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NEW 120' Hargrave Yacht

The G120 New Hargrave Yacht

In 2020, Hargrave Custom Yachts and Galati Yacht Sales released an exclusive, refined luxury yacht for the most discerning of yacht owners. The end product — the beautifully crafted G120 Galati Signature Series superyacht, only available through a collaboration with Hargrave and Galati.

What makes the G120 Galati Signature Series Hargrave Motor Yacht so unique? The most notable are the speed and handling, fuel capacity, long-range efficiency, and exceptional use of interior space. The team at Hargrave and Galati Yachts worked alongside knowledgeable yacht owners and crew to create a phenomenal yacht that offers an all-new 25’ beam hull platform designed by naval architect Jack Sarin.

About Hargrave Yachts

Hargrave Custom Yachts began building luxury yachts in 1997, delivering over 100 projects to date valued in excess of $400 million USD. Based in Fort Lauderdale, Florida, they currently build motor yachts from 70’ to 190’ in length in fiberglass, steel, and aluminum. Hargrave president Michael DiCondina, who has been with the company for over twenty years, took over the top job in 2008 and is responsible for all aspects of the company including design, engineering, sales, and service.

The Hargrave company was founded in 1957 as a design and engineering firm in Palm Beach, Florida by legendary yacht designer Jack Hargrave, best known for his long history of designs for Burger Yachts and Hatteras Yachts. Jack Hargrave was recognized by the National Marine Manufacturers Association as the premier powerboat designer of his generation when he was inducted into the NMMA Hall of Fame.

Hargrave Motor Yachts Hull Design by Naval Architect Jack Sarin

Working with Hargrave on the G120, we had a particular interest in a custom build on the Jack Sarin hull design. The hull design, combined with Hargrave’s in-house design team, and our core staples make the G120 Hargrave truly remarkable.

Based in the Pacific Northwest, Jack Sarin has created over 400 yacht designs and is perhaps best known for the outstanding performance and handling on his hull platforms that deliver both speed and stability in all sea conditions. Jack Sarin’s hulls are conceived on computers and then carefully tank tested and then proven on the open ocean. Sarin designs are recognized for their structures that are strong yet light and when integrated with efficient propulsion systems they deliver world-class performance.

Interior Design by Shelley Dicondina

Yacht Interiors by Shelley is a cohesive team trusted by discriminating yacht owners. The YIBS team provides a full range of luxury yacht interior design services, including new yacht construction, renovations, and total turnkey packages. YIBS is based in Fort Lauderdale, Florida, the yachting capital of the world.

Hargrave Yachts For Sale by Galati Yacht Sales

Shop new Hargrave yachts for sale below, exclusively offered by Galati Yachts Sales. Contact us today to custom-build the Hargrave Motor Yacht G120 to your liking!

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New G120 Galati Signature Series Yacht

G120 Galati Signature Series

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Interview with Carmine Galati, Sr.

What is the relationship between Galati Yacht Sales and Hargrave Yachts?

We have worked with Hargrave especially Michael DiCondina and Michael Joyce for several years. I have always admired them for their abilities and accomplishments, most of all their commitment to support their customers after the sale.

Galati Yachts’ mission statement is to consistently exceed our customers’ expectations. We have multiple examples of our team going above and beyond for our customers; this philosophy is ingrained, which made a Hargrave-Galati relationship a dynamic combination.

Why is this yacht different from a regular Hargrave design?

Hargrave offers a unique ability to truly build a completely custom yacht. We had a particular interest in a custom build on the Jack Sarin hull design. The hull design, combined with Hargrave’s in-house design team, gave us the agility we needed to create exactly the yacht that we wanted. The team’s knowledge of superior interior space planning and expertise with interior design, combined with an incredibly positive attitude, makes Hargrave the perfect choice to build a truly custom yacht.

Some of the unique features that the team was able to create are adding a fifth stateroom without giving up the popular on-deck country kitchen, something you don’t usually see in this size range. The creative floor plan also offers other custom features like a guest cabin that converts to a workout room; equipped with a treadmill to allow owners (and crew) to stay in shape on extended voyages. Also appreciated by owners and guests is the convenient day head located on the flybridge deck.

In addition to the interior space, other notable features are the speed and handling, long-range efficiency, and special attention to maximizing natural lighting and opening up interior space as much as possible. The popular raised pilothouse design has five staterooms, including two VIP cabins, a day head on flybridge deck, and beautiful interior appointments.

What compelled you to build the GYS version of Hargrave?

We laid out our core staples for success i.e. draft under 6 feet, 20-knot cruise with systems and layout that are reliable and easy to manage and maintain. While focused and committed to maintain these core principles, we set out to make enhancements on areas that we felt would make the yacht perfect. Additional space in needed areas, increase fuel/range, reduce sound, add an additional VIP stateroom and a day head on the flybridge deck, and maintain a large salon but add walk-around side decks by increasing the beam to 25’. These new features combined with the core features make the G120 truly unique and special.

How can an interested party go about buying or building a Hargrave G120 Signature Series?

The Hargrave G120 is only available through a collaboration with Hargrave and Galati Yachts. There are three different configurations available for this raised pilothouse: The G120 with 5 staterooms and a country kitchen, was introduced at the 2019 Fort Lauderdale International Boat Show; the G120 with an on-deck master, and the G120 with beach club. The greatest benefit of working with Hargrave is the flexibility to take the G120 and create exactly what the owner desires.

Who are the people behind the project?

The leaders at Hargrave – Michael Joyce, Michael DiCondina and Team; the owners and the team at the boatyard; drawings, designs and interior by Shelly, Tom DiCondina and his service and make ready team, all worked extremely close with Clint Matlock, our project manager, to deliver a truly spectacular yacht.

All of this was enhanced and made possible by working with an extremely knowledgeable owner and friend for more than 40 years and nearly 30 boats. His commitment to perfection and quality helped propel the project to the successful result. I think the Hargrave G120 is as close to perfection as you can get!

Where are Hargrave yachts built?

Hargrave Yachts is a US-based shipbuilder in Fort Lauderdale, Florida, and have partnered with shipyards in Turkey, Green, and Taiwan to build their yachts. The Taiwanese shipyard is responsible for most Hargrave Yachts made.