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Yachting Destinations | Top 4 Locations In Spring

Yachting Destinations | Top 4 Locations In Spring


The Top 4 Yachting Destinations in the Spring

Say goodbye to April showers and hello to a Spring filled yachting adventure. Imagine yourself and your family snorkeling the reefs of the Bahamas or enjoying a meal on the deck of your luxurious yacht with a serene sunset in the background. Sounds relaxing, right? What better way is there to explore the world than from the aqua blue waters of the ocean.

Whether you are choosing to charter a yacht to cruise the seas, or you own a private yacht, yachting offers access to destinations that are less traveled by tourists, and unique experiences you won’t get by flying to a destination. Discover these hidden gems and find yourself sipping a fresh cocktail beachside in no time. While there are hundreds of locations to visit, we narrowed down the top four yachting destinations to visit during the Spring.

The Bahamas

NAMASTE 121 Benetti

You can never go wrong with a yachting adventure to the Bahamas. With 1000,000 square miles of stunning blue waters, the Bahamas is the epitome of true paradise. With year-round warm weather, stunning scenery, and friendly locals, it’s easy to understand why the Bahamas is regularly voted one of the best yachting destinations in the world. Endless activities will keep you occupied upon arrival including swimming with pigs and nurse sharks, to beaching it with the 3-foot iguanas that occupy the beaches. Or opt-in for a day of deep-sea fishing or exploring Nassau. Spend the day shopping the quaint shops along Bay Street, or grabbing a bite to eat at a local hot-spot. Nassau also highlights a great nightlife scene with an array of restaurants, live entertainment, and casinos to choose from.

The Caribbean

The Caribbean

In search of warm weather? Cruise to the waters of the Caribbean where warmer climates invade the beautiful surrounding islands. This Springtime favorite is made up of over 7000 islands, reefs, and cays ranging from Cuba and Jamaica in the west, through Puerto Rico and the Virgin Islands, and finally finishing up in the islands of Trinidad in the South.

The Caribbean is one of the most popular yachting destinations due to the diverse options of on-land and water activities. While the Caribbean is known for its white-sand beaches, turquoise waters, and warm weather, there is much more to this location. Each island highlights its own rich culture derived from local traditions and heritage. The main yachting season ranges from November through July, with high season activity from December to March.

The Mediterranean

Mediterranean scuba diving

The Mediterranean is known as a yachting hub for a very good reason; the yachting infrastructure in Europe is filled with dozens of top-level marinas, top-rated restaurants, quaint shops, and so much more. 22 countries border the Mediterranean, including Albania, Croatian Greece, and Tunisia, some of the most popular vacation destinations. The Mediterranean is split between two main areas, the Western and Eastern Mediterranean. Both equally just as enjoyable with picturesque beaches, hidden coves, and warm climates. Not to mention, eight different species of whales, dolphins, and porpoises can be found in these crystal blue waters.

The yachting season typically runs from March to the end of October, with high season during the summer months. With thousands of years of history and culture, the Mediterranean offers a truly timeless appeal and showcases some of the best sights and cultures in the world.

Key West

key west

Key West, Florida has become more and more popular throughout the years as a top yachting destination. Some might say that the keys are seen as over-commercialized from land, however, cruising on a yacht offers a 100% exclusive experience. The aqua blue waters stretch for miles with scattered mangroves far off into the horizon. The Keys offer year-round events to indulge in including fishing tournaments, international yacht races, Mardi Gras, and so much more. Not to mention, the array of activities and attractions to do ashore are endless. From seeing the home of Ernest Hemingway to grabbing a drink at one of the many popular key west bars, it’s no wonder this destination made the list.

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