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Buying a New Yacht – The Galati Difference

Buying a New Yacht – The Galati Difference

In the new yacht market, Galati Yacht Sales specializes in half a dozen brands that lead the industry — Viking, Valhalla, Princess, Prestige, Cruisers, and Maritimo — with yacht brokerage locations throughout the Gulf Coast, West Coast, Mexico, and Costa Rica. Our represented brands cover yachts of all types including, motor yachts for sale, center console boats, sportfish yachts, outboards, and more. When you buy a new yacht through Galati Yacht Sales, you get an experience unlike anywhere else. What’s the buying process like with Galati Yachts?  How is it different than elsewhere? Check out what our certified sales professionals and valued customers had to say.

We Listen — Buying a New Yacht

What are your goals? What are your needs? Galati sales professionals start by asking questions like these. It’s a discovery process to finding customers the right boat. Depending on the experience and knowledge of the customers, the answer may not be obvious at the start. Gaining a good understanding of where a customer wants to travel on his boat, who will be aboard, not to mention the available budget for purchase and maintenance are critical.

A good yacht broker is much more than a salesperson. He or she is part boat expert, part experienced boat captain, and part consultant that can guide the consumer into the yacht that best suits their needs– at the right price, of course. Read more on a yacht broker’s role in the boat buying process.

Brand Specialists

Our six represented yacht manufacturers all suit people with different lifestyles and aspirations. What’s the difference between convertibles from Viking and cruising yachts from Maritimo, for example? Or European cruising models from Princess and Prestige and American-built brand Cruisers Yachts? That’s where our brand specialists come into play.  A brand specialist is an expert on the history of each brand we represent, the build process, and the specifications of every model. Each one of our new yacht specialists, no matter the brand, goes through a rigorous and ongoing training process, year in and year out. With so much time dedicated to a specific brand, they obtain valuable information that you will not find anywhere online.

Galati Yacht Sales customers Princess 500

While many customers can sort through the variations themselves, there’s often a learning curve. Having a sales professional’s perspective can speed up the process. One customer, with a captain’s license herself, was impressed with the research and training of the Galati team. Another customer told us, “They took the time to listen to our needs and then took us straight to the right boat.”

We Make Buying a Yacht Seamless

Whether it’s quickly determining the value of a trade-in yacht, simplifying the paperwork of financing, insurance, and documentation, or helping move personal belongings from an old boat to a new one, Galati maintains a customer-centric viewpoint in making the purchase process easy. Customers we spoke with gave us examples of each that helped them make or validate decisions with increasing confidence.

The Galati business office is available early on in the process, providing support to each step of the sale process. Sales professionals are knowledgeable, but the business team provides an additional, internal resource for customers on the finer points of manufacturer warranties. Or financing and yacht insurance options.

Due to the scale of the Galati Yacht Sales business, preferred rates are often available. “We have a very aggressive insurance product, exclusive to our customers,” says Darren Plymale, COO of Galati. “In financing, we can leverage our banking relationships with our size and scale to offer great rates and terms.”

In terms of warranties, Plymale says the company philosophy is to offer extended coverage plans for propulsion wherever and whenever possible. “Buying the builders’ extended warranties,” he says, “especially for propulsion, offers customers peace of mind through the ownership cycle and improves the resale of their yachts.”

We Bring Value — Buying a New Yacht

Galati Yacht Sales Broker Jim Nelson

A key principle expressed to us in various ways by sales professionals and customers is that there’s a balance point in any purchase — whether it’s between a fair price and a good value — at which customer satisfaction is maximized. Some buyers may look for the absolute lowest price, and some may look for the royal treatment. Galati Yacht Sales customers generally arrive at what many refer to as “best value” through receiving a fair sale price coupled with excellent customer support.

“The real difference comes in our Hall of Fame service and support,” Plymale says, proudly pointing to the endorsement the company has received as repeat winner and Hall of Fame member of Boating Industry’s Top 100 Dealer program. “Our focus is completely on the customer. We want you to enjoy more days on the water, reduce your cost of ownership wherever possible, and enjoy a higher return on the investment.”

In addition, we take great pride and invest heavily in the ability to support all of our customers in all aspects of yacht ownership, including after the sale. We dedicate our four service yards solely to Galati customers and new boats that we sell. Our customer support department has been one of the core driving forces behind Galati Yacht Sales from the beginning. We have the experience and reputation to back up your investment…that’s value you won’t find anywhere else and at no additional charge.

High Customer Satisfaction Ratings

Our mantra to consistently exceed customer expectations is also endorsed by consistently high customer satisfaction scores from the builders’ CSI programs. As well as the internal CSI program developed through Galati’s participation in the Marine Industry Dealer Certification Program since its inception in 2005.

While we strive to maintain 100 percent CSI every day, Plymale says, “Galati Yacht Sales has been a pioneer of the program and was the fifth dealer and first of its size to earn the Certified Dealer designation. We exemplify the philosophies and disciplines associated with the MIDC programs. Our team embodies the customer- and employee-centric approach of the program.”

One customer we spoke to summed up the yacht buying process, saying: “What I learned about the process is that it didn’t have to be as daunting or as complicated as I thought it would be. Galati made it so easy. It flowed.”

A Name You Can Trust | Galati Yacht Yachts

Not all yacht dealers are created equal or have your best interest in mind. That is why it is important to find a reliable yacht dealer that is with you every step of the way. Since 1970, we have been committed to exceeding the expectations of our customers. We offer the capabilities to handle ALL aspects of the sale. Our simple philosophy— always do right by the customer— starts at the top and runs right down to every one of our team members at all of our locations, regardless of their job title. The Galati team is behind you before, during, and after the sale. Contact us to get started on your yachting journey.