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Save a Yacht Feature For Galati Listings | My Dock

Save a Yacht Feature For Galati Listings | My Dock


Save a Yacht Feature For Galati Listings | My Dock

Do you have your eye on a yacht (or multiple) that you are constantly researching and checking for updates? If so, we just made it a whole lot easier for you! Introducing My Dock, a save a yacht feature that allows you to save your favorite Galati listings as you browse our site for the perfect yacht. Much like a shopping cart, these yachts will remain in your dock until removed or sold. You can even leave the site and when you come back your saved yachts will still be available at your dock. The best part of all, you will also receive price change alerts via email on the yachts you save. No more searching for listings and no more time wasted on status checking. Galati Yacht Sales My Dock feature allows you to stay updated on all your favorite yachts. Let us show you how it works.



How to use save my yacht feature on my dock
heart a listing

Step 1: Heart a Galati Listing


Look for the transparent heart icons at the top of our listings. As you can see to the left, the heart is located to the right of the price at the top of the listing page. Once you’ve found it, click the heart to save that yacht.



Register for save a yacht

Step 2: Register for My Dock

Once you have clicked the heart icon to save your yacht, a form will appear to fill out. The form will require your full name, the creation of a username, and your email. Don’t worry, this is only required once and when complete you may log in with just your username and password. Once you have filled out the information, click sign up.

email verification

Step 3: Email Verification


After you have clicked sign-up, you will receive an email verification with a link to create a password. The email verification is necessary as a security precaution for your safety and ours.

set password

Step 4: Set Your Password

Remember, create a strong password, which according to traditional advice is as follows; has 12 characters minimum, includes numbers, symbols, capital letters, and lower class letters. Once you have chosen your password, click reset password.

log in

Step 5: Log In

Now you are ready to log in to your dock! Simply, enter your selected username or email and your password. Once you have entered your credentials, click log in.

save a yacht

Step 6: Save Your Galati Listing

Now that you are logged in, when you click the heart located at the top of the listing, the heart fills blue. This means the yacht is now saved to your dock and you can view the listing any time when you visit our website.




How to Find Your Saved Yachts

save a yacht icon

Just like a shopping cart, at the top right of our website, you will notice the heart icon with a number next to it (if you saved any yachts). This is where your dock is located. When you click on the number or heart icon, it brings you to your own personalized page with your favorite yachts saved. Here you can see a thumbnail image, model, length, manufacture, and price.

If a price change is made to any yachts saved on your dock, you will get an email notification letting you know that there has been a price change on a yacht in your dock. Now you no longer have to search for your favorite yacht or spend time looking to see if the price has dropped. We’ll automatically let you know.
email notification

Removing a Saved Yacht

my dock

If you no longer want to keep a yacht at your dock or don’t want to receive email notifications, you can simply click the blue heart and the yacht will be removed from your dock. Please note, the My Dock feature is only available for Galati Listings at this time. If at any time you want to know more information about the yacht, click the thumbnail image on your dock to view the listing and contact the broker.

Find Your Best Fit

We hope this feature is of great use for you on your journey to find the perfect yacht. View our new to market listings, trade-in specials, and hot yacht pricing by clicking the links below. Also, if you would like to schedule a virtual tour for any of our listings, you can do so by clicking here.

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