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  • What to expect after the purchase; The Galati Difference


    By: | Date: May 4, 2017

    What to Expect After The Sale— The Galati Difference

    More than 400 customers buy boats from Galati Yacht Sales every year. In Part 1 and Part 2 of this series, we looked at the process of buying new and pre-owned brokerage boats from the company; in this article and the accompanying video, staff and customers discuss what happens after the sale is complete.Joanna and Ed Galati Yacht Sales Customers


    People with the means to buy a yacht are generally high-aptitude types, but the Galati Yacht Sales team feels strongly that new owners shouldn’t be left on their own to figure out the mechanics on their new boats. Part of every delivery is an orientation session, which is tailored to the size and complexity of the boat and the owner’s previous experience.

    “Galati made me go into the engine room and learn the systems,” one customer reported. Another said, “We spent two days going over the boat, and we felt pretty comfortable in our ability to handle the boat.”

    Orientation captains will work with the owners not only to understand the yacht’s systems and maintenance requirements, but also to offer practice sessions in docking and boathandling. The sales professionals stay involved, too, and in more than one instance we heard about, they assisted the owners on their yacht’s maiden voyage.

    Customers reported gaining confidence in managing their new boat and appreciated that, as one said, “It wasn’t just ‘here’s the boat, cut the ribbon, and go.’”


    Several Galati team members told us how much they stress to new owners the importance of maintenance to maximize reliability while they own the boats and resale value later on.

    The company only services boats that they have sold, so they remain focused on the needs of their customers and can respond quickly when required. They make it as easy as possible by maintaining high-quality service centers plus mobile support technicians. The latter perform maintenance on boats in customers’ own slips whenever possible.

    Customers told us of extraordinary efforts made by the Galati service team, providing assistance on a Sunday morning or at night, offshore in the Gulf of Mexico. But what seemed to count for most of them was simply having consistent, month-to-month support when called upon.

    As one sales professional told us, one of the most important things we stress is simply having your boat washed and waxed on a regular basis. Not only does the boat look great and hold up well in the Florida sun, but as a result it will show dramatically better on the resale market.

    Blue Marlin Grand Championship Festivities


    The company also works to help owners have more fun with their boats, inviting customers to a variety of fishing and cruising events ranging from Texas to the Bahamas.

    The Galatis have been deeply involved in sportfishing for many years and provide owners with guidance and support to participate in a range of tournaments as far south as Costa Rica. These events have an excitement, energy and momentum that can be infectious. We spoke with long-time owners who have fished with and alongside company representatives over the years, buying and selling up to a dozen boats.

    Galati Yacht Sales puts an equal emphasis on showing customers who buy cruising yachts how to have fun, staging and supporting events that invite people to have a good time on their boats while getting to know other owners. The events can be as simple as a weekend rendezvous at Galati’s flagship Florida location, Anna Maria Island, or a two-week Bahamas Getaway. Some events are organized by boatbuilders that Galati represents, such as Viking, Prestige and Princess Yachts.

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