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Reverso Engine Flush System on the 41 Valhalla

Reverso Engine Flush System on the 41 Valhalla
Valhalla V41

Welcome aboard for the second installment of our Valhalla V-Series owner’s guide, where we continue to dive into the depths of the bilge. In case you missed the first part, we explored the fuel manifold of the mighty V41 Valhalla Center Console. In this installment, we have the pleasure of unveiling the remarkable Reverso Engine Flush System aboard the V-41. Prepare to be amazed as Galati sales professional, Will Roohan, walks us through the impressive setup.

What is the Reverso Engine Flush System?

But first, let’s take a moment to understand the incredible innovation that is the Reverso engine flush system. Designed specifically for outboard boats, this system is revolutionary technology that ensures optimal engine performance and longevity. It is a sophisticated system that effectively cleanses the engine’s internal components by flushing out any contaminants, such as salt, sand, or debris, that may have accumulated over time.

How Does the Reverso Engine Flush System work?

This innovative system utilizes a high-pressure water stream to thoroughly flush out the engine, removing any impurities, preventing corrosion, and restoring it to its pristine condition. Reverso’s patented Automatic Outboard Flushing System simplifies flushing by attaching a garden hose and pressing one button. View the video below as Will Roohan takes us on an exclusive virtual tour, guiding us through the setup on the 41′ Valhalla.

Reverso Engine Flush System on the 41 Valhalla

Located on the far right of your dashboard, you’ll find a sleek Boca Tech switch labeled “accessory.” With a simple press of this button, your engine will begin a thorough flush, starting from the port side and making its way to starboard. Positioned in the rear of the center console boat, in the port aft corner, you’ll discover a convenient Reverso connect for your fresh water.

If, for any reason, the switch on your dashboard is not functioning properly, rest assured that the actual unit responsible for controlling the remarkable Reverso Engine Flush System on the 41′ Valhalla can be found in the bilge, specifically under the lazzerette in the back bulkhead. Additionally, you will also discover a convenient Boca Tech switch positioned on top of this unit, enabling you to effortlessly take command of the entire system.

Authorized Valhalla Boatworks Dealer

We hope this information has provided valuable insights into the inner workings of the Reverso engine flush system on the Valhalla V-41 Center Console. If you have any inquiries or require further assistance, our teamof dedicated Valhalla Specialists are ready to help. Keep an eye out for future installments where we’ll share even more fascinating insights and helpful tips to enhance your boating experience. Enjoy your time on the water and happy boating!


Will Roohan
A huge shoutout goes to yacht broker Will Roohan for generously sharing his priceless expertise and vast knowledge in this video series.

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