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A New Generation

Prestige Yachts has always been dedicated to providing its customers with motor yachts that prioritize spaciousness, comfort, well-lit interiors, and innovative layouts. The new F-LINE generation, designed by Garroni Design, builds upon the esteemed heritage of the Prestige F-LINE and introduces exciting improvements, including innovative interior and exterior designs, luxurious fittings, and an unparalleled level of craftsmanship. Despite these enhancements, the new generation remains steadfast in its commitment to family yachting, incorporating clever details and an exceptional layout.

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Taking inspiration from the graceful movement of water, the new hull design of the Prestige F4 effortlessly blends with the sleek surfaces of the living spaces, creating a mesmerizing play of natural light. Every curve has been meticulously crafted to exude a sense of softness, sophistication, and strength. The exterior and interior furnishings have undergone a complete reinvention, offering unparalleled comfort for everyone on board.

Quality & Design

The selection of new materials, including natural stone, sculpted woodwork, and wicker, has been meticulously chosen, reflecting the attention to detail and quality that Garroni Design embodies. The F4 sets the stage for the future models of the F-Line, promising enhanced comfort and an unparalleled level of craftsmanship.

The elegant design showcases intricate details, luxurious materials, and impeccable finishes, resulting in a flawless blend of comfort and sophistication, evoking a serene ambiance. Every surface and curve has been skillfully sculpted to create graceful lines with extraordinary finesse, reminiscent of the graceful flow of water.

With the introduction of the F4 yacht, PRESTIGE revolutionizes the exterior and interior layouts of its yachts, providing customers with the ultimate comfort to indulge in unforgettable moments with loved ones at sea. The standout features of the F4 include the Ocean View galley and the location of the owner’s suite.

Ocean View Galley

Situated at the heart of the yacht, the fully equipped Ocean View galley offers a transversal orientation, allowing guests to enjoy breathtaking views of the cockpit and the vast open sea. This remarkable galley seamlessly connects to the exterior through a wide glass window, creating a seamless flow between the interior and exterior spaces.

Owner’s Suite

The owner’s suite exudes an extraordinary sense of spaciousness, with its generous interior volume. Positioned in the forward section of the yacht, it offers enhanced privacy, gracefully separating it from the guest cabins and shared living areas. This exclusive location also provides superior sound insulation, ensuring tranquility away from the engine room and the bustling dock.

Cutting-Edge Technology

The new F-LINE is a testament to the concentration of cutting-edge technology and innovative features designed to provide owners with carefree enjoyment, unparalleled ease of use, and maximum comfort. With intuitive cruising, exceptional maneuverability, and a peace of mind, state-of-the-art solutions have been incorporated into the yacht, while the stabilizer ensures the utmost comfort for everyone on board.

Savor a New Allure With the Prestige F4

F4 specifications

  • model name:
  • draft:
    3' 10" (1.17m)
  • length:
    49' 10" (15.18m)
  • fuel capacity:
    343 Gal. 1,300 L
  • beam:
    14' 9" (4.49m)

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