding of both the fishing and cruising market, our yacht brokers learn and master the competition. As a result, it puts them in a great position to sell and advise potential boat buyers on boat models across the cruising and fishing spectrum. Between new yacht sales and brokerage used yacht sales, our yacht brokers average over 600 annual boat transactions company-wide.

Valuable Comparative Market Analysis

Our yacht brokers also have access to sold-boat data that buyers don’t have readily available. Based on that data, they can prepare a CMA [Comparative Market Analysis] for customers when they shop for a pre-owned boat or are looking to sell a yacht. Even if not all the information is there on our back-end site, we have a vast network of yachting professionals and brokers we can call to help “fill in the blanks.” Not only will the CMA help buyers and sellers understand the boating market, but it will also give them an edge in making an educated offer for the boat they wish to purchase, insight on what price to sell a boat, and assistance when negotiating a deal.

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How our Yacht Brokers Can Assist You

  1. If you don’t already know, help you determine your boating style – where will you boat, how frequent, how far do you want to travel, what type of activities will you enjoy on your boat, friends and family joining you?
  2. Recommend a style of yacht for your boating needs
  3. Compare different yacht makes and models, new or pre-owned and the advantages of each
  4. Watch the pre-owned market, if purchasing a used boat
  5. Show you different yachts that meet your qualifications; arrange for sea trials
  6. Help you prepare an offer by reviewing competitive market analysis or factory pricing
  7. Provide a contact list of marine surveyors
  8. Connect you with marine lenders and marine insurance providers
  9. Work with our Business Office on Closing and Documentation
  10. Ensure you are invited to Galati Rendezvous, tournaments and other events and welcome you to Team Galati.

Training & Integrity

Training and integrity are additional reasons to enlist the help of a yacht broker when buying a pre-owned yacht or looking to sell a boat. While it’s not the case in every state, Florida’s Yacht and Ship Brokers Act requires that brokers handling the sale of any pre-owned vessel 32 feet and over be licensed, undergo a criminal background check, and be bonded. Rest assured, our yacht brokers meet these requirements.

In addition, our yacht brokers go through countless hours of product training every year and are continuously educating themselves on the latest and greatest advancements in the marine space. This wealth of knowledge gives them an advantage in relation to understanding the product, performance, and build process of many renowned boat builders and their respective models.

Our sales professionals are dedicated to assisting clients in better understanding the new and used boat market when selling or shopping for a yacht. We have the expertise, knowledge, and passion to help customers reach their ultimate goal, whether that looks like getting out on the water with a newly purchased yacht or moving on to the next chapter in life with a sold boat in the books.

Dependable Team of Yachting Professionals

Finally, when you work with a Galati yacht broker, you are not just getting one person’s help with the yacht sale process. Instead, you are gaining access to a team of dependable marketing, business office, and sales support professionals who work hand in hand with our yacht brokers to support you every step of the way. Plus, you also obtain access to the broker’s network of contacts and referrals, which can help you throughout your life cycle of boat ownership. While every boat-buying or selling experience is different, our sales professionals and support teams collaborate to ensure customers’ goals are met and expectations are consistently exceeded.

Unmatched Experience

Since 1970, Team Galati has managed billions in yacht sales with our world-class customer support for buyers and sellers. Our sales team, on average, has 25 years of industry experience, and all are certified professional yacht brokers earning their designation from either the Certified Professional Yacht Broker or the International Yacht Brokers Association.

With over 50 years in the yachting industry, Galati Yacht Sales currently stands as one of the most respected, family-owned yacht brokerages worldwide. Our knowledgeable and experienced sales and customer support teams are unparalleled in the yachting industry and have catapulted us to where we are today. We operate numerous office locations throughout the Gulf Coast, California, Washington, Costa Rica, and Mexico. One thing that sets us apart from most, we also operate multiple yacht service yards for premier after-sale support for Galati customers.

A few notable accomplishments for our yacht dealership include Boating Industry Top Dealer two years in a row, Boating Industry Hall of Fame recipient (one of only 6 in the US), and we are Marine Dealer Certified.

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