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V-55 In Stock: The Pinnacle of Center Console Boating

V-55 In Stock: The Pinnacle of Center Console Boating
V-55 Valhalla Center Console
V-55 Valhalla Center Console

The in stock V-55 Valhalla Boatworks center console is a game-changer in mid-size boats, blending luxury with practicality. Its impressive speed, nimble handling, and spacious design set new standards for luxury and performance in its category. Highlights include quad Mercury 7.6-liter V12 600-hp Verado outboards, Seakeeper 9 for enhanced stability, Garmin Electronics package, and 15kW generator, the largest in its class.
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In Depth Look at the V-55 Center Console

Quality & Excellence – V-55 Center Console

V-55 Valhalla Center ConsoleAs you step aboard the V-55, its sleek, modern design immediately catches the eye, exuding style and sophistication. Every detail, from the meticulously crafted hatches to the premium Gemlux hardware, reflects a commitment to quality and excellence. It’s clear that no expense has been spared to ensure the 55 Valhalla is both a high-performing and luxurious center console.

Advanced Hull Design

One of the standout features of the Valhalla 55 is its innovative hull design, optimized for smooth cruising using the patented Stepped-V Ventilated Tunnel (SVVT) from Michael Peters Yacht Design. This groundbreaking stepped-hull design not only boosts the boat’s performance but also showcases its excellence in the center console category.

V-55 Fishing Features

V-55 Valhalla Center ConsoleWhen it comes to fishing features, the 55 Valhalla doesn’t disappoint. It offers ample storage space with twin insulated fish boxes conveniently placed on either side of the centerline Seakeeper hatch. Whether you’re heading out for an offshore tournament or a leisurely cruise, this fishing boat is fully equipped with a massive 1,200-gallon fuel capacity and an efficient electric fuel management system.

Luxurious & Practical Seating Arrangements

The seating arrangements on the V-55 are both luxurious and practical, featuring dual rows of forward-facing seating under a stylish hardtop. The second row includes refrigerated drink boxes and comfortable footrest areas, allowing for adaptable seating configurations. Expansive side decks guide you to the bow, where additional seating offers multiple relaxation options.

Spacious Cabin & Cockpit

V-55 Valhalla Center ConsoleWith a beam of 15 feet, 6 inches, the 55′ Valhalla center console surpasses its competitors in deck and cabin space. The spacious cockpit is outfitted with dual 65-gallon live wells and fold-down transom seats. Below deck, you’ll find a private stateroom, aft bunk area, and a plush cabin equipped with all the amenities for a comfortable onboard experience.

Guaranteed To Surpass Your Expectations

All in all, the Valhalla Boatworks V-55 is a masterpiece of design and engineering, blending luxury, performance, and functionality in a unique way that distinguishes it from its rivals. Whether you’re an experienced angler or a casual boater, this high-performance center console is guaranteed to surpass your expectations and provide an unforgettable on-water adventure.

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