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When is the best time to sell your boat?

When is the best time to sell your boat?


When is the best time to sell a boat?

According to data, there is a season for everything, and selling your boat for sale has no exception unless you live in South Florida. Aside ­from the unprecedented 2020 year where boat sales remained high throughout, statistics show that the best time to sell a boat is between mid-winter months to early summer (February to June). Our sold boat data for 2019 showed April and May as the two most prominent months.

Sales increase during these months simply because boating season is right around the corner, and boat buyers are looking to purchase for the spring and summer months. Simultaneously, some boat owners pull their listings off the market to utilize their boats during the boating season, bringing supply down.

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With a lower supply and an increase in demand during these months, buyers begin to feel pressure to purchase, resulting in a faster sale for listings available on the market. Although data does support this information, there is no clear-cut answer for when to list your boat for sale. Demand will always alter depending on the specific model, size, and year of your boat. Not every buyer will be in the market to buy your particular vessel. Or, on the contrary, a buyer may be in the market to buy your specific model during the off-season.

With that said, it is in your best interest to reach out to a local yacht broker who is familiar with the local market and current industry trends. They can provide a clearer picture of when the best time would be to sell your boat and insight on how to go about doing so. View our team of certified sales professionals below for assistance on listing your boat for sale.

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When is the worst time to sell your boat?

There is never really a wrong time to list a boat for sale, especially if you are in the market to buy new. But, statically speaking, the least ideal time to try and sell a boat is between July and November. Why? For one, summer is over (if you don’t live in South Florida), and most buyers will choose not to purchase a boat they cannot use for 3-4 months, which decreases demand. Another reason has to do with the many end-of-summer clearance events and manufacturer deals available during this time for new boat sales. With many tempting offers, buyers may look at new options instead of pre-owned.

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When it comes time to list your boat for sale, turn to the experts. Galati Yacht Sales has been in business since 1970 and is one of the largest privately-owned dealerships in the world. Our sales professionals participate in the CPYB program and exam, a nationally recognized certification that evaluates a broker’s experience, skills, and know-how. Additionally, they attend ongoing training, whether product training at one of the yacht manufacturers or seminars sponsored by professional organizations. This ongoing training helps us truly understand the market.

Optimized Marketing Strategy

Also, we have a market strategy unlike anyone else, resulting in a faster sale, and we have the results to prove it; selling over 500 boats in 2020. Our marketing team and sales professionals use traditional and innovative digital marketing strategies to put your yacht front and center. Our investments in marketing technologies, website optimization, paid search along with boat shows and events contribute to attracting well-qualified buyers. To learn more about selling your yacht, click the button below.

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