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Maximize Your Yacht’s Exposure | Online Marketing Tactics

Maximize Your Yacht’s Exposure | Online Marketing Tactics

Maximize Your Yacht’s Exposure

When it comes to online marketing tactics for listing your yacht for sale, Galati Yacht Sales product knowledge and experience is unmatched in the yachting industry. Not only that, but we are equipped with the right tools to maximize your yacht’s exposure for a quick sell and pleasant experience along the way. Today, we wanted to share some of our top online marketing tactics that help increase exposure to our online listings as well as the driving force behind our average sales of more than one boat a day. Any brokerage firm can put a yacht on the multiple listing services, but we’ve made an investment in people and technology to get your boat in front of the targeted, qualified buyers.


Top Marketing Tactics to Maximize Your Yacht’s Exposure

Of course, having a sales team with an average of 25 years’ industry experience helps our overall sales efforts. Not to mention all of our Yacht Brokers are all certified professional yacht brokers earning their designation from either the Certified Professional Yacht Broker or the International Yacht Brokers Association. But, behind every great sales team lies a great team of marketing professionals that help ensure the brand and products are receiving as much as exposure as possible. Top marketing tactics we utilize to promote our listings are professional videos and photos, targeted marketing & remarketing, and social media.


Professional Photos & Video Marketing

Galati’s in-house marketing team consists of a content marketer, graphic designers, internet marketing specialists, photographer and videographer on staff. To ensure listings stand out above the rest it is crucial to have professional photos. You only have a short time frame to capture a buyer’s attention. If your photos don’t pull them in, it’s likely they’ll move on to the next. Pictures are also a good indication of a serious seller. If you’re spending the time and effort to showcase a vessel as best possible, chances are you mean business.

Video is essential in today’s online world. According to Optin Monter, 79% of shopping consumers prefer to watch a video about a product verse reading about it. Also, about 50% of shopping consumers look for a video of a product before ever visiting a business. With all the stats that support the importance of video marketing, Galati Yacht Sales has gladly made the investment to hire our own in house videographer to ensure videos are shot and uploaded to a listing ASAP. These videos are then uploaded to the website, YouTube, and all other social media platforms to maximize a yacht’s exposure.


Targeted Marketing & Remarketing

galati re targeting

Another marketing tactic Galati Yacht Sales uses to help increase a yacht’s exposure is targeted marketing and remarketing. In simpler terms, our marketing team targets specific buyers who we think would be most interested in specific makes and models of yachts we have listed for sale. We’ve invested in the latest technology to build and understand our prospect database which gives us the added advantage of marketing yachts to the right set of clients. We do this by email marketing, paid ad marketing, print advertising, and more.

We’ve invested in retargeting campaigns to stay one step above all the rest. Retargeting targets prospective buyers who have shown interest in a specific product. For example, have you ever shopped for a product on Amazon and while browsing other websites saw an ad pop up for the same product you just viewed? That’s retarget marketing. Retargeting helps keep a product and brand fresh in a buyer’s mind. It’s a little reminder for them to come back and inquire on the product they’ve been observing.


Social Media Marketing

social media Galati Yacht Sales

By now, you should know of, or have a social media account; or multiple for that matter. Gone are the days when these accounts were solely for relationship purposes. Businesses have entered the social media world and it isn’t a bad thing. Social media accounts allow customers to engage with businesses simply by commenting on a post or sending a direct message. Consumers are becoming more and more independent when it comes to product research. Users in today’s age would rather do their own research before engaging with a sales rep. Social media platforms are a great way for consumers to get questions answered without being bombarded by a sales rep.

Here at Galati Yacht Sales, we use all of the major platforms including Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, and LinkedIn. With over 11,0000 Facebook followers and over 100,000 followers on Instagram alone, our social share is in good hands. That’s not to mention the added exposure a listing gets when it is shared by multiple people across these platforms.


List Your Yacht with Galati Yacht Sales

Since 1970, our sales team has managed billions in yacht sales with our world-class customer support for both buyers and sellers. A few of our notable accomplishments include: #1 Brokerage on the Gulf Coast, Boating Industry Top Dealer 2 years in a Row, Inductee into Boating Industry’s Hall of Fame (one of only 6 dealers in the U.S), and Marine Dealer Certified— a tried and true program separating those dealerships that desire to be the best and those that commit to becoming the best. We are committed to exceeding the expectations of our customers and have been since 1970. This provides us key insight on how to deliver you the best service possible. If you are thinking of selling your yacht, reach out to the experts on the Gulf Coast and get a free evaluation of your yacht with no obligations.

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