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Valhalla Boatworks Next Chapter— V-46 Center Console

Valhalla Boatworks Next Chapter— V-46 Center Console

Valhalla Boatworks Next Chapter— V-46 Center Console

Exciting news has just been released from Viking Yachts subsidiary company, Valhalla Boatworks, welcoming a new family member to the pack of high-performance center consoles. Building on the overwhelming success of the V Series luxury center consoles announced in February of 2019, the Viking Yacht Company has begun the next chapter in the evolution of Valhalla Boatworks – the V-46. To date, Valhalla Boatworks has delivered and built 70 Valhalla V-Series center consoles with an additional order book of 75, in just twelve short months.

Word Debut: Viking VIP January 2021

The V-46 will make her debut at the Viking VIP event in January 2021. One of the main highlights of the V-46 is of course the overall length increase of six feet and a 13’ 4” beam. With the extra space, Valhalla was able to meet customer demands stemming from their V-41 model including; improved accommodations, full head with shower, larger cabin space, a/c, generator, and much more. At 46 feet, the new Valhalla model will also include advanced forward seating and greater volume aft; with second-row seating and aft-facing mezzanine displayed on a seven inch raised platform; all while holding to the great fishability and visibility of its brethren’s.

Highlights of the Valhalla Boatworks V-46 Center Console:

Another highlight of the V-46 includes the development of a walk-in/stand-up mechanical room. A space for electrical components— batteries, generators, battery distribution, water heaters, and other electrical components— safe from water damage. In addition, the stringer grid mold for the V-46 is optimized to be an infused standalone part that will be put into the mold and then into the hull during the construction process. Part of the stringer grid also includes an integrated section for the Seakeeper; making it apart of the design, unlike other boat builders. Moreover, all of the materials used in the V-46 are analyzed for weight reduction, optimal performance, and ultimately the best structure they can provide.

Valhalla Boatworks V-46 Deck Layout


Insider’s Look- Valhalla Boatworks V-46

From CAD design to completed mold, the next chapter of Valhalla Boatworks’ evolution continues with this fascinating insider’s look at the advanced technology and multi-million-dollar machinery used to execute the Valhalla 46’s cutting-edge design.

  • Meet Viking’s experienced R&D team responsible for this crucial production phase that bridges design and manufacturing.
  • Learn about the incredible orchestration of resources and manpower that takes place every day under one roof.
  • Watch – and listen to – the multi-step transformations of computer-generated models into the precision-cut life-size structures used to build the hulls, decks, liners, consoles, seating modules, and dozens of other parts.


Stay tuned for new announcements and updates on Valhalla Boatwork’s next chapter,
the V-46 model. To learn more, speak to our Valhalla Specialists today (833) 701-0954!
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