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Princess Yachts America Offers Yacht Safe® Air Purifier

Princess Yachts America Offers Yacht Safe® Air Purifier


Princess Yachts America Introduces Yacht Safe®
Marine Air Purification Systems

In an effort to better serve customers during these trying times, Princess Yachts America, in collaboration with a leading US supplier of air purification systems, has developed Yacht Safe® Marine Air Purification Systems. With an increased sensitivity to air quality in enclosed spaces within the last few months, Princess is pleased to introduce this system for interior spaces onboard Princess Yachts. Yacht Safe® Purification Systems will be offered onboard all Princess Yachts delivered in North America, Central America, and the Caribbean beginning in September of this year. If you are a current Princess owner, no worries, installations for customers wishing to retrofit the system to their yachts will be available in the near future. 

What is Yacht Safe®?

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As more people turn to recreational activities such as boating, that promote time in the fresh air, larger yachts face the challenge of replicating as safe an environment as possible within the yacht’s enclosed spaces as customers experience on deck. Yacht Safe® utilizes bi-polar ionizing equipment manufactured in the United States and is designed to continually purify the interior air aboard a yacht through the removal of viruses, bacteria, mold, and other harmful pollutants. The results of laboratory testing of this technology have shown removal rates of up to 99% on various viruses including, strains of Coronavirus, bacteria, and mold. 

NASA Developed Technology

The technology involved was originally developed by NASA for use in space flight and is based on cold plasma, non-catalytic ionization. The ionizer converts water vapor, already present in the air, into positive hydrogen and negative oxygen ions that quickly reduce airborne contaminants, as well as those found on interior surfaces such as countertops. These contaminants include organic compounds, particulates, bacteria, viruses, mold, and pollen. Unlike other air purification systems, Yacht Safe® does not produce any ozone byproducts or rely on UV light; both of which can present health concerns within the confined spaces of a modern yacht.

Renews & Purifies On-Board Air

Yacht Safe® repeatedly renews onboard air, keeping it purified utilizing a highly efficient and extremely safe sanitization process that works within the air conditioning system. This includes sanitizing various components such as air handlers and condensate pans. There are no added filters to change, no expensive replacement parts, and no loss of valuable interior space with the yacht.

Message from President of Princess Yachts America

Princess Yachts America

“All of us at Princess Yachts America are extremely pleased to introduce this groundbreaking technology within our industry. The safety and wellbeing of our yacht owners are at the forefront of all we do. We know just how important it is to address this concern to ensure that the interiors of our yachts offer a safe and clean environment. While it is of course recommended that owners always follow antimicrobial protocols and procedures established by the CDC such as frequent hand washing, social distancing, etc., we feel that Yacht Safe® offers a layer of added protection to the yacht’s interior for all those aboard.” -Tom Carroll, President of Princess Yachts America

Princess Yachts Disclaimer: Yacht Safe® technology has not been specifically tested on COVID 19 and is not a medical device, therefore no medical claims are made. All referenced testing has been conducted by independent accredited labs and universities. Cited: Princess