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    Galati Yacht Sales Team Yacht Brokers Pirate Party

    Team Galati had an absolute blast this past weekend for our first ever VIP Pirate Party aboard the Buccaneer Pirate Ship on the Destin Harbor. Galati customers, friends, employees and family gathered in their best Pirate attire for an unforgettable night.

    Galati Yacht Sales Yacht Broker Party Pirates 1

    We started off with cocktails and light fare in the Destin office. Enjoying the arrival of every new friend and admiring their creative dress for the occasion. After greetings and arrivals ended, we made our way down the docks of the Destin Harbor Walk. This is where the festive “Buccaneer” pirate ship awaited our boarding.

    Galati Yacht Sales Pair of Yacht Brokers Pirate Party

    The Captain of the ship greeted us as we stepped onto the magnificently large ship. This crowd may be used to yachts- but this was a different type of adventure! Enjoying an assortment of heavy hors-d’oeuvres and specialty pirate-themed cocktails. We set sail with a full moon above us and glassy waters in the harbor.

    Galati Yacht Sales Pirate Parrty Yacht Brokers

    The ship’s crew hosted a hula-hoop contest and other fun “team building” games. It created a lot of laughs for a group of adults. These silly things are what create the memories!

    Galati Yacht Sales Yacht Brokers Orate Party Events

    We love the opportunity to get our group together for fun events where we can enjoy being on the water, each other’s company, and the awesome “Team Galati” friendships created over the years.

    Galati Yacht Sales Team Yacht Brokers Pirate Party