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Valhalla Boatworks Design and Boat Building Process

Valhalla Boatworks Design and Boat Building Process


Valhalla Boatworks Design and Boat Building Process | In-House Manufacturing

From start to finish, Valhalla Boatworks is in control of the design and boat building process of their V-Series center consoles. Valhalla’s respected reputation is rooted in the company’s commitment to producing 90% of boats in-house, known as the Valhalla Difference. Their manufacturing facilities in New Gretna and Mullica, New Jersey are state-of-the-art plants that represent the ultimate boat manufacturing achievement. Their home base New Gretna facility features nine modern buildings, the space to build over 30 models, and highly advanced technology.

$1 Million 5-axis Profiler | Valhalla Boatworks

One of the key components to their consistent innovation and the ability to build a better boat every day is their 5-axis profiler. This machine not only saves a ton of time but also reduces tool wear and increases contour accuracy. The five-axis profiler delivers cost-efficient and highly productive manufacturing of their V-Series center console line. The time-lapse video above shows their $1 million 5-axis profiler tooling the plug for a V-Series hull mold. The end product, a powerful V-series center console with unmatched performance. Take a look at their finished product below, a V-41 center console with quartet 400 HP Mercury Verados, pushing the limits of power at a 70 plus mph top end speeds with a range exceeding 500 miles at 45mph.


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Valhalla Boatworks Certified Dealer

Valhalla Boatworks Blue

Galati Yacht Sales is proud to be the exclusive dealer for Valhalla Boatworks. Our sales professionals have an exponential amount of experience with the Viking Brand. Our Valhalla Specialists have also gone through hours of new product training at the Valhalla factory, learning the ins and outs of the new V-Series models.

When considering the purchase of a new Valhalla center console, whether you are fishing or cruising or maybe a combination, your Galati Yacht Sales new Valhalla Boatworks specialists can walk you through all the options, so your days on the water become the best memories of your life. For more information on Valhalla Boatworks V-Series center consoles, click the button below.

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