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Provisioning for a Yacht Trip | Cruising Guide

Provisioning for a Yacht Trip | Cruising Guide
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What Should You Bring on an Extended Boating Trip?

Whether it’s your first or third time embarking on a yacht trip, the task of packing can be overwhelming. You may find yourself questioning what items are necessary and what can be left behind. Don’t worry, we understand the stress of provisioning and have created a list of must-haves that we never set sail without.

The Bare Necessities: Food, Water, Sunscreen

Although these items may seem obvious, with boating you may have to plan ahead on exactly what types of food and exactly how much water is needed. Bringing food that is easy to prepare and store (and easier to clean up!) is always important. Individually wrapped items will also save dishes and time on clean-up. You may want to design a meal plan before leaving the dock.
boat necessities- water

  • Bottled Water- If you are heading somewhere outside of the US, water can be a pricy commodity. It is important to bring as much water as you can find storage for, especially during the summer months or if you have guests. We always stock up on water bottles as well as gallon- jugs of drinking water for preparing coffee or tea.
  • Sunscreen – The sun can be stronger on the water so too much is never enough – we recommend one can per day per family every day that you are on vacation.

  • Items Maybe You Know You Need, Maybe You Don’t (& Now You Do!)

    Marine toilet paper, and lots of it! if you are brand new to boating you may not have known this. Regular toilet paper is tough on holding tanks and fills them faster than toilet paper made for marine tanks. Toilet paper is certainly the last thing you want to run out of.

    A few other items to add to your list:

    first aid kit

    Scissors, a small tool kit, extension cords, bug spray, a first aid kit, an anti-histamine, duct tape, a 2nd anchor, basic cleaning supplies, a hose and nozzle and shammy mops. The rule of thumb for being prepared for several days on the boat is simple. You can never be too prepared! If you’re on the fence, bring it! You may not need it for your first, second, or third trip – but if you ever need it, trust us – you will be glad you have it.

    The “Not Necessary, But Recommended” Items

  • Non-breakable, reusable drinkware. Similar to air travel, things may shift around while underway. It is important to save the fine glassware for your soirees at home as it may break while you are running or having rough seas!
  • Towels

  • Extra towels –Towels go quick while on an extended boat trip. Think swimming, catching some sun on your sun pad, showering, and wiping down the exterior seating after a little rain. Plenty of towels- beach, and bath – are a must.
  • Finally, the fun stuff! Floats, snorkels, rafts, paddleboards, noodles – anything and everything to help you enjoy being out on the water while you are on your trip. After all, fun in the sun with family and friends is what it’s all about. Read about our recent yachting trip to the Bahamas with several Galati Yacht Sales customers and find out more about our yachting experience.

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