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    Tips on Choosing a Boat Dealer

    By: | Date: September 5, 2020

    How to Choose the Right Boat Dealer

    When it comes to purchasing a boat, finding a boat dealer with your best interest in mind is of the utmost importance. One way to ensure you have the best boat buying experience possible it to find a boat dealership that is a Marine Industry Certified Dealership

    What is a Marine Industry Certified Dealership?

    Marine Industry Certified Dealership Since 2005

    Marine Industry Certified Dealers have earned a reputation for taking care of their customers above all else. The Marine Industry Certified Dealership program is a voluntary process in which a dealership must meet independently verified high standards. It is a company’s promise to customers to provide an exceptional experience and offer complete satisfaction. It is also a promise to abide by a Marine Industry Consumer Commitment that ensures fair and equal treatment for every single customer. 

    The key areas this certification focuses on are operations, facilities, professional sales/service process, customer satisfaction, and employee training satisfaction. Furthermore, to ensure these best practices remain in place, companies are re-certified every two years.

    What To Expect From a Marine Industry Certified Dealership

    service yard: Choosing a Boat Dealer

    Purchasing a boat is a big investment that deserves the utmost respect and commitment on behalf of a dealership. This certification ensures that customers can feel confident when choosing a boat dealer to work with. You can expect friendly and knowledgeable employees, quality premium products, and reliable service. Customers can also expect yacht brokers and employees to help guide them every step of the way. Also, Marine Industry Certified Dealerships excel at choosing the right boat for your lifestyle and your needs. As well as maintaining and servicing your vessel when needed.

    What to look for in a Marine Certified Dealership

      Top Tips:

    • One of the first things to look for when choosing a boat dealer of any sort is relative location. Is the dealer located near where you plan to go boating? This is important, simply so, any service or other help you might need will be nearby.

    • Look for responsive staff members and sales professionals. Are the employees attentive, engaging, and happy to help? More than likely, working with a boat dealer will be an ongoing relationship. Therefore, it is important to do business with people you like, people who are eager to help, and those who will go above and beyond.

    • Check out the dealership on the internet prior to visiting. Read reviews and testimonials to get a good reflection of their customer service standards and overall business ethic. 

    • Another thing to look for in a boat dealership is certifications or notable accomplishments. Chances are if a boat dealer is Marine Certified, they may have other accreditations that will ensure you are in good hands. 

    • Look for a clean and organized shipyard and showroom. A well-organized site is usually a characteristic of a well-run business and a good indicator of how well they will care for you after the sale.

    The Galati Difference [Marine Industry Certified Dealership]

    Since 1970, we have been committed to exceeding the expectations of our customers. Our 5-star re-certified dealership has been Marine Industry Certified since 2005 and offers the capabilities to handle ALL aspects of the sale— including finding the ideal boat for you. Our simple philosophy— always do right by the customer— starts at the top and runs right down to every one of our team members at all eleven of our locations, regardless of their job title. The Galati team is behind you before, during, and after the sale.

    We Service What We Sell

    boat service at Galati Yacht Sales: Choosing a Boat Dealer

    If that isn’t enough, unlike most dealerships, we service what we sell— we are your single-source solution to all of your boating needs. Galati Yacht Sales offers four full-service marinas throughout the Gulf Coast that are outfitted with travel lifts and ready and prepared for haul outs, bottom painting, and equipment installations. Our dealership is also an authorized warranty service center for engines, generators, air conditioning, and more. Our skilled technicians, along with our extensive network of subcontractors, specializing in electronics, engines, towers, and much more. 

    Experience the Galati Difference Today

    Many boat dealers can sell you a quality new or pre-owned vessel, however, the true value of your investment is not the product you purchase, but rather the care and maintenance of your purchase. The true value of our company lies with aggressive pricing and our premier customer support. We have the experience and reputation to back up your investment. That is a value you won’t find anywhere else— and at no additional charge. Experience the Galati Difference today.

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