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Parts of a Fishing Boat | Valhalla Center Console 

Parts of a Fishing Boat | Valhalla Center Console 

High-Level Fishability – Valhalla V41

Knowing your way around a fishing boat is essential for any angler. Whether you own a fishing boat, looking to own one, or you’re tagging along with a friend, knowing the ins and outs of any fishing boat is crucial for your safety along with being a proficient angler. Below, you’ll learn the basic terminology of a fishing boat and we’ll take you through a walk-through of a center console boat that epitomizes high-level fishability— Valhalla Boatworks V-41.

The Basics | Parts of a Fishing Boat

You may already know the basic terminology of a boat, and if so, you are already one step ahead. Let’s go over some of the common parts of a fishing boat mentioned below.

  • Bow: The front of a boat
  • Stern: The back of a boat.
  • Hull: The structural shell, the part that sits on the water
  • Helm: The wheel used to steer 
  • Deck: The flat part of the boat on which you can walk.
  • Transom: A flat platform at the stern used to support the engine.
  • Gunwale: An upper edge of the side of the boat.
  • Cleat: A robust metal fitting to which you tie or loop a rope.
  • Beam: The width of the vessel.
  • Freeboard: The distance from the waterline to the lowest point of the boat’s deck.
  • Draft: The depth of water in which your vessel can navigate
  • Port: The left side of the boat (looking towards the bow).
  • Starboard: The right side of the boat (looking towards the bow)
  • Forward: at or toward the front of a boat
  • Aft: towards the stern (rear) of the boat


Valhalla Boatworks V-41 | Renowned Fishing Boat

Now to the fun stuff! Valhalla Boatworks V-41 is designed and engineered to be the best center console on the market— answering the call with high-level fishability, speed, range, and overall performance. The V-41 will excel on the tournament circuit, with a clean deck layout that maximizes the boat’s 360-degree access and an arsenal of standard and optional fishing features to put you in the winner’s circle. Let’s take a look at the exceptional fishability features this center console has to offer.

Starting at the Bow | V-41

Valhalla Boatworks V-41 offers faux teak toe rail (the joint that holds the deck and hull together) and stainless steel pop-up forward cleats. Forward seating with Release Marine teak backrests and Bentley stitching makes fishing escapades relaxing and accommodating. The V-41 displays a centerline forward fish box, with access to the available bow thruster between the forward seating, keeping your catches fresh.

Midship Features | V-41

A raised live well can be integrated into the forward lounge for quick access while fishing from the bow, along with dry storage aft; Gemlux rod and cupholders are available as an upgrade. Rod, kite, and general storage can be found under the forward lounge. Port of the forward lounge is the consoles electric head, vanity with sink/shower wand, electrical panel, and electrical access. Midship in-deck fish boxes on the port side provide additional stowage options along with access to the fuel tank fittings. Also featured on the port side, are fire extinguisher storage, recessed speaker ring, and freshwater wash-down.

Clean Helm Layout | V-41

A clean helm layout is present on the V-41, with molded-in overhead electronics pod and Costa Clear single-panel enclosure. Flush-mounted Bocatech switches, room for three 16- or 17-inch MFDs, carbon fiber steering wheel on optional teak helm pod, and port and starboard glove boxes are also standard features of the helm area. The hardtop displays a rocket launcher, carbon fiber Rupp outriggers, molded-in electronics pod, and LED lighting. Premium seating with Bentley stitching and teak armrests complete the helm area for a comfortable ride to remote fishing spots. Starboard of the helm seating is three convenient tackle drawers to store all of your essential fishing gear.

Diverse Deck Layout | V-41

A diverse deck layout includes an aft mezzanine seating module complete with armrests, 360-degree toekick (space to stand up straight, with your feet, lined up directly below you under the washboard), and insulated cooler (or livewell) under the seat. Durable wraparound coaming bolster (comfortable pads), large flush scupper drains (allow for the deck to drain using gravity), and 360-degree toekick are standard features on the cockpit of the V-41. In addition, port and starboard insulated in-deck fish boxes with overboard drainage come in handy for any angler. Lastly, the transom holds a 90-gallon live well, available with a clear lid, front window, and GC Schmitt transom seats for additional seating. A standard port-side dive door swings inboard 180 degrees for safety and convenience.

V41 Valhalla Boatworks Center Console


The V-41 is designed and built to fish, no doubt, but the flagship of Valhalla Boatworks V Series also excels as a luxury tender or a sleek sport cruiser thanks to her diverse deck layout choices. This triple- or quad-powered offshore runner is poised to take the reins as the leading high-performance 40-plus-foot center console on the market. The V-41 takes you to the next level of center console design, fishability, performance, and convenience. To learn more about this remarkable center console, speak to our Valhalla Specialists today.

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