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Used Catamaran Boats For Sale

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What Are the Benefits of a Catamaran?

Built with twin hulls rather than a traditional monohull, catamarans feature spacious interiors, a stable ride, and excellent fuel efficiency, making them a great choice for cruising both inshore and offshore, as well as for charter yacht vacations.

History of Catamarans Yachts & Boats

The catamaran boat design originated thousands of years ago, probably in the form of a raft made of two logs lashed together. Boats with two equivalent hulls or a main hull and outrigger were particularly popular in Polynesia, where they were used for ocean travel and trade between the widely spaced Pacific islands.


Sailing Power Catamaran Boats

In the modern era, sailing catamaran boats first gained notoriety due to their superior speed over monohull sailboats. In fact, noted naval architect Nathanael Green Herreshoff designed a sailing catamaran, Amaryllis, that launched in 1876 and won the New York Centennial Regatta the same year – resulting in all multihull vessels being banned from entering sailing regattas at the time.

In 2010, catamarans came full circle by supplanting monohulls as the boats used to race in the world-famous America’s Cup competitions. Cruising catamaran sailboats also grew in popularity, particularly in motor yacht charter fleets, due to their stability (no “tipping”), which made sailing more comfortable for novices and those prone to seasickness, and to the huge salons that spanned their twin hulls, providing more living space aboard.

Used Power Catamaran Boats

Power catamarans were introduced as early as the 1950s. While some boaters were slow to embrace them due to their non-traditional looks and wider beams, those who sea-trialed power catamaran yachts were impressed by their stability both at anchor and underway in rough conditions, which is due in part to their wide, low center of gravity. Catamaran boats’ long, slim hulls also create less drag than monohulls’, resulting in higher fuel efficiency.

Initially, power catamaran sleeping accommodations, typically located in the hulls, were tight compared with those in comparable-sized monohull powerboats, but over the years, catamaran manufacturers have made considerable upgrades to these staterooms both in design and luxury amenities. They also introduced more diversified versions of the power catamaran for sale, including center console and dual-console fishing models. Today, outboard- and inboard-powered power catamarans are available ranging up to 74 feet and longer.

Shopping Catamarans For Sale with Galati Yacht Sales

We offer used catamarans for sale from leading brands in all sizes. Our team of professional yacht brokers has spent countless hours of product training to help you determine the best features and options for your boating needs. What started with one family and a dream has become a world-class, award-winning yacht brokerage firm with fifteen offices globally and a team of experts dedicated to new yacht sales and used yacht sales.

Our expert yacht brokers are able to guide you through the boat-selling or buying process. If you are curious about how to buy a yacht or a catamaran yacht, we are here to assist you through the entire purchase process. Contact one of our experienced yacht brokers if you have any additional questions, You can also find any new and used yachts for sale in our extensive yachting MLS system.

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