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Marine Industry Certified
Dealership Accreditation

Marine Certified Dealership
Since 2005 Galati Yacht Sales has committed to being the best of the best in the marine dealership industry. A tried and true program, the dealer certification has separated those dealerships that desire to be the best and those that commit to becoming the best. The program helps dealers adopt sustainable principles that lead to great retail experiences for customers and a thriving marine business.



The Marine Industry Certified Dealership Program


The Marine Industry Certified Dealership program is a voluntary process. It is a company’s promise to their customers to provide an exceptional experience and offer complete satisfaction. It is also a promise to abide by a Marine Industry Consumer Commitment that ensures fair and equal treatment for every single customer. The key areas this certification focuses on is operations, facilities, professional sales/service process, customer satisfaction, and employee training satisfaction. Furthermore,  to ensure these best practices are kept in place, companies are re-certified every two years.




Purchasing a yacht is a big investment that deserves the utmost respect and commitment on behalf of a dealership. This certification ensures that customers can feel confident when choosing a business to work with. You can expect friendly and knowledgeable employees, quality premium products, and reliable service. Customers can also expect yacht brokers and employees to help guide them every step of the way. In addition, Marine Industry Certified Dealerships excel at choosing the right yacht for your lifestyle and your needs. As well as maintaining and servicing your vessel when needed.




When you purchase a vessel from a Marine Industry Certified Dealership you have a marine consumer commitment, assurance of a dealerships commitment to excellence, and also an opportunity to share your feedback and resolve issues. As part of consumer commitment, Marine Certified Dealerships seek to enhance the customer experience throughout the sales, service, and operations procedures.


The Galati Difference


We have been committed to exceeding the expectations of our customers since 1970. We have been Marine Industry Certified since 2005 and have the capabilities to handle ALL aspects of the sale and will work with you to find the perfect vessel. Our simple philosophy of always do right by the customer starts at the top and runs right down to every one of our team members, regardless of their job title. The Galati team is behind you before, during and after the sale.

Our knowledgeable team of professional sales associates are certified yacht brokers with many years of experience in both domestic and international yacht sales. If you are purchasing a new or pre-owned yacht, Galati’s highly trained staff will make your process smooth and enjoyable.