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Princess Yachts Experiencing Remarkable Growth

Princess Yachts Experiencing Remarkable Growth

Princess Yachts Sees Remarkable Growth for the Start of the Year

At the start of the year, Princess Yachts continued to see strong preliminary stats for 2019 and 2020. At Dusseldorf Boat Show in January, Princess Yachts emphasized that 90% of 2019 build slots were already sold and 40% of 2020 slots have been sold. Galati Yachts is pleased to announce that in the past year, we’ve sold a new Princess Yacht every month plus some and are working with customers on new builds well into 2020.


Princess Revenues Continue to Rise

According to the luxury motor yacht manufacturer,  2018 was  a record year for Princess. Revenues have risen 79% in three years and EBITDA has more than doubled.  Princess now employs around 3,000. “All our earnings are being reinvested into the company to expand the facilities and in product development,” said executive chairman Anthony Sheriff, adding that there is ongoing heavy investment in facilities including a new plant at its South Yard in Plymouth.


Future Plans

New orders remain strong with six new models released over the last year. Further setting their position as one of the world’s best-selling brand of luxury yachts. These models include the Princess X95, Y85, V78, V55 F45, and, R35. Sheriff reported at the Singapore Yacht Show that the Y85 and F45 are how future yachts in these ranges will look. “We are focusing strongly on attention to detail and the same level of high-quality finish right across the range, so the F45 is the same as the Y85.”


Product Development & Current Orders

Sherriff also spoke on the investments being made in product development which include the V55, F50, F55, and X95. Princess Yachts plans to keep pace with all product launches even with 5 current orders on the X95 they have in place. Not to mention, 17 current orders on the Y85 and 25 orders for the R35, which won the 2019 Asia Pacific Boating Award for ‘Best Yacht Design Innovation. Plus, the F45 is anticipated to reach up to 45 orders.


Currently, the following Princess Yachts are available for immediate delivery:

Princess V78

2019 Princess V78


2019 Princess S78

Princess Yachts S60

2019 Princess S60


Contact the Princess Yacht Experts

When looking for a new Princess Yacht, look to the Princess Yacht experts on the Gulf Coast, Galati Yacht Sales.  The leader in new Princess Yacht sales having been a top Princess dealer since 1996. Galati Yachts’  Princess Yachts Specialists go through countless hours of new product training at the Princess factory. You can rest assured that our sales professionals understand the product, performance, and build process. Galati’s certified yacht brokers can help you determine the best features and options for your boating needs. Contact us today!

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