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Purchasing a Yacht Abroad | What to Expect

Purchasing a Yacht Abroad | What to Expect

Purchasing a Yacht Abroad 

In today’s market, the right yacht most likely requires some sort of traveling; whether before the sale to see a boat or after, to ship it to your home base. As some current boat owners may know, purchasing a yacht abroad does come with some challenges. But, with the help of our professional yacht brokers and our team of business professionals with you every step of the way, we can get you on the boat of your dreams in no time. 

The Use of Modern Technology to Virtually View Yachts

camera on a yacht

Whether you are traveling from the UK, Canada, or even Kenya, visa challenges can often prolong travel plans, and in today’s market, boats don’t last long. We know how precious time is, so our team of professional yacht brokers has adapted to accommodate customers to the best of their ability. We utilize the industry’s most influential marketing assets in the world today—video and photography.

Whether a Facetime call or a share-file system, our brokers can send and review pictures and videos of boats with clients around the globe that are looking at purchasing a yacht abroad. Just like if you were actually walking through the vessel, our yacht brokers will go over every detail and answer any questions you may have. Thanks to modern technology and our knowledgeable and trusted sales team, more and more customers are purchasing boats without ever having stepped foot on the vessel.  

Shipping Your Yacht Home

Once you find the boat that best suits you and closing approaches, now is the time to start thinking about shipping the boat to its final destination. With over 50 years of industry experience, we have access and relationships with great transport companies for all methods of transport. We have companies that will load and transport via road. Costs vary depending on the size of the boat and location, as different states have different permitting requirements.

Captain Deliveries

We also have captains that will make the trip to the final destination. This option opens up two possibilities for customers. 1) The trip with captains starts wherever the boat is, and you may find that you enjoy an area you would never intentionally go to in your usual boating routine. For example, we frequently have boaters that start in Florida and head back home to the Northeast. Over the years, we have seen customers have so much fun here in Florida that they actually buy houses and bring the boat back. Sometimes all it takes is a visit to find a new place to call home. 

2. The captain shows up at your homeport with your boat and can provide an orientation before departing. Delivery captains at Galati Yacht Sales will go over everything from cockpit systems to engine/propulsion and sea trial. Our captains will ensure you have been shown every system onboard and the best practices. Also, if your boat is going to be staying locally, we will make sure it is properly and safely secured to the dock. View our new yacht delivery day video below.


Yacht Shipping Overseas

Another option for shipping includes a yacht transport ship, often used for overseas shipping. Some customers prefer to use a transport ship to save the wear and tear of a long crossing. Depending on the size of the boat and timing, it may make sense to load the purchase on a ship and have it delivered. Throughout the years, we have shipped boats all over the West Coast, Costa Rica, British Virgin Islands, and also have a current deal in the works for customers in Seychelles.

Talk to the Experts Before Purchasing a Yacht Abroad 

In summary, Galati Yachts has the ability to ship almost any type of yacht, almost anywhere in the world. We always recommend talking to a knowledgeable and experienced yacht broker before diving into a purchase. A yacht broker understands the costs and challenges that may come along with specific boats listed on the market. View our team of professional yacht brokers below, and start your shopping experience with Galati Yacht Sales.

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