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  • Seakeeper 1: BIG Things Come in Smaller Packages

    By: | Date: February 29, 2020


    Launch of the Seakeeper 1: BIG Things Come in Smaller Packages

    Seakeeper 1

    With the goal to stabilize every boat on the water, Seakeeper, the leader in marine stabilization, launched its newest, smallest and most radically different model to date. The Seakeeper 1 launched at the 2020 Miami Boat Show bringing stabilization to the market for boats 23’-30′. This leap forward in the industry won Seakeeper the 2020 Mechanical and Electrical Systems 2020 Innovation Award at its launch. “The Seakeeper 1 is the smallest, most innovative and most efficient gyro stabilizer on the market,” stated President & CEO Andrew Semprevivo. More than twelve boat manufactures already have plans to integrate the Seakeeper 1 into their newest models

    Unique Features of the Seakeeper 1

    As the smallest, most innovative, most efficient stabilizer on the market, and weighing only 365 lbs, the Seakeeper 1 can eliminate up to 95% boat roll on vessels 23-30 ft in length (7-9 meters) and up to 5.5 tons. Some of its unique features include the following:

    Flush Mount Installation

    The Seakeeper 1 is completely contained with no part of the sphere hanging below the point of installation. With a height of only 15.68″, deck installation beneath a seat is easier than ever.

    Fastest Spool-Up Time

    With a totally unique flywheel and smaller envelope, the Seakeeper 1 can start stabilizing in record time— just 15 minutes.

    12V DC Power

    Seakeeper 1 relies solely on 12V DC power, and thanks to the vacuum encapsulation, it consumes only 55 amps.

    Viewing Window

    A fresh new look, including a window on the top, makes the Seakeeper 1 even more appealing for above-deck installation, and for owners to show off their new feature.

    Control Keypad on Unit

    A control keypad, called the ConnectBox, is directly on top of the unit. Now, the Seakeeper can be controlled from the helm, or directly from the unit itself.

    Single Cylinder Brake

    The completely hoseless and self-contained single-cylinder active control is engineered for enhanced performance and reliability.


    The Seakeeper 1 will be available for shipment beginning June 2020 and will retail for $14,900. To learn more visit

    Seakeeper 1

    Cost-Effectiveness of a Seakeeper

    The Seakeeper has changed the dynamic of cruising and fishing for years to come. Since its introduction it has changed many boaters’ lives, the excitement of the Seakeeper turning on and the boat settling is priceless. Learn more about the cost-effectiveness of a Seakeeper by clicking the button below.  Also, for maintenance tips click here.

    Cited: Seakeeper 

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