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What Are Qualities of a Successful Yacht Broker?

What Are Qualities of a Successful Yacht Broker?

We sat down with yacht broker Chris Carrere to talk about the qualities of a successful yacht broker and how passion and expertise can help you excel in the marine industry.

With nearly two decades of experience as a certified yacht broker, Chris has constructed a very successful career and has the skill to assist in building or purchasing the right yacht for a customer based upon their objective, lifestyle, budget, and skill level. His integrity, knowledge, and family values have always been an important aspect of his high repeat customer volume. In fact, he has been honored as the Top Salesman for multiple years for brokerage sales and other brands he specializes in.

View the interview below to get his insight on the fundamental qualities to attain to become successful in yacht sales.

Qualities of a Successful Yacht Broker – Chris Carrere

Sales Focused – Qualities of a Successful Yacht Broker

There are a couple of types of people who can be very successful in the marine business. At the end of the day, though, it is probably a blend of both who make great yachting specialists. For some people, they are born with this instinct to gravitate toward business and sales. It comes naturally to them, and they are trained and educated in all aspects of sales and are really good at it.

Background in the Boating Industry

On the other hand, some of the most successful people in the yacht brokerage business have a background as a mechanic, a yacht captain, part of the crew, or came somewhere with boating industry familiarity.

This background and understanding of the industry set many individuals apart, especially in the sportfishing world. Often, clients will know just as much as you do about a specific vessel simply because they share a passion for sportfishing and boats in general. Sometimes they are highly educated and well versed on the model, and occasionally that creates a challenge on how you can bring value to the yacht buying process or when it comes time to list their yacht for sale.

Practical Knowledge & Advice – Qualities of a Successful Yacht Broker

When you have experience in the boating industry, it is easy to demonstrate value to customers, particularly when out on the water with them. One component of Chris’s success in becoming a top-selling yacht broker is his background in fishing, running boats, being part of a crew, and captaining yachts. He is able to turn these experiences into practical knowledge and advice for owners throughout yacht ownership.

Apprentice Program Offered by Galati Yacht Sales

Galati Yacht Sales offers an incredible apprentice program for those looking to start their career in yacht sales. The program provides a complete hands-on experience in the sales side of the business, customer relationships, company insight, and more while acquiring the skills and credentials needed to become a successful yacht broker. Interested in learning more? Contact us today.

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