2017 CUSTOM Floating Houseboat

2017 CUSTOM Floating Houseboat For Sale
$1,400,000 | Ft. Lauderdale Florida, United States
  • LENGTH80' (24.38m)
  • BEAM 30' (9.14m)
Speed / Weight
Hull Information
This HOUSEBOAT on an 80' x 30' steel barge can be built to your specifications.  Actual cost depends upon size and buyer's specifications.  The barge can be built larger or smaller and priced with or without a building.  The wood building, constructed to hurricane codes, can be office space or residential.  Built by Bradford Marine and Bradford Marine Bahamas (hull).

The barge has a flat deck for ease of constructing many types of commercial or residential structures.   The barge is designed as a permanently-moored vessel and can be held in place by specially-designed means or conventional mooring.   With a draft of only 18 inches or less, it can be used in locations too shallow for conventional boats.   The size of the barge, custom-built for each project, can be designed for optimum use, limited only by access to the ultimate destination site.
FLOATING HOUSEBOATS can be built of all sizes - 80', 60', 40', or  ranging from 800 square feet to 4000 square feet. 
FLOATING HOUSEBOATS can be designed to meet the needs of the customer.  This could include construction of the whole FLOATING HOUSEBOATS (barge and superstructure); the barge and the building's shell; or just the barge alone (and the buyer can build his/her own building).

Specialized engineering and design services are available.

***Barge is built in the Bahamas and thus not eligible for U.S. Coastwise trading privileges***
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