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    Different Types of Yachts Explained

    Different types of yachts explained

    What are the categories of yachts?

    Common categories of yachts include motor yachts, express cruisers, flybridge yachts, sportfish yachts, and superyachts, to name a few. What makes a yacht a yacht? Most people classify yachts as ranging from 40-70 feet with accommodations and heads below deck for overnight stays and a galley.

    Finding a boat that suits your lifestyle can be tough with so many different options of yacht categories, models, and brands, especially when all the different yacht types blend together. For instance, many consumers question the difference between express cruisers and motor yachts; or whether a center console would be better suited for anglers versus a sportfish yacht. Below, we’ve discussed the most popular categories of yachts and which boating lifestyle best correlates with each boat type.

    What is considered a motor yacht?

    Y85 motor yacht

    One of the most common yacht types is the motor yacht. Naturally, if the vessel has one or more motors, it is suitable for the motor yacht category. However, there are a few characteristics that set motor yachts apart. These vessels are typically very luxurious, spacious, and entertainment-filled, running between 40 and 90 feet.

    Why buy a motor yacht?

    Many yacht owners choose to own a motor yacht because of the capability to hold a sizable group of people, the ability to throw upscale parties, and the comfort they provide. Motor yachts are also convenient as liveaboard yachts, perfect for extended cruising ventures, and excellent for chartering. So if you are dreaming of a lavish lifestyle, destination cruising, and looking to comfortably accommodate a group of family and friends, the motor yacht category is for you. Leading motor yacht brands include Princess Yachts and Prestige Yachts.

    How much is a motor yacht?

    According to the 2021 US Boats Group market index, the average cost of a yacht was $424,408, ranging from 46-55 feet. The average purchase price of a yacht ranging from 56-79 feet was $1.1 million.

    What is a sportfish yacht?

    Viking 64 C sportfish yacht

    Sportfish yachts are the ultimate battlewagons for the blue-water arena or tournament circuit. These fishing boats typically feature a cockpit area for anglers and are designed to get to fishing spots fast. Performance-wise these yachts are durable, designed to withstand a beating, even in the roughest conditions, and made for cruising long distances.

    What are features of a sportfish yacht?

    Built with game-fish in mind, sportfishers often highlight many fishability features including, towers, outriggers, cavernous fish lockers, aerated live wells, freezers, fighting chairs, and more. These yachts also display sophisticated interior layouts and accommodations for extended ventures and sportfishing tournaments.

    If you long to live the best of both worlds with a fierce battlewagon and luxury cruiser, owning a sportfish yacht will satisfy that desire. Viking Yachts are the gold standard when it comes to sportfishing yachts. View the top 10 reasons why you should purchase a Viking Yacht.

    Open Bridge Yachts Versus Enclosed Bridge Yachts

    Open Bridge yachts feature a flybridge that is open to the elements and provides 360-degree views. Many anglers opt for the open bridge layout to stay close to the action and have better visibility and easier communication between the cockpit area and upper helm. The enclosed bridge yacht features a flybridge that is fully enclosed and climate-controlled. The benefits of an enclosed bridge include a second living space/separate area for the captain and protection from the outside elements.

    How much is a sportfish yacht?

    New Viking yachts have a base price of over $900,000 for the smallest Viking — the 38 Billfish, while the largest Viking model, the 90 Convertible, has a base price of over $10 million.

    What is a center console?

    V41 Valhalla Center Console

    Like the sportfish category, center consoles are typically designed for those who enjoy fishing. However, these vessels are smaller in size, feature a helm station on a console in the center of the boat, and typically display outboard motors. Why are center console boats so popular? Anglers love center consoles because they offer 360-degree views, many fishability features, and maximized deck space in the bow and stern.

    Are center console boats only for fishing?

