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  • Percentage increase size yacht market


    By: | Date: April 13, 2017

    Now is a great time to list your boat because yachts in quality condition are commanding a higher price. While the number of brokerage yachts sold through U.S. yacht brokers fell by 2% from a year ago, the value of the yachts sold increased by 24%! In other words, buyers are prepared to pay a premium for brokerage boats that they perceive to be a good value.


    According to YachtWorld member brokers reporting in SoldBoats, their proprietary database, the total value of sales climbed from $281.7 million to $350.6 million in the first quarter.


    The loss in volume was mainly attributable to a 122-boat drop in sales of boats smaller than 26 feet. Sales of yachts in the 46 to 55 foot range increased from 127 units to 168 units.


    Gains in the prices paid for boats occurred in all size ranges above 26 feet. The biggest increase was seen among boats 80 feet and larger with, $27.5 million. Boats from 56 to 79 feet delivered an additional $16.3 million, compared with March of last year, and boats from 46 to 55 feet gained in aggregate price by $10.8 million.


    Through the first quarter this year, U.S. sales volume totaled 5,709 boats, an increase of 3 percent from 2016. The total price paid rose from $701.9 million to $904.1 million, a gain of 29 percent.


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