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92′ Viking Sportfish Yachts For Sale

92′ Viking Sportfish Yachts For Sale

The 92 Viking Yacht is an exquisite masterpiece that seamlessly blends opulence, power, and elegance into an extraordinary package. With its expansive and refined interior, state-of-the-art technology, and remarkable performance abilities, this former flagship is guaranteed to captivate even the most discerning boating and fishing enthusiasts. Explore our selection of pre-owned yachts in impeccable condition.

2016 92 Viking 92 Sky Bridge | “WORK OF ART”

The 2016 92 Viking Sky Bridge has a fitting name, as it is a true work of art. This impeccably maintained yacht offers exceptional build quality and luxurious comfort. With redundancies throughout and a state-of-the-art electronics package, no expenses were spared in outfitting this vessel. It is a proven tournament winner that combines opulence and brawn. The 92 Sky Bridge offers exquisite motor yacht appeal and performance, with a versatile cockpit suitable for tournament fishing. It has been designed with extensive detail and appeal, providing joy and success for its owners and crews. With massive fuel capacity and a well-engineered SeaKeeper 35, it offers long-range exploration in class comfort and style.

Yacht Brokers: Jim Azzolini & Will Roohan

Asking Price: $8,999,000

Listing Details

2015 92 Viking Enclosed Bridge | “HIGH COTTON”


The magnificent “High Cotton” 92 Viking Enclosed bridge with Palm Beach Tower has always been under the care of a highly experienced captain and an extensive crew, ensuring its superior build is maintained to the highest standards. In addition, the current owner has added tasteful interior upgrades that perfectly complement the already spacious and award-winning layout of the 92. This yacht comes with extended warranties on its MTU M96Ls until 7/20/26 or 6500 hours, providing peace of mind to its new owner. With its extensive options list, this turnkey yacht is ready to take you on thrilling blue water adventures, whether you’re fishing or cruising.

Yacht Brokers: Jim Azzolini & Will Roohan

Asking Price: $8,149,000

Listing Details

Is Viking still making the 92’ sportfish yacht?

Following the resounding success of the Viking 92 sportfish, a new contender has emerged to claim the throne – the magnificent 90 Viking. This remarkable vessel is set to replace its predecessor, the 92 Viking sportfish yacht, in response to the international mandate set by the IMO (Tier III), which has been postponed until December 2023. This mandate prompted Viking to embark on a journey to create a groundbreaking 90-foot luxury sportfishing yacht, leveraging their expertise from the 92 model.

The result is a sleek and swift masterpiece, boasting enhanced performance, cutting-edge propulsion systems, lightweight construction materials, unrivaled fishability, and world-class accommodations. Although the production of the 92 has ceased, you still have the opportunity to acquire one of these formidable battlewagons by exploring the pre-owned market.

Features of the Viking 92

The introduction of the 92 Viking by the Viking Yacht Company in 2014 was a remarkable achievement. This large sportfishing yacht quickly became one of the most sought-after vessels in its class, boasting cutting-edge technology and unrivaled sophistication. Anglers were treated to a truly versatile experience, as the 92′ Viking excelled both as a fierce tournament contender and a luxurious motor yacht. With its sleek design and impeccable engineering, it set a new standard in the industry. Available in the Enclosed Bridge, Sky Bridge, and Open configurations, this sportfish yacht featured a hull specifically crafted for speed and enhanced maneuverability.

Motor Yacht Qualities

In addition to its spaciousness, the stunning 92 sportfisher boasts several motor yacht features that truly set it apart. With dual mezzanine decks, one in the cockpit and one on the main level aft deck, you’ll have plenty of luxurious outdoor seating options. Indulge in alfresco dining on the aft deck, complete with an outside galley area and a convenient grilling station. The expansive interior is accentuated by a remarkable 24′ 1″ beam, offering a sense of grandeur and sophistication. Inside, the salon welcomes you with its custom-designed home theater system, offering commanding views and an abundance of comfortable lounge seating.

