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Working Remotely From Your Yacht | Yachting Guide

Working Remotely From Your Yacht | Yachting Guide


Working Remotely From Your Yacht

Within the last year, working from home has become more prevalent due to the economic shift caused by the ongoing pandemic. This newfound opportunity allows yacht owners to invest in a new way to work and play during the social distancing era. Technology along with flexible work hours have made working remotely from your yacht more feasible than ever before. Exchange your boring stationary home office for an eccentric floating office aboard your vessel.

Increased Productivity & Enhanced Wellbeing

working aboard a yacht

Plenty of research and evidence support a direct association between motivation, your emotional wellbeing, and productivity levels based on office environments. As a result, feelings of discomfort about your workspace or daily schedule can have severe and damaging effects on your work performance, mental health, and happiness. Working remotely from a yacht has the potential to increase productivity levels and decrease stress levels simply due to the health benefits of the ocean and diverse scenery, every hour of every day.

In addition, working onboard allows you to create experiences outside of work, which will satisfy any wanderlust’s craving for adventure. For instance, start your morning work session with views of the breathtaking shoreline and fresh ocean breeze. Every day can be a new adventure and a new destination when you work from a yacht.

Modern Technolgy Compliments Working From Your Yacht

Y85 Princess Yacht

Thanks to modern technology, it is easier than ever to get a fast high-speed network and secure Wi-Fi connectivity onboard. While laptops, printers, and smart devices are all part of the onboard office environment, the more significant prerequisites for creating a vigorous onboard office are Satcom systems. These systems rely on two things: equipment that mounts (such as an antenna) and houses below deck, and the network of satellites this equipment uses to send and receive data. Owners can invest in an open system, buying equipment from one vendor and airtime service from a third-party provider. Or, can install an end-to-end system with equipment and airtime from the same company. It is recommended that you equip your floating office with the biggest antenna that fits your yacht, along with an airtime plan with adequate data.

Onboard Cybersecurity Measures

Cybersecurity is also crucial while onboard. As technology becomes more advanced and widespread, so do the villains of the cyber world. Cyber threats are becoming more common, and unfortunately, hackers have made their way to the marine industry, setting eyes on high-end luxury yachts. Many cyber-attacks begin with specially crafted emails, also known as phishing emails. Phishing emails attempt to lure users to click on malicious links, disclose login credentials, or download malicious files. Learn more about security precautions you can take for your yachts Wi-Fi network here.

Satisfy Your Passion

women working on laptop from yacht

In summary, working from a yacht verse a home office can not only increase your work productivity and motivation levels but can also benefit your wellbeing and mental health. Modern technology makes it easier than ever to work on board with fast-speed data and security options for a safe and reliable network. For yacht owners who are privileged to work remotely, satisfy your passion for adventure while gaining a new appreciation for office work by working aboard your yacht.  

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