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Princess Yachts News: Dealer Meeting Update

Princess Yachts News: Dealer Meeting Update

Princess Yacht Specialists from Galati Yacht Sales recently returned from Princess Yachts dealer meeting. There is a lot of Princess Yachts news to share. Most centering around the luxury yacht maker’s growth in the U.S.  Additionally, Princess Yachts America honored Galati Yachts Sales for our sales achievements in 2017.

  • Princes Yachts celebrates its 23rd year in the American market and Princess Yachts America has gone from importing 33 boats in 2016 to 48 boats in 2019 with projections of over 50 boats for 2020
  • Princess Yachts as a whole has posted sales gains of 27% retail sales in 2018 over 2017.
  • Princess Yachts is now currently #1 in their segment of boats 35 ft to 50 ft and #1 in their segment of boats 51 ft to 70 ft worldwide.
  • New models coming to the US shows:
    • V78 – Miami 2019
    • Y85 – Palm Beach 2019
    • F50 – Miami 2019
    • F45 – Ft Lauderdale 2019
    • V55 – Miami 2020
    • X95 – Ft Lauderdale 2020
  • Save the date for the Princess Experience in Palm Beach January 18-19th and Owners Holiday in Hope Town, Bahamas in May 2019

Other notable Princess Yacht’s news that you will see this year is the model designator for the various Princess models. It is changing to be more understandable. For instance, the 75MY will now be a Y75. The flybridge yachts that previously were designated with a “P” will now use an “F”. So, the models you will be seeing going forward will be:

One of the most radically different vessels that Princess is bringing to market is the all-new Princess Yachts R35. This vessel is debuting at the Cannes Yachting Festival and will also be at this year’s Fort Lauderdale International Boat Show. The exterior design of this vessel was done by the renowned Italian design group best known for their work in designing Ferrari supercars, Pininfarina. The structure of this vessel is entirely of carbon fiber making it at least 30% lighter and stronger than any boat of similar size. This will be marketed as a high-end performance sports yacht designed to appeal to sport car enthusiasts and collectors.  Utilizing the “Princess active Foil System” designed by the people that innovated the America’s Cup foils, state of the art electronic controls, and high-performance engines, this boat promises to turn the industry on its ear.

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