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Prestige Yachts Reveals the All-New X60 Motor Yacht

Prestige Yachts Reveals the All-New X60 Motor Yacht

Joining the X70 in the recently introduced X-Line Series is the all-new Prestige X60 Motor Yacht, dedicated to the art of creating well-being onboard. Following in the steps of the award-winning X70, the X60 features similar strong points in space, free-flowing movement, and luxurious finishes. “We created this concept that is inspired by new ways of living: with more space, a closer connection to nature, and a life that is also centered around sharing with family and friends.” -Erik Stromberg, Director, Prestige Product Marketing

Evolving Life Onboard – Prestige X60 Motor Yacht

The unparalleled X-line writes a new chapter for Prestige, featuring models with unique bold lines, a reinvented notion of comfort, and a response to the evolving ways of living onboard. The X60 is no exception. With her architectural statement, redistributed space, multiple zones for relaxation, and exceptional level of comfort onboard, she intends to strengthen the brand’s position in the market segment for larger motor yachts. Our challenge was to invent a new style of yacht… and where, onboard, we could feel as if in a loft, as if on an island in the sea. -Camillo Garonni, Prestige Designer

For more information, reach out to our Prestige specialists. View the guided tour of the Prestige X60 below.
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Guided Tour of the X60

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