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Viking 58 Convertible Review

Viking 58 Convertible Review

Viking Yachts 58 Convertible


The latest generation of Viking’s 58 Convertible is Viking through and through. Noted for its performance, fishability, and attention to detail, the 58C reflects its pedigree.

At 58 feet, this Viking is manageable enough for an owner/operator yet provides the space for all of the features expected from a modern sportfisher. The 58C ably serves a number of fishing and boating applications and suits the modern sportfish market very well.

What follows is some context for the broad appeal of the 58 and how working with Galati Yacht Sales can benefit your ownership experience.


The 58C in Context

The next evolution of Viking’s successful 55 model, this is the second generation of the 58 Convertible. From 1991 through 2000, the Viking Yacht Company sold more than 110 of its first-generation 58.

This iteration of the size class builds on the success of the first. It also incorporates the many advances in technology and boat building that have occurred over the past two decades. 

As Pat Healey, president of Viking Yachts describes, “We are not taking old concepts and knocking the cobwebs off of them. Our Gen II 58– and all of our boats– are new designs.”

For decades Galati Yacht Sales has worked closely with Viking Yachts. Not only has Galati had great success selling Vikings, the company knows the brand and the boats it produces intimately.

Michael C. Galati: Resident Viking Expert, Galati Yacht Sales

Michael C. Galati is the Viking Brand Manager with Galati Yacht Sales. This role provides Michael with a unique perspective on the 58C and what makes the Viking ownership experience so fulfilling.

    Michael C Galati

    “To me, in a lot of ways, the 58 has replaced the 55. It is a sweet spot for Viking in terms of size and versatility. It is a great family boat and we have been very successful with it,” Michael begins.

    “We are about to take delivery of 58 hull number 27 as our stock boat. We also just sold hull number 30,” Galati says. “In the beginning, we sent hull numbers 10, 12, 14, and 15 all to Cabo and Costa Rica. We have also sold several 58s in the Gulf. It has been a very sought-after model in our market.”

    “The 58 exceeds expectations in performance and yet it is very manageable. While it can be used by an owner/operator without a large crew, its engine room is large enough for all of the bells and whistles that today’s buyer wants in their sportfish,” Michael provides. “This versatility is pivotal to what has made it so highly desired in our Gulf Coast and Pacific markets.”


The 58C From a Tournament Perspective

The success of the 58 reflects the boat’s unique attributes. Captain Tony Carrizosa understands these and what they mean for a serious fishing program. 

Galati’s tournament captain, Carrizosa is based in Herradura, Costa Rica’s Los Suenos Marina. He has been fishing the Los Suenos Triple Crown Tournament Series since the beginning. This year, the Galati Team is fishing aboard a Viking 58C. 

“What strikes me about the boat is how quiet it is and how well it rides. It fishes really nicely with the MTUs,” Carrizosa provides. “It’s a perfect sized boat for down here. It works great.” 

How well does the 58 serve as a fishing platform in the Pacific?

The 2021 campaign is the second time the Galati Team has fished aboard this model. “In 2019 we fished on a 58, that was hull number 4,” Captain Tony relates. “This is hull number 23.” Team Galati took home the win at the 2019 Los Suenos Triple Crown Leg #2. Aboard the Viking 58C, 81 sailfish and one blue marlin were caught, earning Team Galati a spot on the leaderboard during the 3-day fishing tournament. Read more about the proven tournament winner here.

    Tony Carrizosa

    “It’s a perfect-sized cockpit and is very maneuverable on fish,” Carrizosa explains. “It trolls great with the Smart Cruise feature that is available on the MTU power package.” 

    “The Smart Cruise is in between a trolling valve and regular mode on the engine. When you’re fishing with the trolling valve you are limited in how much pressure you can put on the transmission,” Carrizosa explains. “With the Smart Cruise, when you get a blue marlin bite, you can push the lever forward and go straight into regular cruise mode without having to go to neutral first.” 

For more on the Viking 58 Convertible and fishing in Costa Rica, contact Captain Tony Carrizosa at [email protected]. Stay up to date on Team Galati’s performance on the Viking 58 at the 2021 Los Suenos Triple Crown at  

Working With Galati to Buy Your New 58 Convertible

There exist many levels of synergy between Viking Yacht Company and Galati Yacht Sales. Each is a privately held, family-owned company. Pat Healey, the president of Viking, and Carmine Galati Sr. have been friends, done business, and fished together for years. 

The relationship between the two companies is mutually beneficial. As Michael describes it, “Carmine and Pat have had a close relationship over the years. Of course, there is a business component, but they are friends who have fished together quite a bit—in the White Marlin Open, Costa Rica, Cabo, and several other places.”

“Pat has certainly helped us grow these markets. Pat’s sons are the same age as my brothers and me. We have grown up closely – from attending industry events to fishing and selling boats together, to attending our weddings. These are very valued business and family relationships,” Michael explains. 

The closeness between Galati Yacht Sales and Viking Yacht Company extends to product knowledge and understanding of the market. As Viking Brand Manager, Michael C. Galati oversees the models that Galati purchases for inventory and works with their sales team members to manage Viking builds in process. 

Owning Your New Viking 58C

Galati Yacht Sales offers clients the ability to purchase a new Viking 58C—either through its inventory of yachts on hand or by guiding them through the build process. Michael C. Galati explains the options and how they work.

“For Galati, I manage spec-ing out boats for our inventory. These are our stock boats. We work closely with the team at Viking to carefully choose all of the build options,” he explains. “Currently we have a wide range from an 82 Cockpit Motoryacht to a 38 Billfish on hand.”

Galati Yacht Sales maintains a firm feel for the pulse of the boating industry—including what its customers prefer by region. “We select different models to sell at our different locations. We always have inventory on hand,” Michael says. 

“On our retail side, we handle the variables with our sales team when a client buys a new Viking. We manage a retail boat sale from start to finish and provide expertise and oversight during the build process,” he explains. This side of the business involves working with clients to source and build the right boat for them. 

While it can allow a bit more customization, it also involves waiting on build times. The combination of inventory on hand and retail business allows Galati Yacht customers to take ownership in a way that best suits their needs. 

Versatility, Performance. Immediate Availability

Viking 58

The Viking 58C is the latest evolution of Viking’s industry-leading sportfishing platforms. The team at Galati Yacht Sales understands the boat intimately and can expertly guide you through the process of owning a 58 of your own.

Contact Michael C. Galati at [email protected], or learn more by clicking the button below. 

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