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Prestige Yachts Factory Tour | Recap

Prestige Yachts Factory Tour | Recap

This past month, a few Galati Yacht Sales brokers and staff had the pleasure of visiting the Prestige Yachts Factory in the beautiful Les Herbiers, France. Prestige Yachts is a leading international brand, the jewel of French marine engineering. Galati Yacht Sales has represented new Prestige Yachts since 2014 and is a two-time winner of Prestige Yacht’s Top Performing North American Dealer. Our Prestige Specialists attend these factory tours and ongoing training seminars to better help serve our Prestige Yacht buyers. Rest assured that our sales professionals understand the product, performance, and can help you determine the best features and options for your boating needs. Find out what our Prestige Specialists learned while on the tour.

The organization and production methods used at Prestige Yachts are among the best in our industry. It’s not so much that they are built any better than other brands— it’s more about the engineering of the Prestige product and the commitment to accuracy, dependability, and of course efficiency. The top-of-the-line Beneteau Group subsidiary is not only producing pristine quality vessels, but their manufacturing process is also innovative, effective, and environmentally friendly. The attention to detail they focus on during the build process is second to none. Which enables Prestige to stand out among their competitors.


Innovative Technology

Going through the design and build process, there was no question that Prestige Yachts is one of the most innovative yacht manufacturers today. Top-of-the-line testing is done throughout the build so that the best quality yacht is delivered to the market. One of the most innovative technological advancements is their lab testing procedures. This included a fabric testing machine that mimics wear and tear. Prior to installation, all materials go through a variety of tests including one where they are exposed to direct sunlight for over 1000 hours. Also, a “seasonal” test machine exposes fabric and materials, such as fiberglass and teak, to heated and chilled climates. These tests ensure Prestige is using the most durable fabrics and quality materials to prevent wear & tear and maintenance on their flybridge and sport models ranging from 40-75 feet


Market Dominating Efficiency

Prestige Yachts produces hundreds of boats each and every year. This brand strives to produce large quantities of products at a fast pace so customers do not have to wait long for their new yacht. One way they do that is before a new model is released they design the entire build process for the boat, so they can mass produce the vessel efficiently. This allows buyers to purchase a model without having to wait for it to be built. Typically before they even release a model they have 8-12 already in production.

One of the most significant tools they use for a faster build process is their in-house five-axis CNC machine.  This machine is squared off in a secluded part of the factory away from people, due to the fiberglass dust and other particles. Basically, this machine takes four days’ worth of work and finishes it in four hours. With laser scan technology, this machine is able to cut away unwanted material from a mold accurately and efficiently.

Not only that, but with machine technology at work, the mold receives a cleaner more precise cut. With Prestige investing in higher level technology it also allows for a decrease in labor costs to build each yacht. Which, in turn, lowers the overall market price. This allows Prestige Yachts to price their product competitively.


Safe & Eco-Friendly Regulations/Process

With the factory based out of France, regulations are strict. Due to these regulations, the Prestige Factory is one of the cleanest factories around. Everything that involves dust particles, fumes or sawdust is done on one side of the factory, away from workers. This ensures that employees are not inhaling toxins while at work. Not only that, but they also ensure every piece is cleaned thoroughly before coming in contact with a person. To top it all off, the excess material is recycled, thus presenting an eco-friendly environment.


In Summary

Much was to be learned during this tour about the innovative, efficient and safe process of Prestige Yachts. Every process from the maintenance of their molds, lamination, final assembly, quality control, and even the way they prepare the boats for shipping is engineered to ensure we receive a quality product in the most efficient manner possible. It’s not any one thing they do right, it’s the sum of all they do right that makes them an impressive company to study.


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