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  • Viking Yachts 62 C & Valhalla Boatworks V-33

    Valhalla Boatworks V Series | Constructed From Viking DNA

    By: | Date: January 23, 2020


    Constructed From Viking DNA: Valhalla Boatworks
    V Series Center Consoles

    No other production boat builder holds the passion, vision, and resources to offer a fleet of sportfish yachts (36-93 feet), and a matching line-up of hardcore center console boats quite like Viking Yachts and sister company Valhalla Boatworks. These outboard-powered boats embody common design traits, engineering, and performance qualities from that of a Viking Yacht. While Valhalla Boatworks center console boats continue to conquer new ground, they still hold to the qualities of Viking Yachts family owned and operated company; a company that has led the marine industry for 55 years.


    Qualities & Design Features That Resemble Viking Yachts

    Whether used as a luxury tender, worthy tournament contender, or stylish sports boat, Valhalla Boatworks center consoles are sure to turn heads where ever you go. Sharp design features that may look familiar include a proud bow with a sharp entry, aggressively raked stem, a gently sloping unbroken S-shaped sheer, and double forward chines. All qualities found in Viking Yachts DNA. As with any Viking Yacht, owners can also take advantage of semi-custom capabilities on a Valhalla boat. Some of which include, faux teak transoms, raised toe rails, and release teak helm pods.


    High-Performance DNA

    The V Series also possess high-performance DNA from that of their brethren, Viking Yachts. These powerhouse center consoles deliver on speed and range while offering a superior ride. Take the V-37 for instance, she has a range of 500 miles cruising at over 50 MPH. Furthermore, when it comes to engineering and mechanical function, Viking Yachts’ top qualities shine through. Customized Seakeeper installations maintain storage and deck space. Plus, mechanical, plumbing and electrical systems are designed and built to unmatched levels.


    Following in the Footsteps of Viking Yachts

    Many Viking owners and sportfish lovers alike have embraced the new V Series center consoles, and the proof can be found in sales. In late 2019, seventy V Series models sold within a few short months, with even more orders to follow. Following in the footsteps of their sportfish yacht stablemates, each V Series model is destined to become the leading center console in its class through engineering, experience and boatbuilding skill.


    Your Valhalla Boatworks V Series Specialists

    GYS 50th logoGalati Yacht Sales is proud to be the exclusive dealer for Valhalla Boatworks on the West Coast. Being the exclusive dealer for Viking Yachts on the Gulf Coast for more than 20 years, our professional yacht brokers have an exponential amount of experience with the Viking Brand. Our Valhalla Specialists have also gone through hours of new product training at the Valhalla factory; learning the ins and outs of the new V Series. For more information on Valhalla Boatworks V Series center consoles, click the button below.

    Cited: Valhalla

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