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Stomping Grounds Ep 2: Featuring “Brittney Marie”

Stomping Grounds Ep 2: Featuring “Brittney Marie”

Stomping Grounds Eps 2: Features the 56 Sunny Briggs “Brittney Marie”
& Galati Broker Artie Davenport

In the second episode of the newly released video series, Stomping Grounds by Boat Trader, host Ryan McVinney and his crew explore Florida’s Panhandle while visiting a well-known celebrity in the area. The first stop on their journey features the beautiful Emerald Coast and the “Beach Cowboy” himself, country music star Brian Kelley (BK). You may recognize BK from the band Florida Georgia Line— an award-winning country duo— and may have also spotted him on our stories via Instagram. Since purchasing his vessel last year with the help of yacht broker Artie Davenport with Galati Yacht Sales, Brian Kelley has spent much time on the Emerald Coast with his floating tour bus “Brittney Marie”. Watch the episode below.


A Highway on the Water

Kelley was born and raised in Florida, where boating and family have always been a big part of his life. In the video, he reminisces about growing up on the water and how the waterways were a playground for him, whether fishing, kneeboarding, or just cruising around. Boats and the Florida waterways have always been a sort of highway on the water for Kelley. He always knew and dreamed about one day owning a big sportfishing yacht of his own.

The “Brittney Marie” 56 Sunny Briggs

Photo by Scott Sanders/DeepSea Visuals for Boat Trader

After much patience and hard work, both in his career and boat quest, BK came across the 2007 56 Sunny Briggs Sportfish Yacht, located in Costa Rica at the time. Galati sales professional Artie Davenport worked alongside BK to help him seal the deal on this unique custom sportfisher that checked all the boxes. The rare find is now known as the “Brittney Marie,” named after his wife, which he manifested into reality with his song Boat Names. Although the result was a slightly larger sportfish yacht compared to the song lyrics.

Love For the Water

Artie Davenport talks about Brian Kelley’s love for the water, his family and his compassion for fishing, and what they have experienced since purchasing the 56 Sunny Briggs. So far, adventures include cruising down to the Florida Keys with friends and family; and life on the Emerald Coast enjoying the Florida lifestyle. Next on the list for Kelley includes a marlin tournament. He purchased the “Brittney Marie” turnkey, a boat he would not have to do much work on, and one that was ready for the tournament circuit. The custom 56 sportfish yacht features a beautiful tower, a stunning teak fighting chair, and accommodations that felt like home to him.

Sunshine State of Mind

Boating has been a substantial part of Kelley’s life and has helped inspire his first solo album, Sunshine State of Mind. His new album features many boat songs that he hopes will resonate with the boating community, in the way boating and Florida have resonated with him. A hopeful Kelley envisions a Tour de Florida, AKA as a boat tour down the coast of Florida, where he can play shows and enjoy time with the people he loves most. Learn more about the episode and what the Florida panhandle has to offer by clicking the button below.

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