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The Best Fishing Apparel Brands

The Best Fishing Apparel Brands
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Anglers need the best of the best when it comes to fishing attire. Why is fishing apparel so important? Fishing gear is designed to keep you cool and comfortable while protecting against elements such as harmful UV rays, wind, and rain, so you can fight your best fight while out on the water. The best fishing clothes also provide ultimate flexibility and breathability, for pure enjoyment and better focus while angling. Whether you plan to hunt game fish in the tropics of Costa Rica, offshore fish in the Florida heat, or even ice fish in Wisconsin during harsh winters, these nine brands rank amongst the best. Check out the best fishing apparel brands for die-hard anglers.

Pelagic – Fishing Apparel

Pelagic – Fishing Apparel The name of this fishing attire brand says it all — PELAGIC is one of the most well-known clothing brands in the world for fishing. The lifestyle brand was founded in 2002 off the coast of Newport Beach, CA. It is the only fishing and ocean lifestyle apparel brand that offers a complete clothing line for men, women, youth, and kids. 

For over 20 years, utilizing proprietary technologies and top-of-the-line fabrics, PELAGIC produces quality products for the modern angler and provides the best possible advantage when it counts the most. The brand has done extensive research and rigorous testing to create and develop an unmatched product for angling enthusiasts. 

AFTCO – Fishing Attire

AFTCO, American Fishing Tackle Company, sources high-performance fishing apparel unparalleled in quality and reliability and constructed to withstand the harshest elements. They have been family-owned and operated since 1958 and are based out of Southern California.

Whether you are a freshwater angler looking to stay dry in late fall showers or an offshore warrior desiring protection from UV rays, AFTCO fishing attire is one you can rely on. The fishing attire brand offers product lines for men, women, and kids; and sells tackle supplies and other fishing accessories. 

The AFTCO brand and the Shedd family also donate at least 10% of the company profits towards organizations and causes working to protect our oceans, waterways, and fish populations, to ensure future generations can enjoy the outdoor lifestyle.
Shop AFTCO fishing apparel

HUK – Fishing Apparel 

HUK – Fishing Apparel Whether you enjoy saltwater fishing, freshwater fishing, fly fishing, or consider yourself an offshore or coastal angler, the HUK fishing attire brand provides performance apparel for all anglers of all ages. Founded in 2014, HUK clothing represents a fresh take on the fishing world, offering modern and innovative styles that appeal to all generations. Shop the HUK site to find fishing attire that is lightweight, comfortable, and built to last. The HUK brand offers lines for men, women, and youth.
Shop HUK Gear

Columbia Sportswear

What started as a hat company in 1937, based out of Portland, Oregon, has now grown into a world-renowned brand for outdoor fanatics, including anglers of the sea. Columbia sportswear constructs lifestyle gear reinvigorated with industry-leading technologies. In 1996, Columbia released a Performance Fishing Gear line that includes high-performance apparel, footwear, and accessories that reflect the Pacific Northwest heritage and spirit. Columbia’s PFG fishing apparel offers advanced defense against liquid stains, provides UV protection, and repels water and stains from soaking into your clothing. Find fishing attire for men, women, and kids by visiting Columbia’s website.

Salt Life – Fishing Apparel 

Salt Life decals were a staple in Florida growing up, and those very decals were essentially how this fishing attire brand got its start. The company was founded by four men from Jacksonville Beach with a passion for the water, salty air, and the lifestyle that came along with it. Today, the brand creates apparel and accessories designed to withstand the environment of saltwater sports, including fishing.

Salt Life’s fishing attire is top quality and effortlessly combines function and fashion to keep you looking good and feeling good while on the water. The company also supports several organizations that share a passion for conserving and protecting the ocean, helping people within the community, and supporting responsible fishing/harvesting to ensure a brighter future.
Shop the Salt Life site

Anetik – Fishing Attire Brand

The Anetik brand is an apparel line designed by lifelong athletes, including anglers, who collaborated to build premier products to solve problems in extreme conditions through knowledge of first-hand experiences. The brand’s mission is to deliver valuable outdoor solutions to the end user by creating the lightest and most breathable products that thrive in hot weather and highly active settings. Each piece, including its fishing line, is carefully constructed to maximize ultimate breathability, reduced weight, and powerful performance-enhancing benefits in harsh elements. Constant innovation, meticulous attention to detail, and building the best possible tools for outdoor chaos are core principles of the Anetik brand.
Shop Anetik Fishing Essentials

Gillz – Clothing for Anglers

Gillz – Clothing for AnglersFounded in 2008, Gillz Gear designs and constructs fishing apparel and accessories for those focused on performance. Featuring full fishing attire lines for men and women, Gillz delivers unrivaled comfort, breathability, and protection out on the water from dawn to dusk. Their GillzTec fabric is chemical-free and engineered to quickly distribute moisture across apparel for better cooling so you can fight the monsters of the sea longer and more comfortably.
Shop Gillz Gear fishing apparel

Simms – Fishing Attire

Simms fishing attire has been around since 1980, and they proudly hold the American-made badge of honor. Based out of Bozeman, Montana, Simms designs and creates quality attire for a better overall angling experience and inspiration to those without a fishing pole in hand. Simms is well-known for its hand-made waders, delivered from cutting-edge materials, tenacious testing, and crafted one at a time by the Simms’ Wader Maker team. Get inspired to fish with gear that will allow you to go farther and fish harder.
Shop Simm’s Fishing Apparel

Striker – Fishing Apparel

Although born in the snowmobile industry and popular with ice anglers, the Striker brand adapted to feature a UPF line of unrivaled fishing apparel for warmer weather participants. The UPF line utilizes premium fabrics to help protect against the sun and helps keep anglers cool while providing extreme comfort, helping them stay focused when the fight and heat are on. 

For those who enjoy ice fishing as opposed to sportfishing, Striker’s revolutionary Sureflote® technology catapulted the brand as the undisputed leader in the ice fishing world of apparel. They introduced the first premium ice fishing suit with a performance waterproof/breathable shell, flotation linings, adjustable inseams, and other proprietary features. Shop Striker for ice fishing apparel and their UPF line for anglers of the ocean.
Shop the Striker Brand

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