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The Best Liveaboard Yachts

The Best Liveaboard Yachts

Can you live on a yacht?

Are you ready to start your life out at sea, or maybe looking to spend weeks at a time aboard? Motor yachts make for a good option when it comes to liveaboard yachts. What is a liveaboard yacht? Simply put, it is a yacht suitable for residence. We specialize in some of the top brands that offer exceptional options in size, layout, performance, design quality, and relaxation, all of which play a significant part in your home on the water. When looking for a liveaboard yacht, some things you’ll want to ensure are accessible amenities, convenience, safety, and comfortability.

Essential Amenities for Liveaboard Yachts

Some essential amenities to look for on a liveaboard yacht include a comfortable master stateroom, entertainment-filled salon, full-functional galley, heating and A/C, and plenty of storage space. Of course, other options such as swim platforms, tender space, and expansive outdoor deck space may rank higher on your list of necessities. Nonetheless, it’s critical to prioritize the amenities you long for in a liveaboard yacht, which will help limit your search.

In addition, you will want to consider performance standards, fuel capacity, and operating economy depending on your plans to travel. The draft of a boat also plays an important role depending on the waterways you choose to take. For instance, choosing a yacht with a lower draft may help you navigate through inconsistent waters, where shallow parts are present. With much to consider, view the leading brands we think offer the best residence on the water.

Princess Yachts – Best Liveaboard Yachts

Princess F62

Princess Yachts provide exceptional motor yachts designed to deliver unforgettable experiences for all on board. Constructed with a forward-thinking mentality and crafted with meticulous attention to detail, Princess offers an extensive range of yachts ranging from 35-95 feet. The most popular among consumers are the Y-class motor yacht range and F-class flybridge range.

The Y class range presents the perfect escape to relax, entertain, and power across the open sea. Each motor yacht within the range is finished with the finest materials, free-flowing layouts, natural light, and the power to thrill.

The Princess F class features the most technically advanced and spaciously proportioned flybridge yachts on the water. Every Princess flybridge yacht rewrites the rule book on space, performance, and entertainment. Not to mention, the award-winning class is recognized for its unmatched combination of comfort, quality, and flexibility. Explore all Princess models and ranges below.

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Prestige Yachts – Liveaboard Motor Yacht


With the combined talents of renowned Italian naval designers, Vittorio and Camillo Garroni, French engineers, American and Swedish engine manufacturers, and an American naval architect, Prestige motor yachts have become a worldwide-recognized brand with international flair and distinction. These luxury yachts are specifically designed to be your home on the water. Within the fleet, Prestige offers an S-Line, X-Line, and F-Line.

The S-Line features sporty yachts, where the smallest detail has been designed to combine performance and reactivity without compromise. This ingenious combination features enhanced light, ventilation, and the true feeling of living outside thanks to the large, opening roof over the salon and main helm.

The Prestige X Line embodies luxury and innovation with yachts that create well-being while onboard. The revolutionary X70 imitates the spirit of a superyacht with endless possibilities, blurring the lines between exterior and interior. Life aboard the X70 combines the comforts of a luxurious villa and the pleasures of life on the ocean. The X60 follows suit with voluminous living spaces, natural light, and an easy flow of movement onboard.

Prestige’s F line is designed for those who aspire to dream with their eyes wide open. Well-appointed staterooms, expansive flybridges, and contemporary styling make up the F series yacht, perfect for a second residence on the water. Search the Prestige Yacht fleet to find your next home on the water.

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Cruisers Yachts – Liveaboard Boats

Cruisers 60 Cantius

Cruisers Yachts is a leading, American-made boat builder that produces high-quality motor yachts with a heritage dating back to 1904. Cruisers Yachts has gained a reputation for its innovative designs, exceptional craftsmanship, and meticulous attention to detail. They offer a remarkable range of boats from 34-60 feet, but their Cantius and Flybridge lines highlight noteworthy features for the liveaboard lifestyle. Many models feature unique design elements, such as retractable sunroofs, hidden storage compartments, and high-tech entertainment systems, along with comfortable interior accommodations, high-quality construction, top-notch performance standards, and exceptional customer service.

They not only focus on creating aesthetically pleasing yachts but also focus on the boat’s function and durability. The attention to detail that goes into the build process ensures that Cruisers Yachts are not only comfortable and stylish but also reliable and long-lasting. In addition, Cruisers yacht models are equipped with powerful engines and advanced propulsion systems that allow them to navigate even the most challenging water conditions with ease. Cruisers yachts are also engineered to be fuel-efficient, so owners can enjoy extended cruises without breaking the bank.

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