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Routine Yacht Maintenance & the Importance of Records

Routine Yacht Maintenance & the Importance of Records
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Yacht Maintenance

Routine yacht maintenance is a fundamental part of yacht ownership. Like most large investments, the proper upkeep of yachts will ensure smooth operations, longevity, and value preservation. In conjunction with maintenance, the careful collection of maintenance records is just as significant in yacht ownership. The conservation of your yacht, along with organized service records, will benefit you in the long run and provide a smoother experience when it comes time to upgrade or sell your vessel.

What maintenance does a yacht need?

For most yachts 40 feet and over, the vessel will remain in the water full-time. Maintenance upkeep is vital for these larger boats, especially in saltwater environments, due to the high levels of salinity that can cause corrosion. Saltwater and sun may be the two things that make up the perfect boat day, but these elements are harsh on vessels. Regular maintenance will help ensure peace of mind while operating and the safety of your guests onboard.

Routine maintenance on a yacht includes system checks, safety equipment inspections, and regular oil changes to ensure your vessel is functioning to its best potential. To start, you can create a maintenance schedule for your yacht by reading the manufactures manual and consulting a yacht service professional for pricing and additional information. Below, we created a basic guideline to help outline the relevant components of a maintenance schedule and recommended time frame.

How often do yachts need maintenance?


  • Wash Job (basic wash, no wax):

    • Minimum: Once a month
    • Recommended: Every two weeks
  • Wax Job:

    • Minimum: Every six months
    • Recommended: Every three months
  • Bottom Cleaning:

    • Recommended: Once a month
  • Systems Check:

    • Recommended: Once a month
  • Engine, Drivetrain, & Generator Service (no haul out):

    • Recommended: Annually, or by engine run hours
  • Haul Out: Running Gear, Through-Hull Fittings & Bottom Paint

    • Recommended: Annually
  • AC system maintenance:

    • Recommended: Every six months

The Importance of Record-Keeping – Boat Maintenance

Record keeping is vital when it comes to yacht ownership. Not only does record-keeping benefit you during the remainder of yacht ownership, but it is critical when it comes time to sell your yacht. Possessing proper maintenance records increases the value of your vessel, provides a stress-free survey process, and allows for a quicker sale compared to a boat with no documented records.

Oil Sample Analysis for Yachts

46 Valhalla

Oil sample analysis is just one example of how vital preventative maintenance and record-keeping are. Much like checking our bloodwork regularly, oil samples will tell you what is going on inside your engine. Oil is the lifeblood of your engine. Performing these analyses on a routine basis can reduce the risk of poor engine performance and engine failure.

Since each engine is different, it is crucial to keep a log of each analysis performed. We recommend you do this every time you change your oil. The samples are examined for metal wear rate and trends, the oil’s chemical condition, and coolant, water, and fuel contamination. Each report contains valuable information about the health of your engine(s).

Keep a Yacht Maintenance Log

Log all maintenance work and service performed on your yacht with relevant details and dates. Not only will you be able to go back and check what has been completed and when, but this log is also valuable for potential buyers when it’s time to sell your yacht. Your running log should include all maintenance work and updates made to the vessel since purchase. This includes receipts, titles, paperwork, etc. One of the easiest ways to organize a log is by boat components such as engines, electronics, safety equipment, electrical, etc. From there, any maintenance performed or updates made can be logged by record date, model number, serial number, cost, pictures, etc.

Galati Yacht Sales Service Yards

Anna Maria Service Yard

At Galati Yacht Sales, we not only pride ourselves on our new, pre-owned, and brokerage yacht sales, but also our award-winning customer support. Our service yards are dedicated to customers who purchase new inventory through us and to most customers who buy one of our brokerage inventory boats. Our full-service marinas are equipped with travel lifts and are equipped for haul-outs, bottom painting, and equipment installations. We are also an authorized warranty service center for engines, generators, air conditioning, and more. Our skilled technicians, along with our extensive network of subcontractors, concentrate on electronics, engine work, towers, and much more.

Along with our renowned dealerships and four full-service yards, you can rest assured that Galati Yachts will always be available for assistance; we are your single-source solution to all of your boating needs. Many dealers can sell you a new or quality pre-owned yacht, but the true value of your investment comes from the care and maintenance of your vessel.
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Disclaimer: All information provided is for educational and informational purposes only. It is not intended as a substitute for professional advice. While the information provided has been verified to the best of our abilities, we cannot guarantee there are no mistakes or errors.

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