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Thanksgiving Tips & Recipes for Aboard Your Yacht

Thanksgiving Tips & Recipes for Aboard Your Yacht

Host Thanksgiving On Your Yacht

Spruce up the holiday season by hosting Thanksgiving dinner aboard your yacht. Holidays don’t have to be boring, enjoy exquisite shoreline views and delicious cuisine with the people that matter the most. This year, invite your family and friends on board your yacht for an unforgettable holiday gathering. Here are some helpful Thanksgiving party tips for aboard your yacht.
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Get a Headcount — Thanksgiving tips on a yacht

Whether you choose to throw an extravagant gathering or something small and intimate, getting a headcount prior is crucial. Ask your guests to RSVP in advance by at least a couple of weeks. This will give you enough time to set the menu and order enough food for everyone in attendance. When sending your RSVP be sure to include dock, departure time, and food option choices (if you plan to offer more than one). For the guests that accept, it is a smart idea to send a reminder a couple of days before the holiday to confirm their attendance and reiterate departure time.

Set the Menu — Thanksgiving Recipes

Now that you know how many guests plan to attend, you can start planning the menu. First things first, you will have to decide whether you want your Thanksgiving dinner to be buffet-style or sit-down. Going the buffet route is typically more casual and relaxed and works perfectly for larger gatherings. If you prefer to sit down style, planning a four or five-course meal is a sure way to leave a lasting impression.

Since you are already going the nontraditional route for the Thanksgiving holiday, don’t be afraid to try new things. Don’t get me wrong, old-style Thanksgiving recipes are delicious but there are also plenty of recipes that put a fresh spin on traditional favorites. Check out these fun Thanksgiving day recipes with a twist.

Signature Cocktails — Thanksgiving Recipes

thanksgiving cocktail

Of course, you can’t have a holiday gathering without a signature drink. Aside from the essentials like beer, wine, and non-alcoholic beverages, creating a signature drink that compliments the menu will offer a personalized feel, leaving guests in admiration. Check out our Pinterest board of yacht-approved Thanksgiving Day cocktails.

Décor & Supplies — Thanksgiving tips on your yacht

fall luxury decor

Finally, yet importantly, you will want to ensure your yacht is as aesthetically pleasing as your gourmet meal. Avoid the outdated orange and yellow color scheme of fall and opt-in for a more modern look this year. It’s the little details that give your yacht that luxury feels such as fresh flower arrangements, pumpkin and gourd centerpieces, an all-white table setting, and your best dishware.


Simple, Yet Delicious Thanksgiving Recipes for Limited Galley

Hosting Thanksgiving dinner aboard a yacht can be tricky, especially with a smaller galley, but sometimes simple is best. Work with what you have. If you have a grill, oven, or pressure cooker aboard, find recipes that revolve around those appliances. Also, for those with smaller galleys, don’t stress over multiple dishes, keep things to a minimum.

A side note, green beans, carrots, or brussel sprouts are fast and easy on a stovetop and make excellent side dishes. Another tip, make refrigerated recipes ahead of time that simply heat up for the big day. Check out these simple yet delicious recipes for those with smaller galleys.

The Best and Creamiest Mashed Potatoes

10-Minute Nutty Green Beans

Mini Pumpkin Pies (make ahead)

No-Bake Pumpkin Tiramisu

No-Bake Caramel Apple-Golden Oreo Icebox Cake