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A Yacht Broker’s Role in The Boat Buying Process

A Yacht Broker’s Role in The Boat Buying Process


A Yacht Broker’s Role in The Boat Buying Process

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Those without experience buying boats might not at first realize all that goes into the role of a yacht broker. Sure, everyone understands the sales piece, but there is much more than meets the eye.

More than a salesperson

A good yacht broker (like the team at Galati yacht Sales) is much more than a salesperson. He or she is part boat expert, part experienced boat captain, and part consultant that can guide the client into the boat that best suits their needs– at the right price, of course. 

This expertise is very important to the process. It goes far beyond the role of salespeople in other industries. You typically do not rely on a realtor for advice on how everything works in the house you purchase. Similarly, car buyers know and understand the car market without much need for an expert to guide their buying process.

The complexity of boats

A Yacht Broker’s Role in The Boat Buying Process

The purchase of a sportfish or motor yacht is a different animal altogether. A modern yacht has dozens of systems and thousands of moving parts. Adding to the complexity of boats themselves is the array of options, sizes, and models of used boats on the market. When you consider the complete picture, the value of a good broker’s guidance becomes ever more evident.

A good yacht broker will be there for his clients not only before and during the purchase of a boat, but also provide a great resource during the client’s period of ownership. From captain recommendations to providing a network of trusted service providers to help to navigate warranty claims, a good broker is a valuable asset to any boat owner.

This is part of the reason that many of Galati Yachts’ clients have been working with the company and its sales team on multiple yacht purchases across decades. For many, the relationship started with a conversation about how to select a boat that best fits the owner’s program.

Conclusion: Yacht Broker’s Role

Once you have a solid picture of the type of boat that will best suit your ideal program, it is time to work with your yacht broker to research the models and sizes of boats that match your needs. At this point, you might as well see the next facet of a good yacht broker’s role—a professional boat market analyst.

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