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  • 2023 New Years Goals

    2023 New Year’s Resolution Ideas for Boaters

    By: | Date: December 30, 2022

    A new year means new opportunities to achieve all you put your mind to or accomplish anything you did not get to do the year prior. For boaters, we can only guess that the most popular 2023 New Year’s resolution will be to get out on the water more often. Instead of hoping and wishing, turn your goals into reality next year. Here are a few New Year’s Resolution ideas for boaters that are easily achievable with a little effort and enthusiasm.

    More Boating Adventures – 2023 Boating Goals

    Whether you purchased your boat to spend more time with family and friends or a personal escape from reality, more boating adventures in 2023 is the perfect resolution. Spend your weekends exploring the best sandbars in your area or visiting top-rated beaches. If you are a foodie at heart, search for the best dock & dine restaurants around your location for a simple yet fun boating adventure.

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    Plan More Fishing Days – New Year’s Resolution for Boaters


    Anglers, this new years resolution is for you. We know first-hand how exhilarating fishing can be, especially if a prized pelagic is your goal. For sport fishermen, make it an objective this year to visit top sportfishing destinations around the globe, or perhaps, join a summer fishing tournament to show off your skills. If recreational fishing is more your style, find the best fishing locations near you for a relaxed day on the reel while spending time with loved ones.

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    Take An Extended Yachting Trip – Boating Goal for 2023

    Maybe this year, it is time to step out of your comfort zone and venture beyond local waters for an extended trip abroad. If this sounds like something you want to do in 2023, we have a whole Bahamas itinerary that would make a perfect spring trip with family and friends. In addition, these popular boating destinations in the US provide some of the best scenery, historical landmarks, and wildlife spottings that are sure to create lasting memories.

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    Purchase Yachting Toys For More Fun in 2023

    yachting adventures: 2022 GoalsThere is no such thing as too much entertainment while onboard. If you are looking to add more fun to your life in 2023, yachting toys make for the perfect investment. Whether you take up a new hobby, such as snorkeling or scuba diving, or you want to try your hand at watersports, here is a list of the best yacht toys to have onboard.

    Visit Boat-Only Destinations – 2023 New Year’s Resolution Ideas for Boaters

    If you have a strong desire to travel in the New Year, boating is a great way to explore new sites from all corners of the world. One of the many benefits of owning a boat is the array of travel possibilities that open up. Not only do you get to explore the open sea, but you also have access to travel destinations only accessible by boat. These remote spots offer an opportunity to explore some of the most amazing wonders on Earth.

    Attend a 2023 Boatgating Event

    Behind the Scenes: Tampa Bay Lightning Boat Parade

    Tailgating and boating: two of America’s favorite leisurely activities combined for the ultimate day on the water. Sports lovers, this new year’s resolution is for you. Attend a boatgating event with family and friends. Boatgating offers the same game-day excitement with fewer crowds, no traffic, fresh air, and more fun. View the top NFL, MLB, and NHL events below for tailgating on the water.

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    Make Routine Yacht Maintenance a Priority in 2023

    haul out

    As with all investments, routine yacht maintenance is essential for the longevity and preservation of your boat. If you have been putting off maintenance work for some time, make a goal for 2023 to complete all necessary updates for your vessel. Performing routine maintenance will not only ensure your boat is functioning to its best potential, but it will also provide peace of mind while operating with guests onboard.

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    Update Boat Safety Features

    If safety and preparedness are a goal for 2023, equip your boat with added safety features such as a ditch bag, the latest USCG life vests, VFH radio, and more. It is better to be well prepared than the contrary, should you find yourself boating in bad weather or getting lost at sea. Stay safe in 2023 with our boating safety guidelines.

    Buying a Boat in 2023 – New Year’s Resolution Ideas for Boaters

    2023 Valhalla Boatworks V-33

    If the goal this year is to purchase a boat, we make yacht shopping easier than ever. Search yachts for sale worldwide using our Yacht Shopper Dashboard, where you can save searches, save favorites, and receive notifications on boats that hit the market that match your criteria. Our yacht brokers also have years of knowledge and expertise on new yachts that we sell and the brokerage market. They can assist you in finding the boat of your dreams, whether you are looking for an in-stock new yacht or a used boat for sale. Our yacht brokers, along with our business office team, will ensure your boat-buying experience is nothing short of exceptional.

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