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Buying a Used Brokerage Boat – The Galati Difference

Buying a Used Brokerage Boat – The Galati Difference

In conjunction with our premier new yacht brands, we also sell an exponential amount of used brokerage boats, averaging over 500 sales transactions every year. Similar to when you buy a new yacht through one of our 15 yacht brokerage locations, purchasing a used yacht provides the same customer-centric, unmatched experience, unlike you would encounter anywhere else. In this article, our staff and customers discuss what it’s like to buy a used yacht through the Galati Worldwide Brokerage program, serviced from locations throughout the Gulf of Mexico, the Pacific Coast, as well as offices in Costa Rica and Mexico.

Research & Product Knowledge — Buying a Used Brokerage Boat

Because our sales team sells new yachts built by Viking, Valhalla, Cruisers, Maritimo, Princess, and Prestige (which on a side note, we have represented most of those brands for over 20 years), they have an in-depth understanding of both the fishing and cruising market. But the knowledge goes beyond those six brands. Our yacht brokers learn and master the competition. As a result, it puts them in a great position to advise potential brokerage customers on boat models across the cruising and fishing spectrum.

Customers we spoke with who had bought brokerage yachts through Galati Yacht Sales said they were impressed with the knowledge of our sales professionals on the strengths and weaknesses of different models and brands. “They can tell you exactly what years were best, as well as what builders and models may have known challenges,” said one customer. Our yacht brokers are more than just salespeople; they are fishermen, captains, weekend cruisers, and by nature understand the intricacies of many different boat types and models from years of experience in the industry.

Customers also credited team members with listening and truly understanding what they wanted instead of showing them the first boat on the dock. “They researched our needs,” said one… “[to learn] what type of boating we were going to do. He didn’t just sell us a boat. He sold us a boat that suited our needs.”

Transparency & Communication — Buying a used yacht

Galati Yachts at Palm Beach Boat ShowA common theme in our discussions was good communication and an open process. In working towards a fair price, sales professional Jim Nelson explained how he tries to put buyers and sellers in each other’s shoes, effectively promoting a holistic view of the brokerage sales process. Likewise, the Galati business office was credited with keeping a customer-focused view of the purchase process to make buyers aware of next steps and keeping things simple.

Perhaps there was no better example of transparency than when we asked about surveys. Every sales professional pointed out the importance of the hull and propulsion surveys. Plus, the ethical requirement of the customer choosing their own surveyor and doing their due diligence, without any influence or bias from the brokers involved.

One important thing to remember is that no pre-owned boat is perfect, and issues will pop up on a survey. But no matter what needs to be fixed, it can be done, especially with the help of a well-versed yacht broker.

Customers appreciated our brokers’ straightforwardness, as well as the fact that yacht brokers could usually give reasonable estimates of costs, which kept the process moving forward without undue stops and starts.

Committed to Exceeding Expectations — Purchasing a used boat

We talked with several repeat buyers who were effusive in praising Galati. Above all, they appreciated the forthright honesty in which Galati team members treated them. They credited Galati sales professionals for their commitment and personal touch.

“They never hide,” one customer pointed out. “Someone always picks up the phone”. Then he added that, in his experience of buying and owning boats, the people were almost more important to him than the boat he selected.

Galati Yacht Sales has grown significantly from its origins as a small family business on Anna Maira Island, Florida. The philosophy and values of the Galati family’s upbringing have clearly been retained. More than one customer told us, “They treat you like family.”

A Name & Team You Can Trust | Galati Yacht Yachts

Galati marina

Not all yacht dealers and yacht brokers are created equal. That is why it is crucial to find a reliable company with you every step of the way. Since the beginning, exceeding the expectations of our customers before, during, and after the sale, has been a steadfast team commitment. Our simple philosophy— always do right by the customer — starts at the top and runs right down to every one of our team members at all of our locations, regardless of their job title. Contact us to get started on your yachting journey. 


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