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What started out as a search for a new outboard engine turned into more than 30 years as a part of Team Galati!

Albert “Mickey” Hooke has been a part of the team since February 27, 1995. However, he’s been with the company since January 1981 when he started as a detailing contractor.

Mickey begins “I think it was November 1980 when I needed to purchase an outboard engine for my boat. Everybody told me to go to Galati’s Boat and Motors, they’ll give you a good deal on a Johnson. Well, I was a car detailer in Bradenton Florida, so I came out to Anna Maria Island. I just love boats and I thought that boats were much more interesting than cars. I bought an engine from Joe Galati and asked him if they had a detailer here. He said they did, but after I met with him and his sons Michael A Galati and Carmine Galati, they decided to give me a try on the weekends.”

Mickey Hooke worked his car job during the week and for Galati on the weekends. “They were happy with my work and said if you’d like to come out here as a contractor, they’ll keep me busy.” This part-time contractor position led to a full-time career. Today, Mickey is our Lead Detailer. He describes his position as working with sales to maintain all new inventory vessels. He also assists the service department.

Mickey shares the passion that we see repeating in all our employee interviews. When asked the question “What makes a good day at work?” Mickey replied, “Number one is to make sure the customer is happy. Whether they are buying a part from us, coming in asking for advice on their boat, getting their boat worked on in service, buying a boat from us, or a combination, it is our responsibility to exceed their expectations.

He continues, “The rest of the day is a good day when I can feel in my heart that I have accomplished the goals that I have set for that day.”

“The Galati Difference has taught me a lot of values in my life … how to do the right thing when you’re doing the job. Doing it the safe right professional way. The way that we treat our clients, our vendors, and the way we work on these boats is evidence of that.  The team that I work with is absolutely outstanding. There couldn’t be a better crew to work with. I have been around a lot of marinas doing work remotely for GYS, or at boat show locations, and I don’t believe there is anyone that does anything as professional as we do!” Mickey Hooke finishes.

Mickey prides himself on his high standards and attention to details.  One of his greatest strengths, whether alone or with another team member; he can make something “look good quick.”  He is amazing when it comes to making an entire boat stand tall in a short notice situation.

When Mickey is not being a superhero at GYS, he’s being one in his everyday life. Some of his greatest achievements include a 10K Beach Run he did while he was 51 years old. Resulting in a World Championship.  In addition to that, in 2003 he was voted Male Master from the US Track and Field FL for Long Distance runner for the entire state.

Mickey Hooke is still challenging himself with his fitness and races.  He enjoys traveling, eating seafood, and listening to good rock bands. He likes to make at least one person laugh or smile each day.  In addition, he has belonged to the Anna Maria Island Privateers charity since February of 1987.

Thank you, Mickey Hooke, for all you’ve done all these years for GYS!


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