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    Valhalla V-46 Structural Grid Infusion | Latest News

    By: | Date: September 18, 2020


    Valhalla Boatworks V-46 Structural Grid Infusion | Latest News

    v-46 structural grid infusion

    Announced earlier this summer, the Valhalla V-46 center console is moving full steam ahead. The latest news from the Viking Yachts subsidiary company is the resin infusion of the first V-46’s structural stringer grid. According to the New Jersey boat manufacturer, it was all hands on deck during the 30-minute process of infusion. “Our design, engineering and manufacturing experts monitored the process to optimize build efficiency,” says Design and Engineering Vice President Lonni Rutt. “There’s redundancy with certain build-process materials for the part’s initial infusion that’s fine-tuned for future builds.”

    What is a Structural Stringer Grid

    A boats’ structural grid consists of boat stringers which are wooden lengths typically found in older boats, or pre-fabricated fiberglass molds found in newer boats. They are designed in a lattice or grid system to create a supporting structure, similarly to how joists hold up the floorboards in a house. A boat’s structural stringer grid is key to hull strength.

    Valhalla Boatworks Structural Stringer Grid Process

    Valhalla Boatworks utilize a structural grid as an independent component for a more effective overall manufacturing operation. These structural stringer grids are used in all of their V Series models and a big reason for the smooth, solid ride of their boats. This building method also allows for Gelcoat-finished interior sections and enables the installation of chases for wires and hoses

    Utilizing a calculated fiberglass-to-resin ratio, the structural stringer grid minimizes weight while bringing stiffness and strength to Valhalla’s high-performance center console. An engineered composite of fiberglass fabrics and coring is infused with vinylester resin using a vacuum. Take a look at the video below to view the process of the V-46’s structural grid infusion.

    For more information on the Valhalla Boatworks V-46, click the button below. Or, reach out to our Valhalla specialists for more information.

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