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  • Viking 62 Convertible on the open water


    By: | Date: April 11, 2018

    SOLD: 2018 Viking 62 Convertible

    Congratulations to the new owner of this 2018 Viking 62C which was sold by Galati Yacht Sales brokers Tim Malambri and Mike Stine.

    Viking 62 Bedroom

    The Viking 62 Convertible marries engineering excellence with luxurious appointments. With nearly 19 feet of beam, the interior resembles a stately great room, lush with individually chosen planks of random, natural teak each one featuring a tight, fine grain that defines the area with a sense of richness and custom appointments.

    Viking 62 stern

    Always keeping an eye towards fuel efficiency and range, the Viking manufacturing process consists of the composite cored hull. Which is resin infused with a high modulus of DuPont’s Kevlar, carbon fiber, and knitted fiberglass laminates. These are selected to reduce weight while increasing the overall physical properties of the structure. You can also cruise in your own, just visit our page and explore more Viking Yachts for sale.

    In conclusion, from look-to-performance the 62 makes a statement on any dock.

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