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The Importance of Yacht Listing Photos

The Importance of Yacht Listing Photos

The importance of yacht listing photos goes far beyond having attractive images. Sometimes a single photograph can have a far greater emotional impact on the human mind than words alone could. While text can provide a deeper context, more people respond to pictures over text. That is because the human brain processes an image 60,000 times faster than text, and 90% of the information processed by the brain is visual. Did you know, 63% of consumers say good images are more important than product descriptions. Not to mention, the average consumer will only read about 20% of a webpage but will view every image.

Photos Create Perceptional Experiences

Aside from the stats, photos also create a perceptual experience within our minds. Think back to the first time you bought a boat, home, or any valuable asset in your life. More than likely, you did an online search for the product first. What did you think about when you first saw images of your dream home or that family boat you’ve been wanting? We can almost guarantee you imagined yourself in someway using the product, the joy it would bring to you, and the memories to be made with family and friends. This is primarily because visual images influence an emotional reaction. Psychologist Phillip Adcock, states that emotional reactions are 3,000 times quicker than rational thought, with a persuasiveness ratio of emotion to reason 24:1.

Emotional Connections


As humans, we are emotional creatures who by habit, tend to make emotional purchases. Whether we need a product or not, if we see something that strikes our interest or creates an emotional connection, we have to have it. That’s part of the goal behind yacht listing photos; to create striking imagery for a more satisfying customer experience. Having high-quality yacht listing photos that represent the product in the best possible condition is key to creating an emotional connection with a consumer, and in turn— a faster sale. Did you know, 67% of product users say images are very important when making a purchasing decision.

On the contrary, you don’t want potential buyers to be distracted by poorly lit photos, uncluttered images, and off-centered photography. By choosing to use poorly executed photography or cell phone photos on your yacht listing, you’re essentially reducing its perceived value.

Perceived Value

For instance, imagine having two similar yachts that relate in terms of price, layout, and overall condition. Now, imagine one of these listings with stunning photography, while the other has pixelated, poorly lit iPhone photos. The perceived value of the yacht listing with better images will be much higher than the other. Therefore, buyers will be willing to offer more for it.

This decision is made deep within a buyer’s subconscious mind, and it happens with all of us. Without even being aware, potential buyers have already formed an attachment to the yacht with quality photos, based solely on your marketing investment. Some may consider the other yacht listing, but usually only as a second choice.

Creating the Best Visual Option

camera on dock

In addition to the emotional experience, it is in our nature to want the best possible option when it comes to making a large investment. Whether a house, yacht, or car, as humans, we want to feel as if we came out on top when the purchase is complete. This connection first begins with photographs. With the majority of shopping done online nowadays, images are the first thing a potential buyer sees. This can either be positive or negative, depending on the investments you made in marketing. With high-quality listing photos, you have a better chance at creating the best visual option for a buyer. Fun fact, content that includes stunning imagery can also average 94% more views.

Invest in a Lasting Impression

To conclude, don’t let your yacht listing fall short. Invest in quality photos that will leave a lasting impression, and create an emotional connection to buyers. Remember, high-quality photos shape the way we think and can ultimately lead to a higher perceived value and a faster sale.

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