    Aside from fishing, center console boats are great for a wide range of activities, including family fun days and watersports. Inshore or offshore waters, these boats are typically very fuel-efficient and seaworthy. Some larger center consoles offer interior layouts that allow for an overnight stay or two, and most feature in-deck fish storage live wells, rod storage, bait station, and much more. View the game-changing fleet of center consoles that offer unmatched performance, engineering, comfort, quality, and fishing capabilities — Valhalla Center Consoles.

    What type of boat is a flybridge?

    2022 Prestige 460 Flybridge

    Flybridge yachts are categorized by having an area at the top of the superstructure that showcases a helm, seating, and/or lounge area, essentially a motor yacht with an upper helm station. Usually, a retractable or removable hardtop is displayed to shade from the elements. The flybridge area also creates additional social space for entertaining family and guests alike.

    What is the advantage of a flybridge yacht?

    Many flybridge yachts include wet bars, grills, ice makers, sunbathing lounges, stereo systems, and more. Not to mention, flybridge yachts offer superb visibility from the top. If you are looking for a comfortable, sizable, outdoor-living, luxurious vessel, flybridge yachts are a perfect choice. View top flybridge models by Princess and flybridge models by Prestige.

    What makes a boat a catamaran?

    2020 Calcutta 480 Catamaran

    Catamaran boats are constructed with two hulls rather than one and provide a smooth ride and greater stability, compared to most monohulls. There are two types of catamaran yachts — sailing and power catamarans, both offering the ability to cruise long distances.

    Benefits of a Catamaran

    The advantages of catamaran yachts include more interior space, excellent maneuverability, and more deck space than traditional monohull yachts. The basic design of catamarans might be hundreds of years old, but today’s updated designs make them a viable option for any boater. If you are looking for a chill, stable, roomy, adventurous yacht, a Catamaran will likely suit your lifestyle. View catamaran yachts for sale.

    Can Catamarans handle rough waters?

    Yes, catamaran yachts do exceptionally well in rough waters since they have two hulls, which provide greater stability on deck.

    What is an Express Cruiser boat?

    2022 Cruisers Yachts 50 Cantius

    The express cruisers category features boats that are sleeker and sportier-looking, with open cockpits that intertwine indoor and outdoor living. These vessels, also known as cabin cruisers or open yachts, are great for day cruising, overnight cruising, or weekend adventures.

    What does an express boat look like?

    Express boats are generally in the 30- 50 foot range but can alter in either direction and can accommodate families with 2-6 staterooms present, depending on the size and model. Most express cruisers feature a full galley, salon, and head with shower. Twin diesel engines typically power express yachts; although they have not featured outboards in the past, this is rapidly changing. View a variety of express cruisers for sale.

    What is the difference between a yacht and a superyacht?

    AMARULA SUN, luxury yacht charter

    Superyachts are the largest power yachts that are often interchangeably called mega yachts. These vessels are usually anywhere from 78 feet and up. A yacht is generally considered to be anywhere from 40-70 feet.

    Features of a superyacht

    Superyachts offer amenities and accommodations fit for royalty. Often, superyachts are run by professional crew members and used for part-time charter. Superyachts highlight expansive living quarters, elegant furnishing, and luxurious accommodations that typically suit up to 12 guests or more. It is not uncommon for superyachts to feature many deck spaces along with hot tubs, private theatres, tender space, landing pads, and much more. If this sounds like the lifestyle for you, view superyachts for sale.

    How much does a superyacht cost?

    According to the 2021 US Boats Group market index, the average cost of a luxury yacht 80 feet and above was $5.3 million.

    Yachts for Sale Worldwide

    At Galati Yachts, our yacht brokers strive to assist our customers in understanding the yacht market when shopping our wide range of yachts for sale. With over 50 years of experience in the boating industry, we have the expertise and inventory to help you find the best luxury yachts for sale worldwide.

    Whether you are looking for small yachts for sale or Superyachts for sale we have got you covered! Contact Galati today to speak to a yacht broker and explore popular brands such as Tiara Yachts, Sea Ray, and Boston Whaler.

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