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Team Supreme Wins 2023 Gulf Coast Triple Crown

Team Supreme Wins 2023 Gulf Coast Triple Crown
Gulf Coast Triple Crown
Blue marlin on leader

Congratulations are in order for Galati customers, ‘Team Supreme’ and Captain Chase Lake, aboard the 72’ Viking from Destin, Florida, as they triumphantly clinched the 2023 Gulf Coast Triple Crown title. Coming into the final leg of the Gulf Coast Triple Crown, ‘Team Supreme’ found themselves at the bottom of the leaderboard. However, their impressive third-place finish in the Catch and Release category at Biloxi awarded them a much needed 100 points. Despite being 150 points behind the current leader, their biggest obstacle was the multitude of teams ahead of them in the Blue Marlin Grand Championship. The team was well aware that they needed a truly remarkable weekend in order to have a shot at claiming the coveted trophy.

7 Blues For The Blue Marlin Grand Championship

And what a truly remarkable weekend it was for ‘Team Supreme’! Friday proved to be unforgettable as angler Alex Krake showcased his skills by reeling in an astonishing six blue marlin within a span of just nine hours. Out of the six, five were gracefully released back into the ocean, while one magnificent catch measured an impressive 113 inches and weighed a whopping 475.40 pounds. This moved ‘Team Supreme’ into the Catch and Release lead with one day left in the tournament. Adding another blue marlin release on Saturday morning would solidify their win in the Catch and Release division and earn them 250 Gulf Coast Triple Crown points, landing them 100 points ahead of their competitors.

Team Supreme on Winning the Gulf Coast Triple Crown

“I’ve been fortunate to fish all over the world,” said owner Allen Krake. “The captains and crews on the Northern Gulf Coast are the best of the best. Winning the Triple Crown against the competition we face in every tournament is what makes this such a special accomplishment.”

“To win the Gulf Coast Triple Crown and be recognized as the top team among your peers is why we, as captains and crews, do this,” said Captain Chase Lake. “To celebrate with our entire team, where every member has a job to do, and each job is just as important as the next. Everyone on the boat constantly works their tails off to give ourselves a chance to get the most bites and catch the most fish, and this is the payoff for all that hard work.”

The Presentation of the Championship Trophy

Jeff Shoults, who emerged as the victor in the 2017 Gulf Coast Triple Crown aboard ‘Mollie’, proudly bestowed ‘Team Supreme’ with their well-deserved championship trophy during the climactic season finale. Captain Shoults, who once mentored Chase when he was just fourteen years old, commended his former deckhand as he presented the coveted trophy to the team. “Captain Chase Lake has elevated himself among the elite captains in the Gulf, and this year showed he is the best among us,” said Shoults.

‘Team Supreme’ becomes the second Florida boat, following in the footsteps of ‘Mollie’, to successfully claim the Gulf Coast Triple Crown. Their journey to defend their championship title will commence next May at The Wharf in Orange Beach, marking the fourteenth year of this exhilarating sportfishing competition.

About the Gulf Coast Triple Crown

Sonny Middleton conceived the idea of the Billfish Championship Series on the northern Gulf Coast, which later evolved into the Gulf Coast Triple Crown. The series tracks winners in sanctioned tournaments from May to July, awarding points for blue marlin and billfish catch-and-release divisions. The Triple Crown aims to recognize the best overall championship team and promote big game fishing in the Northern Gulf of Mexico. Competing in sanctioned tournaments automatically enters teams for a chance to win, with bonus points available for participating in all events.
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