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Tony Carrizosa: InTheBite Captain of the Year

Tony Carrizosa: InTheBite Captain of the Year
Los Suenos Costa Rica
Tony Carrizosa & daughter

Our very own Tony Carrizosa, once again, has snagged the highly sought-after 2023 International Captain of the Year Award (COTY) from InTheBite Sportfishing Magazine. Tony Carrizosa is a legend among those who frequent the fishing grounds of Costa Rica, particularly at the stunning Los Sueños Resort and Marina.

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Tony not only manages the Galati Yacht Sales office at Los Sueños but also specializes in selling the elite Viking Yacht Brand. Before he became a top-notch yacht broker, Tony honed his skills as a masterful fisherman, a talent that has propelled him to success throughout the years. This marks his second award as the esteemed InTheBite International Captain of the Year, having previously claimed the title in 2021.

The Beginning

Growing up in Miami, Florida, Tony Carrizosa discovered his love for fishing at a young age. Exploring the local canals and ponds with his father, he quickly developed a passion for the sport. As he got older, Tony had the opportunity to work on various boats, including the renowned Snapshot and Sharkey’s Revenge. However, it was his move to Costa Rica that would solidify his place in the fishing world. Settling in the beautiful coastal town of Playa Herradura, Tony found his home in the vibrant angling community of Los Sueños.

Costa Rica is Home

Tony first arrived in Los Sueños in February 2001, as part of a small fleet of traveling boats. By 2003, it had transformed into a thriving hub filled with impressive tower boats. Bill Royster’s (President & CEO of Los Suenos Resort & Marina) innovative vision brought to life a paradise that fishing enthusiasts and adventurers alike can cherish. Los Sueños not only gave Tony purpose but also a remarkable career in fishing and sales.

Tournament Season

Unlike many of the other captains in the COTY contest who stick to the same boat day after day, the captain of TEAM GALATI has a unique approach. Being part of the Viking team, Tony and his team receive a new boat each tournament season. This allows them to continually improve their fishing techniques and strategies. They analyze their performance each season, identifying areas for growth to raise the bar for the next boat. Tony is grateful to Viking for their unwavering support and top-notch boats, enabling them to remain competitive in the fishing world.

Beyond Fishing

Another thing that sets him apart from many fellow captains is that his focus extends beyond fishing. As a full-time sales professional, he has limited time on the water. However, he appreciates the support of Carmine Galati and Pat Healey, who allow him to start fishing a week before tournaments to familiarize himself with conditions. Tony also prepares in advance by monitoring satellite charts. With 23 years of experience, his expertise in making strategic decisions is invaluable, especially considering the unique conditions each year brings.

The Dream Team

According to Carrizosa, having great anglers is crucial and they significantly impact his fishing approach. He considers his anglers to be his greatest asset and praises their skills. He mentions Pat Healey, Carmine Galati, Drew & Eric McDowell, Thomas Garmany, Dan Pettit, and Steve Lassley as an exceptional team. With their expertise, Tony can distance himself from other boats and let his anglers excel. Being part of the Galati/Viking family is an honor to him, as they support each other and have a strong bond.

The Crew

Tony also credits his crew, including Hans Alvarado, Johnny LaGrone, Arturo Moreno, Cristian Siles, and Fernando Peralta, for their exceptional skills. Their most memorable catches in the tournament series include two double-header blue marlin in the 2023 Los Sueños Signature Series and a quadruple on sailfish that secured a second-place finish.

Kudos to Tony for an extraordinary year of achievements!
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