The Business End

92 VikingOn the business end of the 92 Viking, you’ll find an expansive 238-square-foot cockpit that offers a remarkable experience. It features a spacious mezzanine and a raised viewing area, allowing you to stay close to the thrilling action. Additionally, there are built-in refrigeration and freezer spaces, ensuring your supplies stay fresh throughout your journey. With ample storage and insulated fish wells located under the main cockpit sole, you’ll have all the necessary provisions for a successful fishing trip. Furthermore, the helm station provides excellent visibility, comfortable seating options, and ample storage for your fishing rods and electronic equipment.


Below deck, you will find six opulent staterooms that effortlessly blend traditional charm with modern sophistication. Each stateroom boasts its own private en-suite bathroom, ensuring absolute comfort and privacy. Adding to the convenience, a day head has been thoughtfully positioned in the salon area. Additionally, the aft crew quarters offer a separate entrance from the cockpit, providing exclusive access. This crew area comes complete with a full bathroom, a compact galley, and even a second laundry center.

92 Viking Sportfish Quick Specs:

  • Staterooms/heads: 6/7
  • Draft: 5′ 10″ (1.78m)
  • Length: 93′ 4″ (28.45m)
  • Fuel: 4015 Gallons 15,198.43 Liters
  • Engine Options: CAT / C32A 1925 1925 MHP or MTU Series 2000 / V16 M96L 2635 MHP
  • Beam: 23′ 5″ (7.14m)

  • Authorized Viking Dealer

    For over 25 years, Galati Yacht Sales has represented the Viking Yacht brand, selling hundreds of sportfishing yachts to happy customers throughout the Gulf Coast, Cabo, and Mexico, and recently expanded to the U.S West Coast. Our Viking specialists are unmatched in the industry and pride themselves on the passion they share for Viking sportfish yachts and the lifestyle. With over 50 years of experience and a team of 200+ professionals, turn to Galati Yacht Sales for an exceptional yacht buying experience. Contact a Viking Specialist (833) 701-0472

    Viking 92 Frequently Asked Questions

    Why is Viking not building the 92 Convertible anymore?

    An international emissions mandate, initially adopted in 2015, ultimately led the sportfish manufacturer to cease production on the 92 Viking and redesign a yacht that complies with the IMO Tier III standards — hence the introduction of the 90 Viking. Although delayed until 2023, the Tier III emissions mandate comes from the International Maritime Organization (IMO), which aims to reduce nitrogen-oxide emissions 70% more than the Tier II standard for all vessels with a load-line length greater than 78 feet. Tier III specifically targets the NOx gasses that contribute to smog and acid rain, deplete the planet’s ozone layer, and aggravate asthma in humans. All yachts that fall under this category must install Selective Catalytic Reduction (SCR) systems in engine rooms that scrub emissions using urea. Unfortunately, the technology to develop SCR systems small enough and practical enough does not exist for yachts of modest size.

    How much is a 92 Viking boat?

    When still in production, the 92′ Viking had a price range between $9-12 million depending on custom features, options, and add-ons.

    How much is a 90 Viking?

    The 90 Viking, the new flagship, has a base price (starting price) of over $12 million, with a price tag closer to $15 million when all said and done.

    How much fuel does a 92 Viking hold?

    The 92 Viking has a standard fuel capacity of 4015 Gallons (15,198.43 L).

    What is the largest Viking Yacht made?

    The largest Viking Yacht ever made was the 93 Motor Yacht, followed by the 92 Viking Sportfish Yacht. The 90 Viking is the largest yacht currently in production.

    How fast is 92 Viking?

    With the MTU Series 2000 / V16 M96L diesel engines, the 92 Viking can hit speeds of 35 knots and a cruise speed of 31 knots.

    Why are Viking Yachts so expensive?

    Viking Yachts are priced at top dollar amounts simply because they are the gold standard of sportfish yachts. You are paying for quality yachts constructed 90% in-house, accentuating engineering and design excellence. Viking Yachts is arguably the best sportfishing manufacturer in the world.

    How much does a 92-foot Viking weigh?

    The 92 Viking has a gross weight of 205k pounds.

    Note: Price values on new Viking models are MSRP, Base Price, or Starting at Price as of August 2023. Pricing excludes additional options, upgrades, destination fees, taxes, title, license, registration, and/or electronic filing fees, dealer fees, etc. Prices are subject to change at any time.


    Resources: Viking | BoatTest

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